Google releases the best e-comm spy tool of 2020: Shopping 100. Keep your customers coming back for more with the 180-day FB Ads funnel. WhatsApp to take businesses involved in bulk messaging to court.



Thorough Facebook Ads process to make your customers return

Looking back, we noticed that we tend to share a lot of case studies about scaling with cold audiences. Today, we fancied something a bit different! This is a thorough “make them come back” strategy. It’s not rocket science, but it does look like a very useful process if you don’t know what to do and when to do it.

0-30 days after purchase: Retarget all buyers with the following ads:

  • Thank you ad to show you care.
  • Enticing offer via discount%, B1, G1, once the order has shipped.
  • Cross Sells and Upsells.
  • More Reviews to instill more trust.
  • Referral Ads. Take a look at FashionNova. They can make this work well.

30-60 Days Post Purchase, exclude 30 Day Post Purchase audiences:

  • Back in Stock!
  • New Offers.
  • Upsells.
  • More Discounts, or provide value by showing the benefits of your product from unique perspectives.

60-90 Days Post Purchase, exclude 60 Day Audiences:

  • VIP offers.

90-180+ Days Post Purchase, no exclusions:

  • Send them back to the TOF.

There you have it! That’s the whole process to follow for the period after a conversion. If this caught your attention, you might want to have a look at the post shared by Franzisko Sanchez to discover the copy and angles used in each phase. We’re running out of paper… sorry.


Discover the hottest product searches of 2019

Good Fellas, if you’re into e-commerce this is something you absolutely must check out.

Google Shopping 100” is a new listing ranking the top 100 product trends across various categories, based on Google’s search volume increases over the past year.


It’s like a mini-site and offers some very interesting and valuable insights into the key product and consumer trends of 2019.

“Google Shopping 100 showcases products with a recent increase in U.S. searches. While classics are still sought-after – for example, search data still ranks Monopoly as a popular present.

Google Shopping 100 highlights items that are rising in popularity to give you fresh ideas and keep you up to speed on the latest.”

PS: Note that this listing ranks products based on the most sustained increases in searches during the season, rather than the most popular overall.

What does this mean? It means that these products are trending and gaining momentum, but the rankings here are not necessarily indicative of broader trends.

Go ahead and have a look at the top trending products. Hopefully you can find some new ideas and discover new ways to build awareness, find new suppliers and even get some promo ideas.

It’s totally worth taking a look at the data and seeing what you can find among the lists.

PPS: You read it first on WHAT THE AFF.


👩‍⚕️ The nutra affiliate program with a REAL DOCTOR formulating the products!

In the times when there’s a clear crackdown on certain promo avenues for classic nutra products, there are some companies that stand apart adapting to the changes. One of those companies is Zenith Labs!

First of all, they actually have a real doctor in-house to help with all the products. Adapting to the crackdown doesn’t stop there!

  • Zenith Labs makes sure their pages and products are fully compliant by working closely with ad networks like Taboola. Way fewer compliance issues for you across the board!
  • It uses a straight-sale model, not a trial one. This means more transparency for all: customers, affiliates and networks. And more sustainable campaigns for you!
  • Prepared for merchant account challenges. Zenith Labs is set up with PayPal and BuyGoods, plus will set up their own merchant accounts soon. A big benefit of BuyGoods is that it works with different merchant banks. In other words, less headache on payments so your offer is less likely to disappear.
  • 20+ in-house supplements plus another line of 15+ products to launch, starting at a $90 CPA! Working direct gives you a lot of choice in this case!
  • Pretty much round-the-clock access to Zenith Labs’ affiliate manager. Constant communication and acting fast to make sure you get the support you need!

Look, nutra changed, no doubt about it! Even so, people still want help to achieve goals related to weight, fitness, looks, etc. and Zenith Labs can give you those products to promote!

In-house offers, compliant, with a real doctor formulating all the products on a straight-sale basis.

Sign up to Zenith Labs affiliate program right here.


Ugh, we’ve finally cured our Affiliate World Asia hangover…

Phew! Yeah, this took a bit longer than usual. You’re used to us sharing some thoughts about how all the conferences we attend go, so it’s time to look back at Affiliate World Asia 2019.

