Google ignored this advertiser’s scam until BBC reported it. 4k apps exposed 7M email addresses, 1M passwords. Product Feed optimization essentials for 10x ROAS.



Reuse your creatives to get free exposure on Amazon


The look is familiar, the purpose is sales, the platform is Amazon. Why is it familiar? Because it has the same specs as other creatives, such as on Facebook.

Unlike social media posts though, they are strictly between other products and have no social engagement – it’s all about the sales.

Simply called Amazon Posts, this has been in beta since 2019 and is a brand discovery experience. Danielle Waller broke it down for SEL and we thought you’d like a peek at it, too.

Where are Amazon Posts shown? On a brand’s detail page, related brands pages, category-based post feeds and product detail pages (aka, PDP).

What’s the catch? Well, they are kind of like ads, so Amazon is plastering it all over its feeds. That being said, it’s free! So it’s a way to reach more people on Amazon without paying a dime, at least for now.

Why is it free? Its limited targeting and reporting options means you are kind of at the mercy of Amazon. Still, given the (lack of) price, it’s a no brainer that you should take advantage of this chance to show your product to more shoppers.


Making it to the top of Google by tricking people


Fraudsters never die, and sometimes they even show up in the Google Shopping listings. That was the case with MyTechDomestic.

The online store was selling gadgets at competitive prices, but consumers started to smell fishy.

They noted that the company had misleading business practices, such as changing their address several times and falsely claiming to be owned by a UK company.

Moreover, the store showed it accepted PayPal and other popular payment methods but, in reality, they’d only take bank transfers.

The investigation: These practices, along with perpetual “few items in stock” and “18% discounts” labels and negative reviews on Trustpilot, encouraged consumers to investigate the shop.

The discovery: It seems the suspicious site scammed several unsuspecting customers, as well as Google itself.

The problem beyond the fraud: How is it possible that such a site made it to the top position of Google Shopping so easily? In addition, the “Promoted by Google” label made things even worse by increasing the trustworthiness of the unknown store.

Despite all this, Google didn’t take action against the domain until BBC News contacted the company.


🇵🇭 The best place to find skilled, reliable and hard-working remote workers during the lockdown

A quick fact: Companies who already had distributed teams had an easier time transitioning during the lockdown. A good example would be The Crew here at Stacked Marketer.

Remote work has been forced on just about everyone in one way or another. And a large chunk of skilled talent has moved online. We’re big believers in remote teams for online businesses and while the need to be remote is temporary, the advantages stay, such as:

  • Flexibility.
  • Bigger talent pool.
  • More affordable hires for the same or even better skill.

Did we mention the place where you can find and hire some of the best talent right now? It’s!

Why is better than alternatives?

  • Everyone speaks English. In case you didn’t know it, just about everyone with an Internet connection in the Philippines has a good level of English.
  • Background data checks on your candidates.
  • Worker coaching service. If you need help training your new hire, it’s included in the Premium plan!
  • No long term commitment. Once you’ve found the right candidate, you don’t pay anymore. You just enjoy the productivity of your new hires!
  • Over 500,000 resumes to choose from. Yeah, that’s a big talent pool!

29.6k jobseekers signed up on the platform just in the last month. Get access to their profile.

Test it out for free! All you have to do is sign up for an account right here and post your job.


Google Shopping Feed Optimization for 10x ROAS


According to this Power Reviews Study, 35% of all online product research begins on Google. A great reason to put your product in front of the high intent buyers searching for the products you sell, uh?

But how can you optimize your product feeds to give your conversions a 10x boost?

Sandeep Kumar shared some tips to help you do just that.

+ Optimize product titles to target search queries and boost your CTR. Since you can’t target keywords directly, include them in the product titles. To capture more relevant traffic, add product attributes such as product type, brand, color, or size to the titles.

For increasing the CTR, optimize your product title in a way that makes them relevant to popular search queries. Try writing product titles as ads.

+ Optimize product pictures. Invest in your product images because they are what grabs the attention of shoppers, indicating higher relevancy to search queries.

+ Research for best pricing. The lower the product price is relative to the market value, the greater the chances that Google will prioritize your ad and serve it to more users.

+ Be specific with product categories. Even if your products don’t require categories, map the products to the official product categories. You can download a list of nearly 5.5k categories here.

+ Optimize product description. This allows you to list out product features and technical specifications, as well as giving your audience a chance to understand how your products can benefit them.

+ Custom labeling. A very useful way to organize your products according to price, seasonality, margins etc.

Got any questions or need more clarification on any of the points above? Hit up the original post here.


  • GOOGLE: It was announced when Google made Shopping listings free. PayPal integration with the Google Merchant Center is now available.
  • LINKEDIN: LinkedIn is launching Pools features and Virtual Events to focus on virtual engagement.
  • E-COMMERCE: First, a tweet from Shopify’s CEO. Then the PayPal Q1 ‘20 report. Finally, Adobe’s new Digital Economy Index. It looks like this pandemic turned into Black Friday.
  • FACEBOOK: The company will pay $52M to a moderator who experienced mental issues on the job.
  • GOOGLE: Google Optimize releases Advanced Redirect Tests. This allows you to modify parts of a URL by swapping, modifying, or adding strings to single or multiple URLs. Basically, more granular control over the construction of the final URL.
  • FACEBOOK: A new Businesses Nearby feature on FB and Support Small Business sticker on Instagram to help you sail through the current crisis.
  • SECURITY: Common misconfigurations of 4k Android apps made with Firebase expose sensitive information, including passwords, telephone numbers, and chat messages, to anyone who wants to look.


What happened when the strawberry attempted to cross the road?

You can find the solution here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

How Marcus saved the Internet & got arrested


It’s a rather fascinating story. The name Marcus Hutchins probably doesn’t ring a bell unless you’re heavily interested in cybersecurity.

His story, however, is still a great one for anyone who uses the Internet. So, chances are it might be interesting for you as well.

Wired published the story of how Marcus went from a typical youngster interested in computers to getting into business with the wrong sort of people.

It doesn’t end there, though. He went on to put a stop to WannaCry, a malware that was destroying data on countless computers, before his past caught up with him and he was arrested by the FBI.

If you want to find out if the story has a happy ending, you can read it in full hereCareful, it’s a long one!

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