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Shopify merchants can now add a shopping tab to their TikTok profile


If you’re into e-commerce, here’s some interesting news that could make TikTok your next big thing:

Shopify and TikTok have announced a partnership. Shopify merchants can now add a shopping tab to their TikTok profiles. (Yep, major win.)

How it will work: Merchants will be able to sync product catalogs by connecting their Shopify store to their TikTok account.

They will then have a shopping tab on their TikTok profile. When a user clicks on an item in the tab, they are directed to the merchant’s website to complete their purchase.

Availability: For now, this integration is available only for select merchants in the US, UK, and Canada. Shopify will roll this out to more regions in the coming months. You can apply for early access through Shopify’s TikTok channel.

The Crew’s take: This will effectively make your Shopify store far more discoverable on TikTok. And if you like Instagram’s Shop tab (more on that later), you’ll probably like TikTok’s version of it as well.


Instagram introduces ads to its Shop tab globally

While TikTok is busy launching a Shop tab, Instagram has begun running ads for it.

The social media company has just announced that you can now run ads for Instagram’s Shop tab globally (by globally, Instagram means everywhere where the Shop tab is currently available).

How the ads will look: They will be displayed as tiles on the Shop’s home page.

When you click on an ad, you will be directed to the Product Details Page. There, you can see more information about the product (description, images), as well as browse other items from the same store.

Why Shopping instead of regular Instagram ads: Because people are in a shopping mindset when they visit the Shop tab, according to a quote in Instagram’s official announcement.

The more you can get in front of people while they’re in that mindset, the better your chances of a higher ROI. Make sense?


How to stand out in your customer’s inbox like an oasis in the desert


Flooded. That’s how we can describe our inbox these days.

So how can businesses set themselves apart from the chaos?

Sailthru has just the guide for you! Trusted by retail brands you know and love, Sailthru analyzed what companies like Thrive Market, TechStyle Fashion Group, Bloomingdale’s, Ulta, Target, and Best Buy are doing to stand out in the inbox and packaged the tips and tricks together in their best practice guide.

The name of the game is personalization.

In the guide you’ll discover:

  • How to maximize your open rates
  • How JustFab increased their email revenue by 11%
  • The best types of content for quality conversions

Start making more money with email after reading this guide.


Digital marketing tips from Pubcon Florida 2021


In a short video, SearchLab’s Greg Gifford shared a bunch of quick tips he gathered from the Pubcon Florida 2021 marketing conference.

Here are the most relevant ones:

+ Stephan Spencer, Co-author The Art of SEO – Create a testimonials page, call it “Results”, and include testimonials in a story-style (rather than review-style).

Moreover, optimize this page for skimmers: Direct the reader to bits you want them to pay attention to by highlighting them yellow. These bits should tell a story (if ordered the right way).

+ Melissa Fach, Kelley Blue Book & Autotrader – She makes a specific example for car dealers, but the insight can be useful for all types of products:

Be careful with the “your-money-your-life” type of content. And include all the necessary information about your product, trying to be as authoritative as you can. Otherwise you can kiss ranking goodbye.

+ Mordi Oberstein, Semrush – Don’t treat the landing page used to run PPC campaigns like a separate entity of your website.

Not only does this mean that you should add relevant content to the landing page. But also give the page context in relation to the rest of the website. Add internal links to the landing page as well as navigation, related blog articles, etc.

This helps Google understand the context of your page. And if your website ranks well already, your landing page will benefit.

+ Mark Irvine, SearchLab Digital – Search ads ds are becoming assets-based. They have several headlines, several descriptions, and extensions. But it can be easy for these several assets to become repetitive and compete against each other.

Therefore, make sure that the different creative assets of your ads are not duplicated content but, instead, extremely different from each other.

+ Damon Gochneaur, Aspiro agency – For marketers running YouTube Ads, run TrueView for action ads. Why? Because you only pay when the user takes the action you want (including conversions).


E-COMMERCE: Join Nik Sharma, Austin Brawner, Nick Shackelford, and other 50+ speakers at the Black Friday Summit. It’s a 100% virtual, 100% live, and 100% free event. Expect 10+ Black Friday Cyber Monday topics across 3 days: from email to TikTok, and all the way to gated communities. It takes place October 2-4, 2021. Grab your free spot.*

SEO: Here’s what we know so far about Google randomly changing our titles in the SERPs.

INSTAGRAM: Bye, bye swipe-up links. Instagram is replacing them with link stickers. You still need to have above 10k followers to use them, though.

PPC: Gambling ads are coming to Google. Licensed Arizona advertisers will get to try them first starting from August 28th.

TIKTOK: Augmented Reality is huge on Instagram. TikTok is attempting to replicate that success by building its own AR development platform called TikTok Effect Studio.

GOOGLE: Ratings are about to change on the Google Play Store. Starting in November mobile users will see local, rather than worldwide, ratings by default.

ADVERTISING: The world is recovering. So are ads. Ad spending has increased considerably compared to last year according to a report.

MOBILE: Governments all over the world are putting pressure on Apple and Google to drop their hefty in-app fees. South Korea is the newest addition to this list.

*This is a sponsored post.


As I was going to St. Ives, I met a man with seven wives. Each wife had seven cats. Each cat had seven kits. Kits, cats, sacks, and wives. How many were going to St. Ives?

You can find the solution here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

What’s in your sweat?


Apparently, there’s a lot more to it than just pungent odors.

A group of UC Berkeley scientists has created wearable skin sensors that can actually detect your sweat composition.

“Why would anyone be remotely interested in seeing what’s in my sweat?” Relax, it is for your own good. The researchers hope that one day, “sweat diagnosis” will eliminate the need for more invasive procedures such as blood draws.

Sweat diagnosis can provide you with information about your dehydration, fatigue, electrolyte levels, and much more.

The keyword here is “real-time”: Unlike previous approaches, this method employs sensors, which monitor sweat composition in real-time. You can see how much fluid you lose while exercising, your sweat rate, and even the glucose levels in your sweat.

If things keep going at this rate, don’t be surprised if the next hot (pun fully intended) Apple Watch feature is a sweat-o-meter.

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