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Google can Explain

Recently Google announced “Explanations” feature to help advertisers diagnose changes in conversion volume. Here’s how to take full advantage of it:

What does this new tool provide Explanations for?

  • Search interest
  • Auction activity
  • Status changes
  • Campaign settings
  • Budget
  • Bid adjustments
  • Negative keywords
  • Targeting changes

Things to note

  • This is only available for Search campaigns using manual or enhanced CPC bidding. Smart Bidding campaigns are not eligible for this feature.
  • You will see these available at campaign level as well as the ad group level whenever there is a significant change in impressions, clicks, cost or conversions.
  • To use this feature, you’ll need to compare contiguous time periods of the same length and have sufficient volume activity.
  • Percent change showing up in blue in a column means that Explanations are available, whereas a gray percentage change means it isn’t available.
  • For now, this only works and scans for issues at the campaign, ad group and keyword level. Website and ad changes won’t be scanned as possible factors affecting performance.


Why affiliates are raving about HugeOffers…


Do you have a website, blog or portal? Do you offer a product or service? Or simply have lots of social media followers to drive online traffic?

If you answered yes to even one of the above the statements then you can drive revenue with HugeOffers.

You would be surprised at the wide range of people from all sorts of backgrounds and skill sets that are benefiting from affiliate marketing right now!

How? With this tech-focused CPA network that delivers hundreds of high-converting offers immediately accessible to you.

How are they different from the regular networks?

  • Localized Funnels. Drive traffic from all over the world & promote fully localized funnels in multiple geos.
  • Real-Time Stats. Track your campaign’s key stats, all from one dashboard.
  • Exclusive Offers. Instant access to offers boasting top EPCs. You won’t find the offers in their marketplace anywhere else.
  • Smart Traffic. Get a list of the best-performing offers targeted for your traffic.
  • On-Time Payments. Choose between weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payouts.
  • Easy To Use. Clean and modern interface in their self-serve advertising dashboard.

Join HugeOffers and start working with a transparent, tech-focused CPA network that makes your ROI big… Bigger… HUGE!


Tell me, how old is your business…

And I’ll tell you how to scale.

That’s what Ryan Deiss’s latest tweet is all about. He tried to outline the primary constraints for scaling a business and how these change over time.

What are the main constraints? Vision, strategy, comms, systems, people and money.

How did he divide the life stages of a business?

Infancy: $0 – 100k.
Childhood: $100k – 1M.
Adolescence: $1M – 10M.
Adulthood: $10M+.

How the scaling constraints change


A business in the infancy stage, for example, needs to define who they’re serving and how in its strategy. The money problem is simply not running out of liquidity.

A business in the adulthood stage will have different strategy considerations: Stay relevant without being disrupted by a competitor.

For the people constraints: When starting out, you just need discipline and time management to get the ball rolling. As the business enters the adolescence stage, you gotta start hiring people to strengthen your weaknesses. By the time you get to the adulthood stage, the problem becomes hiring leaders that can lead your team and develop future leaders.

Well, these are just some points to give you an idea, but the tab that came out of Ryan Deiss’s thoughts is very useful.


Untapping new audiences with TikTok’s Branded Hashtag Challenge campaigns

TikTok advertising case studies are still rare, but here we have one shared by TikTok itself. It focuses on Branded Hashtags Challenge campaigns, which is apparently the most successful advertising option on the app.

The business: ZALORA, an Asian fashion e-commerce platform.

The goal: Unlock untapped audiences by driving awareness and new buyers.

The Solution

Let’s go a bit deeper here.

The company strategy was to get a massive amount of users to participate in the ZALORA Fashion Festival.

So they ran a Branded Hashtags Challenge in Singapore.

How did they do it: They used performance ads with the goal of running both brand awareness and app installs.

The campaigns, #ZStyleNow Challenge, invited users to flash a “Z” hand signal, which would trigger the guise of an instant outfit change. Users could even show off their wardrobe, which fits in perfectly with the young demographic of TikTok users.

Driving higher engagement: ZALORA even included a $200 product giveaway in the challenge to convince more users to get involved.

Testing ads: The company ran Brand Takeover and in-app banner ads to test creatives which further boosted the Branded Hashtag Challenge.

The results

The campaign was seen by 971k users, with 62k users engaging in the Hashtag Challenge.

In addition, ZALORA gained 1.1k app users.

While the campaign seems pretty straightforward, it’s not that easy. The key challenge here is to identify what idea, songs, and creatives resonate the best with the audience.

Nice one TikTok! But the next time we would like to see some ROAS stats. You know… we’re all about performance here.


  • INSTAGRAM: Is the platform merging the Feed with the Explore tab? It seems that Instagram is introducing “Suggested” posts in the Feed among “Older” posts.
  • CHATBOT: Rutger Thole walks you through the process that allows you to use the Shopify API to send dynamic order updates and look up order details when someone interacts with your chatbot.
  • EMAIL: Here’s a compilation of some lead magnet ideas that might help you grow your list.
  • SEO: Brodie Clark seems to have found some proof that you can get your website homepage featured at position zero in SERPs.
  • INSTAGRAM: If you are embedding any IG posts on your website you will now have to seek the original creator’s permission to do so.


Who is bigger: Ms. Bigger, Mr. Bigger, or their 4-year-old son?

You can find the solution here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Electric cars that could circle the planet 50 times without recharging…


Could electric cars be the future of commuting and travel? Well, they can only hold so much power, right?

But what if we could find a way to make the batteries last for months? That would surely pave the way for worry-free trips where you don’t have to keep an eye on where the next charging station is, right?

In an industry landmarka Chinese manufacturer that makes electric car batteries for the likes of Tesla and Volkswagen has come up with a power pack that could last for up to 16 years, or 2M kilometers.

You could basically circle the planet 50 times without having to recharge.

This super extended life span would also be a key advance because you could reuse the battery in another vehicle. In other words, your car’s battery would last longer than your car.

Tesla and General Motors are also working on producing batteries that could circle the planet 50 times on a single charge.

Our favorite saying of 2020, “Data is the new oil”, seems to have lost its significance.

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