Goodbye NewsFeed algorithm? FB testing a new feature that allows users to escape the algorithm. Google got tricked into hiding all search results containing “DID”. Bitten by FB account bans? Try this YouTube Ads strategy & hit $9k/day.



$4k/month budget? Here’s a complete setup!

We’ve got you a 10-step campaign set up to scale your spend to $3k-4k/month, shared by Daniel Birtaș. It looks pretty easy and linear, so, let’s have a look at it.

1) Sandbox: Create a conversion campaign where you include different ads hitting totally different creatives and angles.

2) Creative testing: Create another Conversion campaign, optimized for Purchase. Include the best 4 creatives in the ad set and duplicate it 9 times. For every ad set, choose a different broad level targeting. You want to test the 4 creatives with different audiences, because each audience will react differently to the creatives.

Setup rules to stop every ad set after they reach 1k impressions. Budget: $10/day per ad set.

3) Social proof: Create a PPE campaign including the best performing ad sets. Budget: $5/day.

4) Again for social proof, create a Video Views campaign with the same creatives and budget as the PPE campaign. Budget: $5/day.

5) Cold campaign: Create a campaign and include only the audiences and creatives that brought results in the first 2 phases. Aim for 2-4 ad sets and 1-2 ads per ad set. Budget: $30/day.

6) Warm: Create a campaign targeting all users that interacted with your Page in the last 30 days. Budget: $10/day.

7) Hot: Create a campaign targeting all users who viewed the product page and added to cart but didn’t purchase. Use creatives that aim at providing more info about your product, enforce trust and build social proof with review and testimonials. Budget: $10/day.

8) Dynamic Product Ads: Create a $10/day DPA campaign to retarget all the users that viewed your products.

9) Thank-you campaign: Create a Thank-you campaign and retarget all purchasers. Budget: $5/day.

10) Retention: Make them come back using Carousel and Collection Ads. Budget: $5/day.

A campaign structure we might already be aware of. However, the interesting part is the budget allocation for every phase, especially if you are on a more conservative side.


Share the Audience lists within your MCC with this new Google feature

We’ve got some good news for all Google Ads advertisers. If you have been running FB Ads and sharing Pixels across ad accounts, you will understand the value of this new feature.


You kinda got the clue, right?

Google has launched a new feature which makes it easier and faster to share Audiences within your manager accounts (MCC).

For now, it’s an MCC-level setting called “Continuous audience sharing” which allows you to share all available audience lists in the MCC with all of its sub-accounts.

However, even an option to share Audiences created in sub-accounts with the MCC will also be available in the next few months.

How is this helpful? Just like FB, if you have an account within a specific niche, you will be able to share Audiences from that account to another new client account within the same niche and build it from there.

Though, please keep in mind that before you share an Audience with another account, make sure you have the proper permissions from the account that owns that Audience list.

Also, you must consider the privacy policies involved with each account and only share remarketing lists with accounts when you’ve received proper consent from users.

This new feature totally simplifies the list sharing process for businesses and agencies that manage multiple accounts under a manager account.

For step-by-step instructions on enabling and sharing lists from MCC to specific sub-accounts and vice-versa, check out this Google support page.


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Are you looking to set yourself apart from your competitors and create a brand that people love? Do you have a hunger to learn from and network with the best in the industry?

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A learning and networking event for businesses that are…

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Facebook banned your camps? Give YouTube a try and scale to $9k/day

What to do when Facebook bans your accounts? Go to YouTube Ads right?

Well, this is what Ian M Nagy did, and here he shared the whole YouTube Ads strategy to hit $9k/day in 6 weeks.

+ Preparation and Video Ads framework: Alright, this is about researching your audience and creating a video script framework that hooks your prospects. Here’s the framework used:

  1. First 5 secs: Pattern interrupt.
  2. 5 to 30 seconds: Disqualify/qualify. Probably, qualifying the users by asking questions about their problems/pain points.
  3. Hero journey.
  4. Social proof.
  5. Last 15 seconds: Long call to action.

+ Campaign set up. This is done in different steps.

1) Research targeting options: Here you can create keyword bundles based on the problems your prospects face and around your competitors.

Anyway, aim for 500k-1M per month searches per bundle.

2) Set up your campaigns and ad groups to isolate key targeting options: The tip here is to name your camps strategically, so you can easily recognize the targeting, bidding and optimization.

3) Set conversion optimization for cold and warm audiences. Set a budget that will give you at least 7 conversions per day.

4) Launch campaigns looking at the following KPIs: CPA, CPC, CTR.

If the CTR is lower than 1%, test out new videos and focus on the first 30 seconds.
If the CPC is too high, hurting your CPA, test different videos or new audiences.

+ Targeting expansion: This phase is about killing low-performing campaigns, and scaling the ones that are doing well.

Turn off camps that spent 2x your CPA with no conversions, and every other one that is not hitting your target CPA.

Talking about the best-performing ones, raise the budget by 20% every day.

Moreover, keep adding new creatives to keep your CPA down.

+ Turn on the taps: This is about scaling horizontally. Test new versions of the working creatives. Plus, find new working audiences via:

  • In-market audiences.
  • Testing new keywords bundles.
  • Custom Affinity audiences.
  • Topic audiences.
  • Similar audiences.

This setup helped Ian M Nagy scale his ad spend to 5k/day. Thus, if you have some offer that is doing well on Facebook, or you just want to expand your channels, give it a try. And you can find even more details on the post.


  • FACEBOOK: Facebook was found to be internally testing a tabbed News Feed that could let you escape the algorithm by sorting your News Feed the way you want.
  • INSTAGRAM: Instagram has rolled out a new feature that allows you to reply to Stories with a GIF. Update your app.
  • SEO: Two new feature releases to the Search Console allow for redirect validation for top five URLs of the moving domain and a reminder at the top of both the moving domain and the destination domain.
  • FACEBOOK: A new study by FB recommends all advertisers to focus on mobile-first creatives for videos as they have a 27% higher likelihood of driving brand lift compared to videos not optimised for mobile viewing.
  • GOOGLE: Beware of these extortion emails being sent to AdSense users asking for $5k in BTC within 72-hours to avoid invalid traffic being sent to their websites.


In Okmulgee, Oklahoma, you cannot take a picture of a man with a wooden leg. Why?

You can find the solution by clicking here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

I (don’t) know what you DID last summer

One might be a huge Google fanboy but we can all agree that even a behemoth like Google can be fooled.

Remember our Poolside story a few weeks ago where a guy tricked its Maps service by creating fake traffic blocks around their office in Berlin?

Well, in another instance, a copyright watchdog service was recently able to convince Google to hide all search listings for websites simply containing the word “DID” saying that it infringed upon the copyrights of an Indian reality TV show called “Dance India Dance.”

The result? Google stopped listing some of the most relevant and successful pages containing the word DID because it apparently infringes on the reality show “Dance India Dance”.

Google even took down a very popular blog post titled “What did Ava Lovelace’s Program Actually Do?”, a PC Gamer article “What did you play last week?” and several government websites were taken down. Don’t know if it’s funny or just terrible…


Many dictionary websites including Merriam Webster’s were also hit with DMCA notices over their inclusion of web pages with entries for the word “DID”.

Eventually, it appears some human intervention at Google finally reviewed the takedown requests and restored some of the pages.

Big G, sometimes you’re not that smart!

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