We were impressed. It was a way bigger event than last year in Bangkok, with about 3.6k attendees reported. Not only that, but the exhibition was absolutely packed. This was great news for us, because our main goal was to connect with potential sponsors for the newsletter. Get in touch if that’s you 😉

Allow us to share our highlights, shall we?

+ The exhibition and the outlandish stuff going on there. There was a freaking Mini on the 22nd floor of the hotel, in the exhibition. It was placed there by Media500 and was turned into a small meeting place for their business appointments. Freaking insane!

Aside from that you could find VR gaming, all kinds of photo booths (from professional to magazine cover to 360), a large cafe in the middle of everything, and a recharge zone to plug in when you needed to do some out of office work…

+ Parties… We didn’t attend them all, but there were a lot. No other event that we’ve attended has attracted so many side events and meetups. Some of the more popular ones were the Affiliate Block Party, including the Beer Pong Championship, Wicked Wonderland by PropellerAds and AdCombo, Rumble in the Jungle by ClickDealer, Ad Buyers MeetUp and Media500’s now classic post-Affiliate World blowout.

+ The industry overview. Things change quickly in the industry, that’s for sure, but conferences are a great way to take a look at the trends.

  • Traffic sources: Push, FB and natives. Those 3 are certainly the most used, it just depends which vertical you are running.
  • Verticals/offer types: Leadgen of all types (financial, sweeps, etc.), e-commerce, nutra. Those seemed to dominate the exhibition.
  • Technology: More choices of good trackers than ever, more automation tools, more smartlinks. In general, tech that pushes the media buyer to focus on conversion rate optimization and creativity, rather than on bidding tactics, cutting placements and stuff like that.

All in all, this was the 5th Affiliate World Asia in Bangkok. It was in the exact same location, which just goes to show how much more dialed in the organizing team were!

Oh, and it you are looking to attend the next Affiliate World, Affiliate Summit or PI LIVE, don’t forget that we can hook you up with a ticket!

Just share our newsletter with your industry friends, get those points and The Crew takes care of the rest!


  • ADVERTISING: WhatsApp has put its foot down and announced new measures to prevent people and businesses from abusing the platform with bulk and automated messaging.
  • YOUTUBE: Anthony Ambriz, who works with Neil Patel, shares some of the hacks he applied to Neil’s YouTube channel to help him bring in 487k new subscribers.
  • REDDIT: Reddit announces key updates to its Pixel, GTM integration and shares a warning about Q4 being a little slower, but eCPMs should drop around December 26th.
  • TWITTER: Twitter is building a small independent team of up to five open source architects, engineers, and designers to develop an open and decentralized standard protocol for social media. Check the whole plan as shared by Jack Dorsey.
  • FACEBOOK: Have your ads been stuck in the Review stage for more than 24 hours? Don’t forget you can now find some support here.
  • E-COMMERCE: Have your heard of Q5? It’s the last week of the year, and here’s why Q5 should be part of every marketer’s plan.


A person enters a pet shop and sees a beautiful parrot. The seller makes sure that the bird repeats everything it hears, so the person buys it. However, when he goes back home and tests the bird, it turns out that it doesn’t say a word. The buyer goes to the shop to complain to the seller, but the seller argues he has not lied. How is this possible?

You can find the solution by clicking here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

What happens when a CEO watches “A Christmas Carol”?

Whether you work for a company or manage a company, you’d want the following story to happen in your future as well.

The Christmas spirit is upon us, and the hearts of some CEOs are already melting…

A Maryland real estate company achieved a major goal of developing 20M square feet in real estate, doubling the amount in 14 years. So, the president of the company, Mr Maykrantz, decided he had to give back to his troupes. And this is how he did it:

The company handed out red envelopes to employees during the annual Christmas party on Saturday, without anybody knowing what was inside.

The surprise was a big one: The 198 employees received bonuses amounting to a total of $10M!

Breaking it down, this amounts to an average bonus of $50k per employee. We’re talking about seriously changing people’s lives here!


Everyone was overwhelmed, of course. Screaming, crying, laughing, hugging.

You can bet it!

Well, if this story inspired you to get out there and do a good deed, we’re glad.

If not, we have a holiday task for you:

Watch “A Christmas Carol”!

Just joking, you can do whatever you want with your papers.

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