Google releases Shopping Season Playbook to help you find new customers in a $10Tn ecomm market. 50% CPA dropping strategy – Simple tweak to make FB work for you. Amazon managers caught red-handed, sued for recruiting eBay sellers.


CPA-droppin’ strategy


Chandler Welling shared a Facebook Ads strategy that resulted in consistent and predictable CPA drops for his campaigns.

“For a subscription model medical product, we launched at a $36 CPA in early July, and we’ve seen CPA drop down to $16 at scale (150+ purchases).”

And, “An automotive eComm client with AOV of $69 we’ve scaled revenue 3x this month going from a $46 CPA down to $24 using this strategy.”

Looks interesting, right? Let’s jump straight into it.

Set up

  • CBO Conversions campaign.
  • Daily budget of $300-$400.
  • 5 ad sets: 1 with no targeting at all, 2 with niche Interests, and the last 2 targeting broad Interests.
  • 5 ads: short and medium-length copy. 3 videos and 2 statics.
  • Creative format: 4:5 and videos no longer than 30 seconds.

The strategy

Every 2 days, duplicate the campaign and turn off the lowest performing ad sets and ads. Every time you make a change, dupe the campaign first, and make sure to make the change before the campaign starts spending.

So, this is the trick: Make changes to new campaigns, because if you just turn off low performing ad sets FB will automatically allocate 100% of the budget to the top-performing ad set.

If you follow this strategy, you should see a CPA drop every time you trim the fat.

So, that’s all. Give it a test and let us know! If you’re more of a watcher than a reader, Chandler also shared a video in which he talks about this strategy. Head here to watch it.


APAC Shopping Season Playbook – 2019

Peak shopping season is fast approaching across the APAC. This season is driven not only by cultural holidays, but also e-commerce festivals such as Black Friday and Singles’ Day. These ‘shopping holidays’ tend to see people binge on impulse deals.

In 2019, retail sales in the Asia Pacific totalled over $10Tn.

Six of the top 10 fastest-growing e-commerce countries in 2019 are located in this region. India and the Philippines lead the way and are followed by Malaysia, Indonesia and South Korea.

Google published a guide to help you thrive in this shopping season by connecting, reconnecting and engaging with your new customers.

Strategies to connect with them:

  • Identify Trends. Identify rising queries on Google Trends and layer on account-specific trends using historical data.
  • Identifying the product assortment. Use the Product Suggestions Reportto understand the demand for products. Check Price Benchmark Metrics to measure the competition.
  • Inventory Management. Upload product data to the Merchant Center to make it available across Google platforms. Explore advanced solutions such as Automated feed delivery, the Shopping Content API and Automated item updates to manage pricing and availability.
  • Build awareness. Use Discovery Campaigns to engage with mid-funnel customers using rich, image-based formats across YouTube, Gmail, and the Discover feed. Showcase Shopping ads help promote your brand and products earlier in the journey by curating groups of related products.
  • Engage early with YouTube. The newly launched cost-per-impression (CPM) Mastheads allow you to raise awareness via premium ad placements at the top of the YouTube homepage. Retarget with short, frequent reminders using six-second Bumper ads.
  • Find new customers using interests and intent. Use Audience Targetingto reach out to people based on their interests, what they are actively researching, or how they interact with your business. Custom Intent then allows you to target people with the intent to purchase. Find new customers with Similar audiences based on your remarketing lists.
  • Maximum visibility. Get your disapproved products back in the auction using this Tab in the merchant centre. Use Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) to make your entire inventory eligible for text ads.
  • Not enough time and resources to do this? Let Google do it for you with Smart Shopping Campaigns. They automatically optimize bids, products, and audiences based on your budget, and show the most relevant ads across Google platforms, including Search, Display, YouTube, and Gmail.

Well, that’s just a snippet of the 28-page guide. The whole thing has even more strategies to drive conversions after the awareness and discovery stage.

Check out the complete guide here to make the most of this shopping season.


🌿 The evergreen vertical you must run with United Gap if you want long-lasting offers

Ever thought about running evergreen verticals? You know, those verticals where campaigns and offers are around for many years and don’t just disappear like trends. Sure you did!

Well, the dating vertical is probably one of the most well-established evergreen verticals and United Gap is the new kid on the block, shaking things up!

You have a group of high-volume affiliates that decided to go on the offer side and create what today is United Gap: an affiliate network that is a true expert in the dating vertical, based in the heart of Amsterdam.

They haven’t forgotten all the challenges affiliates have! That’s why they moved to the offer side, they know the ins and outs of what affiliates need to be successful in this niche.

They are not sleeping on past success and understand what are the current challenges that affiliates face in the dating vertical. Not a cookie-cutter solution, but something that goes with the time. Here are some concrete examples:

  • Statistical significance for quality check. While most networks and advertisers judge quality on 15 or so leads, United Gap waits for 100-200 leads to make sure they have a thorough sample and give you, as an affiliate, time to optimize.
  • Fast payment terms of weekly NET4. Avoid common cash flow problems by getting deposits every single week.
  • Offers in flourishing Tier 2 geos like Greece and Portugal where competition is sparse and ROI is often higher.
  • Exclusivity with a high-converting advertiser in 3 strong Tier 1 geos: Canada, Austria and Switzerland.
  • Guidance if you are less experienced. They understand the challenges that starting affiliates face.

