Here’s how you cut marketing jargon from your copy?

“Why waste time use lot word when few word do trick?”—Kevin Malone, The Office

That’s good advice, Kevin.

But, cutting the big words and the jargon from your copy and communications is hard.

It’s difficult because you’ve used the same jargon so often it’s become a habit—you don’t notice when you’re using words that confuse your audience.  

A foolproof tactic for cutting marketing jargon out of your copy

So here’s a tactic for cutting out jargon: Read your copy, word-by-word, and ask yourself if you can replace a vague word with a specific example. 

For example:

“Stacked Marketer Pro is an advanced marketing insights community. You’ll get access to valuable, deeply-researched marketing strategies, sourced from some of the world’s most successful brands.”

It’s not terrible. Here’s what happens when you apply the tactic:

“Stacked Marketer Pro is the result of 3,600+ hours of market research. You’ll get access to real insights that boost your ROI—with strategies sourced from top brands like Huckberry, Wise, and Athletic Greens.”

Less jargon, more wins

By making a few small copy changes, the blurb goes from “generic marketing jargon” to “oh wow, this is pretty cool.”

Speaking of… Stacked Marketer Pro is pretty cool, and you can learn more about it here.

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