Let’s talk about rewarded ads


Rewarded what? Imagine you’re playing your favorite mobile game. You got stuck at level 3 and you need more points to reach level 4. To get unstuck, the game allows you to watch one or more ads after which you will be rewarded with points. Thus the term “rewarded ads”.

Do they work? Yes, according to a new study by Tapjoy, an app monetization company. However, there may be some bias here (Tapjoy is in the rewarded ads business). So, we decided to look into other recent stats:

– Rewarded ad eCPMs increased during April 2021 according to Appodeal, a mobile ad network.

April was also the month in which Apple introduced its ATT privacy change, suggesting that some advertisers attempted to switch to rewarded ads soon after.

– Players are more receptive to rewarded ads than you might think. This data is coming directly from a Facebook survey.

Should you try rewarded ads? According to Tapjoy data, 43.3 percent of people have purchased something they’ve seen in a rewarded ad.

We’re not sure if the purchase occurred immediately or through retargeting. However, we see potential in using rewarded ads to get people’s attention and then retargeting them on other channels.


Facebook Messenger to allow you to push offers to users (if they opt-in)

Expect to see “Login with Facebook” buttons on every e-commerce site in the next months.

Flashback: Three months ago, Facebook announced “Login connect with Messenger,” which allows people who use the “Facebook Login” option on your site to also “opt-in” to receiving additional messages from you.

The results were positive, with more than 70 percent of people opting in.

There was just one problem: This feature was only available to a select few advertisers.

Available to everyone: This changed recently, with Facebook announcing that “Login with Messenger” is now generally available to all businesses that have completed Business Verification.

What this means for you: You’ll have more opportunities to send your customers offers via Facebook Messenger. When we say offers, we mean things like deals, discounts, and so on.

Reminder for features like these: Use it, don’t abuse it.


This will help feed 10 billion people by 2050. Here’s how you can invest in it!


You know, we talk a lot about robots and artificial intelligence taking over marketing, and the digital world…

But today we want to introduce you to Carry. Carry is a robotic harvest companion that can increase farm efficiency by 30%, and it pays for itself in only 80 days. Ask any farmer friend what that means… It’s up to $13.5K gain per Carry each season.

See, robots are taking over – in a good way! And not just in marketing.

Carry is produced by Future Acres, a company that creates farming tools to help feed 10 billion people by 2050.

And here’s the great news – you can invest in Future Acres and be part of this new wave in farming.

Future Acres already has a $24M+ commercial partnership with Grown Rogue, who has commited to buy 400 Carry companions over the next 5 years.

Put some of those profits to great use and consider investing in Future Acres.

There are less than 30 days left to invest in Future Acres.


What’s OTT advertising?


You’re familiar with Netflix and YouTube. And you might know someone with a smart TV or a Roku.

But you probably don’t know what OTT advertising is, right?

OTT stands for over-the-top.

Quick history lesson: Back when TV was really a giant box standing in a living room, they used to have cable boxes that sat on top of the TV called set-top boxes.

Nowadays, however, streaming services use the internet and bypass (or go over) these now outdated devices, hence over-the-top.

OTT advertising is buying media on channels like YouTube TV, Amazon Fire TV, Hulu, Samsung Ads, and other streaming services.

Why are we talking about OTT advertising? Because it has many benefits, and it’s accessible to smaller players too.

Kristen McCormick wrote a great piece about it on the WordStream blog. Here’s what you should know:

– Ad-supported OTT services are on the rise: In 2020, the growth rate for ad-supported streaming services almost doubled the growth rate for ad-free streaming services.

People do not like it when ads interrupt a video, but it turns out they still like to save money.

– Better targeting: With traditional cable TV advertising, you can only target by designated market area. With OTT advertising, you can break your targeting down into:

  • Zip codes (much like with PPC geotargeting)
  • Devices
  • Demographics
  • Behaviors

– OTT advertising works without third-party cookies: This smells fresh like lavender for marketers. And here’s how it is possible:

  • Targeting is contextual: You target categories of TV/video content rather than individuals. Obviously, it won’t be as granular as Facebook Ads pre-iOS14. Buuut…
  • You’re using first-party data without having access to it: Streaming subscription services gather a sufficient amount of first-party data from users.

– Viewers can’t skip OTT ads, which means they have a higher completion rate.

– If you deliver OTT ads programmatically, you’re able to view performance analytics. You’ll know what’s working and what’s not.

Given all the previous characteristics, OTT advertising can be a cost-efficient channel to maximize your overall ROAS.

Obviously, setting up an OTT campaign isn’t as straightforward as launching a campaign on Instagram. But if you want to get into the nitty-gritty of this channel, Kristen McCormick has got a lot to show you.


LEAD GEN: After 20 years of doing B2C lead gen, they share the keys to their constantly growing success: They support and reward partners in 24 countries on a 24/7 basis on how to run their own single opt-in sweepstake offers. Sign up to be an affiliate for the best in the biz. Use “Anniversary+200” to get a €200 bonus.*

APPLE: These are some cool updates from Apple to help you market your app on their App Store.

GOOGLE: Tired of speculation, Google has published a blog post outlining how they actually generate titles for their search results.

AMAZON: They made it clear: If you engage in review fraud, you will face consequences. For this reason, Amazon has recently banned 600 Chinese brands.

VIDEO: What do young viewers do after turning on the TV? This report provides some interesting data.

TIKTOK: The date is the 28th of September. TikTok has announced its first-ever summit for businesses. Will we see marketers dancing?

BUSINESS: We all want faster website loading times. Cloudflare has announced a useful new feature to help with this.

TWITTER: In order to succeed, you must first fail…several times. Twitter is the latest example of this.

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You have a drawer with 10 pairs of black socks and 10 pairs of white socks. How many times do you need to blindly reach inside the drawer and take out a sock so that you have a matching pair?

You can find the solution here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

This night club runs on…your body heat



A nightclub in Scotland is testing new technology that will use your body heat to power the venue.

Talk about reducing climate emissions in a cool way.

The system that powers all of this is ever-so-conveniently known as “BODYHEAT.”

According to a statement on the club’s website that wants to impress you, “BODYHEAT uses heat pumps and fluids to capture the incredible amounts of body heat generated by SWG3’s crowds, channeling their combined energy into twelve 150m-deep bore holes drilled beneath the venue.”

The launch party will take place on November 7th, and we’re sure there will be enough heat to power the venue all night long.

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