Last, but not least, whether you are just starting out, whether you are a veteran affiliate or whether you are somewhere in between newbie and expert, United Gap is there to provide you with all the offers you need to conquer the evergreen dating vertical!

Sign up with United Gap right here! Add WTAFF in the “Who referred you?” field to get faster application processing 😉


22 ways to repurpose a piece of content

Creating new content all the time is a hefty task. It takes a huge amount of quality time and effort as well as a chunk of your resources to create a truly valuable piece of content.

Very few people can dedicate this much time and effort to creating new content all the time.

So, how can you maximize the output of your existing content?

Are you aware of Gary Vee’s content model? He uses a single keynote to generate 30+ pieces of content, and eventually generates countless impressions from this single piece.

Similarly, Bailey Richert shared 22 ways to repurpose your existing content and maximize the juice you get from it.

  • Blog Post → Other Platform Posts
  • Blog Post → eBook
  • Blog Post → Email Sequence
  • Blog Post → Forum Answers (Quora, Reddit)
  • eBook → Audiobook
  • Keynote Slides → SlideShare
  • Podcast → YouTube Video
  • List Post → Community Challenge
  • Podcast Quotes → Roundup Post
  • Testimonials → Case Studies, Social Media Posts
  • Your Own SOPs → Lead Magnet Checklists, Posts
  • Podcast Interview → Lead Magnet
  • Podcast / Video Snippets → Instagram/FB Stories
  • YouTube Video → Vimeo Video
  • YouTube Video → Embedded Video
  • Quotes → Quote Pictures (Esp. for Instagram)
  • Presentation Graphic → Infographic
  • Statistics → Graphs, Images
  • Videos → Gifs / Shorter Videos
  • Client Content → Social Media Content
  • Live Event → Video Content for Everywhere
  • ‘Old’ Webinar → Video Tutorial

Looking for an explanation or more details on any of the steps? Check out her post here.


Microsoft extends its reach for Product Ads

Do you purchase Product Listing ads on other retailers’ e-commerce stores? Which platforms are working the best for you?

Well, as far as we know, Google tried running its product listing ads on retailer sites through a program called AdSense for Shopping. Amazon and Walmart have their own Sponsored Product Ad offerings. Criteo acquired HookLogic in 2016, which offers similar capabilities.

Microsoft Advertising offers product ads on Bing Search, but it has a very limited reach compared to Google and Amazon.

So, in a bid to extend the reach of product listing ads, Microsoft has now acquired PromoteIQ. What’s this, you ask? It’s an automated product marketing platform that enables brands to run Sponsored Ads on participating retailers’ e-commerce sites.

It also offers an analytics dashboard to retailers and advertisers so they can track their campaign performance.

Microsoft is aiming to further boost PromoteIQ’s targeted ad placement capabilities with its
in-house AI and machine learning technologies.

“PromoteIQ’s technology strategically complements Microsoft’s current retail advertising offerings, and together, we can enable retailers with a portfolio of technology solutions to modernize their e-commerce platforms and maximize their monetization opportunity.”

PromoteIQ’s current retailer customers include Kroger, Kohl’s and Overstock and it has advertisers such as Sony, P&G, Kraft and HP using its platform.


eBay sues Amazon managers for poaching

The eBay vs Amazon competition is far from over, and the following story is about Russian spies and cut throats. Okay, maybe not that far, but it’s intriguing nonetheless.


50 Amazon managers infiltrated eBay’s platform using fake names in a bid to recruit new Amazon sellers. What?

They signed up on eBay and proceeded to send over 1k messages to sellers trying to persuade them to join the other side.

But eBay discovered the scheme, and they aren’t happy about it. The next step for eBay was to sue Amazon for racketeering and fraud. In addition, eBay says that Amazon incentivizes these nefarious practices by paying a commission to managers when they recruit new sellers.

Amazon responded to the lawsuit by saying they will investigate the allegations.

Let’s wait for some updates.


How to convert your videos to best-performing sizes – free tool

If you’re running FB traffic, you know that it’s all about video. Video Ads generally perform better than images. Maybe not 100% of the time, but it’s a good rule of thumb.

So, here’s a useful tool to edit your videos and help you come up with great creatives.

You can use this to do all sorts of video editing, including resizing the format and blurring the video.

It’s free too. Even better!


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Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

The easiest way to make some bread today

Have you ever been approached on Instagram or Facebook by people proposing investments or executive positions?

How do you usually react?

Maybe you just ignore them? Some of you might even bite back and tell them to get a real job, right?

Well, someone out there took this one step further and gave the scammer a taste of their own medicine!

Ben is the host of the BTC Sessions and runs a YouTube channel where he educates people about Bitcoin.

In his blog, he shared a post showing all the screenshots of a conversation he had with one of those scammers.



Basically, he flipped the situation and managed to persuade the crook to send him some BTC.

Obviously, after the dumb scammer sent him the BTC, Ben revealed everything and told them to find a real job.

Head here to find screenshots of the whole conversation on Instagram. It’s funny and it shows that, sometimes, the scammers are dumber than the victims.

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