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Two updates from Google about Search

Have a look at your Search Console’s crawl stats report. Do you see anything weird between March 10th and 23rd?

Google says there was an “internal reporting issue” with that report. Don’t worry, it only impacted reporting but not your Google Search performance.

There’s also something new. Google was testing displaying practice homework problems in search results and the feature is now live. This means that practice problems and math solver structure data can be added to your pages.

Unless you run some sort of education-based site, it probably won’t affect you too much. But if you do plan to rank homework problems in Search, give this documentation from Google a careful read.


What Snapchatters want


It’s the holiday season. Easter, and many other international festivals are coming up. So, Snap put together some interesting stats that marketers can find useful.

The top three things people are looking for are specialty food and drinks, new outfits and gifts for friends and family.

Many users also say maintaining tradition is a top priority, with 58% saying so globally. Indonesia at 78%, Netherlands at 71% and Japan at 70% are the top 3, so make sure you add traditional angles to your ads!

You can see some more stats and ideas in Snapchat’s complete breakdown here.


Just 5 days left at $49/month!


OK, it’s 5 and a half days, but you get the point. On March 31st, at the end of the day, this price for Insights is gone.

If you sign up today for $49/month using the code STACKED49, you’ll immediately get:

  • The deep dive on Snow, a direct-to-consumer teeth whitening brand. It’s 150 pages of teardowns, swipes and analysis. From product pages, to influencer campaigns, ads, emails (pre- and post-purchase), it’s all there.
  • Recordings of our weekly live Q&As. We’ve had Chase Dimond, Rutger Thole and our own Manu so far. The next one is today at 6pm CET, with Jim Banks.
  • Over 100 tricks, tips, case studies and guides.

During your first month in April, you can also expect:

  • Our deep dive on Morning Brew, a 2.4M subscriber newsletter business. It’s really the best newsletter growth playbook we’ve seen. You can check out the preview for it here.
  • One live Q&A every week with a new expert. Already confirmed are Christina Szekeres, an expert on FB ad accounts (ban issues, anyone?) and Savannah Sanchez, an absolute master at UGC-style videos.

If you subscribe to Insights today using the code STACKED49, your membership is just $49/month as long as you keep it active. If you run into any issues with the code, let us know!

A subscription to Insights includes:

  • At least one new deep dive every month.
  • Weekly live Q&As with experts on different topics relevant to marketers.
  • Exclusive content.
  • A supportive and knowledgeable community of marketers.

On April 1st, the code expires and the normal price is $99/month.

Try it out risk-free. If it’s not for you, message us within 24 hours and we’ll get you a refund.


How to test Facebook Ads on a budget


Starting out with a low budget?

Here’s a straight and easy framework from Social Media Examiner to test your ads with a $250-300 budget spread in a 7-10 day window.

Given its nature, the Facebook advertising platform rewards big spenders. But this doesn’t mean you can’t leverage Facebook Ads with a smaller budget.

Focus on three main creative components: copy, visual, headline.

+ Copy tests: You’ll start by testing three copy lengths.

  • A short version of one to two punchy sentences.
  • A medium-length copy, made of 3-4 sentences.
  • A long copy made of a couple of paragraphs.

+ Visuals: Here’s where your images, GIFs, and videos come into play. Get between 3 to 5 very different ones ready.

+ Headlines: This is the last element of your ad. Three to five again.


Once you have come up with different copies, visuals and headlines, start the tests.

  • Copy test: Launch 3-5 different ads with the same audience, objection, image and headline. The only thing that changes is the copy. Let the test run for a few days. And once you have a winner, move to the next element.
  • Visual test: Duplicate the ad that performed the best in the previous test and add the different visuals you prepared. Let each one of these run for a few days, then pick the winner and move to the next phase.
  • Headline test: You have the best performing combo of copy and visual. It’s time to find the best headline. Create different variations of the ad with different headlines. And keep the other elements the same. Again, let the campaign run for a few days and then decide which headline is the best.


BIG TECH: Want to get an update about the hearing on misinformation with Mark Zuckeberg, Sundar Pichai and Jack Dorsey?

FACEBOOK: We might soon be able to change the preview image for links we share. The button for it leaked but it doesn’t do anything yet, according to Matt Navarra.

TOOLS: Semrush is now a public company.

SNAPCHAT: The latest app to try and implement TikTok’s feature is Snapchat, who is looking to add something called “Remix”.

FACEBOOK: Pinning posts to your personal profile could be on the way.


Quickly: How many times does the letter “f” appear in this sentence:

Finished files are the result of years of scientific study combined with the experience of years.

You can find the solution here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

This usually happens the other way around…


Have you heard of this singer called Madonna? OK, that was sarcasm.

Six years ago, Madonna decided to be someone else… Namely, Amelia Goldie. “Who?” we hear you say.


The funny story is that someone on Madonna’s team photoshopped her face on Amelia body. The photo is still up on Instagram and you can see it here.

Nobody on the star’s team replied to Amelia, so that photo is there to stay, we guess…

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