Google shoots itself by blocking these intrusive YouTube ads. FB shuts down part of its Audience Network. Revolutionizing direct response advertising: $350k worth of video creatives for a fraction of price.



Facebook to shut down part of its Audience Network

According to a post on the official Facebook website, starting April 11 the Audience Network will no longer provide web and in-stream placements.

So, when you choose Audience Network as a placement, your ads will no longer show on mobile web publishers, instead being limited to apps that make up part of the network.

Why the change?

According to Facebook, mobile web publishers are to be removed to allow them to focus on the continued growth of apps.

However, reaction to this announcement suggests that Facebook is doing this because of Chrome’s decision to kill cookies. Without cookies, activity will be more difficult to track on publishers’ websites, meaning the Audience Network can’t work. No tracking, no party baby!

Facebook hasn’t confirmed this rumoured theory, but it does seem to be a logical reason to take this action.

What does it change for advertisers?

Well, this will surely cause a decrease of available impressions. However, as Facebook stated, mobile web publishers represent just a small fraction of the Audience Network, so there shouldn’t be too much change on your side.


Internet wants to see better ads

Chrome is changing in many ways and, as per this latest announcement, it will adopt new standards for video ads from the Coalition for Better Ads.

What’s changing? Starting August 5, 2020, Chrome will block intrusive video ads on sites that repeatedly show such disruptive ads.

What type of videos?

  • Mid-roll ads of any duration.
  • Pre-roll ads or ads longer than 31 seconds that cannot be skipped in the first 5 seconds.
  • Text or display ads that appear in the middle third of a playing video or are larger than 20% of the video content.

Can you guess who will be hit hardest by this? Google itself.


To be precise, it will mean that all YouTube mid-roll ads will be completely eliminated from the video platform. Though, pre-roll and bumper ads won’t be affected.

“It’s important to note that, like other websites with video content, will be reviewed for compliance with the Standards.

Similar to the previous Better Ads Standards, we’ll update our product plans across our ad platforms, including YouTube, as a result of this standard, and leverage the research as a tool to help guide product development in the future.”

This is an initiative founded by Google, Facebook and the IAB and is aimed at curbing the acceleration of ad-blocking.



🎬 Ready Set is revolutionizing the way marketers create high-quality direct response video ads


In a time where algorithms are doing all the media buying work for you, fellow marketer, what can set you apart from your competitors? Outstanding creatives! Almost every marketer’s answer.

But hey… creating high-quality videos that make people stop scrolling and clicking is not an easy job, right?

So have the pros at Ready Set create awesome live-action direct response video ads. Just have a look at their samples!

Ready Set is a subscription-based service for high-quality, professional videos. These guys worked with Airbnb, Nanigans, Coinbase, DoorDash and many more, so they know how to mix direct response results and branding in the same video. You get the best of both in every creative!

They use real actors and real stages. Everything is custom made. $350k worth of videos for a fraction of the price. Did we mention the outstanding sound-effects and music in the videos?

Ethos, LovePop, CoffeeMeetsBagel, Sundae, Truebill and more companies are using Ready Set’s skills.

So, whether you’re a dropshipper, affiliate marketer, branded e-commerce owner or run an agency, you can get high-quality, high-converting professional videos delivered to you monthly that will blow your audience’s minds.

Just one click separates you from crushing every advertiser still using stock video ads. Contact Ready Set and get started today!


Are advertisers not using Quora missing out?

We were wondering whether we should feature another ecomm case study today, or perhaps talk about a traffic source we haven’t featured for a long time. Guess what… we went for the second option.

Why? Well, we found some useful info shared by Jim Banks in his Elite Media Buyers group. As the post states, his company started to dedicate a portion of R&D budget to Quora a while ago, and results have been on the rise ever since.

So, inviting other media buyers to squeeze some juice from the platform, he shared this report about Quora users’ activity. We’ve tried to extrapolate the most interesting stats from it.

Automotive industry: As Quora said, its platform users are 13% more likely to be new car prospects than the general 18+ population. Indeed, this thread has over 900k views and car buying answers grew by 118%.

Finance: This is a pretty strong topic in Quora. Users appeal to other Quora users when making decisions in this sphere of their life. Fin sub-threads showed strong growth, with some sub-topics seeing a 228% spike in views. Okay, we can’t talk a lot about this or email filters will slap us… But there’s interesting stuff if you’re in this vertical.

Health and wellness: This is one of the biggest topics on Quora. We’re talking around 7M answer views. People like to ask other users when it comes to eating and exercise related discussions.

Travel: This is another large niche on Quora, with over 12M question views and hotel recommendation questions growing by 86%.

Hey, this is interesting stuff. It’s not the first time we talked about Quora, so if some of you have dived into the platform let us know about your experience.

It might not have created the level of buzz as other platforms such as TikTok, but as Jim Banks said, the ad platform has improved a lot lately and some verticals are perfectly suited to Quora.

Let us know about your tests!


  • QUORA: Two new features for advertisers using Quora: Advanced Match, which allows you to match customer email with conversions, and Conversion Windows for more accurate tracking and attribution.
  • CHATBOTS: Official announcement about the One Time Notifications on FB Messenger, which allows a page to request a user to send one follow-up message after the 24-hour messaging window has ended.
  • GOOGLE: Google takes on Pinterest with a new AI powered “Search Collection”, which basically puts all of the stuff you search for into collections.
  • SEO: Have you optimized your blog for images search results yet? It’s so easy. Here are three easy steps to do it.
  • FACEBOOK: What should you do when your creatives are dying or a promotion ends? A quick fix by Andrew Foxwell.


Imagine you are in a sinking rowboat surrounded by sharks. How would you survive?

You can find the solution by clicking here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Here I am, rock you like a hurricane

Think back to your school days – were you a popular kid or something of a loner?

An extrovert willing to go to any lengths to keep the throne of popularity? Or an introvert that accidentally did something that made him embarrassingly popular?

This kid sounds like he was one of the above.

He tried to impress his fellow students by drumming the NSFW tune of a very popular NSFW website. Po***ub, you know?


For obvious reasons, the video was quickly uploaded to Instagram and TikTok, where the posts soon garnered over 900k views and 158k likes in three days. Not only that, but after the IG and TikTok fame, the post also made its way back to the NSFW site itself!

What a talent!

Unfortunately, the school didn’t appreciate this hero’s jests and expelled him. Although the kid still got his fair share of publicity and, maybe, a small pinch of embarrassment too.

If you’re craving to listen to this masterpiece from Ringo Star’s natural heir, you’re served.

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