High-in-demand offers affiliates are running to dominate the market. Best bidding strategy for TOF campaigns: $40k FB Ads experiment. Google releases $800M to fight COVID-19: $340M for active ad accounts in last 1 year.



Don’t lose nuggets on the journey

Are you losing conversions during the checkout process? This post, from Suson Adhikari, is about recovering email sequences and has some tips that we’ve never talked about before. Shall we go on?

  • Use at least three emails for your abandoned flow. He goes for a minimum of seven.
  • Don’t rely only on discounts. Start with USP and BSP first. USP stands for Unique Selling Proposition, but we’re not sure about the meaning of BSP…
  • Only offer discounts after two days, and use a discount ladder. Start with 10%, then 15% and so on.
  • For some reason, he found that using a female name as a sender increases open rates drastically.
  • Have at least one plain text email to ensure at least this one hits the inbox.
  • The final email of the sequence should ask that important question “How can we help you?”. Ask for feedback on why they didn’t buy. Doing this can either net you a sale by solving their problem, or educate you about your customers’ objections.



$40k test: What bidding type should you pick in TOF camps?

Cory Dobbin decided to spend $40k in order to determine which bidding modifier worked best in his TOF campaigns.

Test structure:

  • Three campaigns run over a four week period. Same budget.
  • Three different bidding modifiers: lowest cost, cost cap and bid cap.
  • The cost caps and bid caps were set at varying amounts, with these amounts determined in collaboration with Facebook’s engineering team. Cost cap was set to ~125% AOV and Bid Cap was set to ~200% AOV.

Wanna hear about the results?


  • Cost Cap achieved the highest results: lower CPA, higher purchase volume and higher AOV.
  • Cost Cap even brought in more revenue than Lowest Cost, despite it having a lower spend.
  • Bid Cap achieved the cheapest results for their off-KPI metrics such clicks, view contents, and add to carts.
  • The targeting segments within each campaign performed consistently: broad targeting outperformed Purchase LLA. There was one exception: Purchase LLA performed well in the Bid Cap campaign.


  • Considering the average $149 AOV of the cost cap campaign, they will increase the Cost Cap by 150% to improve scalability.
  • Cory said he will test a new campaign using Bid Cap to house the Purchase LLA. The goal is to get additional horizontal scale and a place to segment the LLAs from Cost Cap campaigns.


🔑 The high-in-demand offers affiliate marketers are running to dominate the market when everyone is stuck at home.

We never imagined that a Chinese gentleman coughing in a Wuhan market could cause such a crisis. But a crisis is a crisis only if you want to look at it this way.

People are still buying. And if you follow any news, you probably noticed that they’re buying piles of products. Shovels of dinero are being spent out of fear.

You can pretty confidently assume that people changed their buying behaviour and are now much more focused on things they need and things that help with the current pandemic.

You, as an affiliate marketer, have a power that no restaurant, hotel or Fortune 500 company has: Adapt at the speed of light.

How? Change the offer.

Do you want to promote the offers that are converting like… *cough cough* toilet paper? OK, not toilet paper but more things that have to do with remote work, fitness, sustainability and survival, etc.

Look no further!

MaxWeb has the products that buyers are looking for right now. Have a look at some offer previews below:

These are just some of the offers MaxWeb has that we’ve seen affiliates silently recommend in private groups… Sell what consumers need right now!

Join MaxWeb!

PS: Do you want tips on how other affiliates are running these MaxWeb offers? Check out MaxWeb CEO, Anna Gita, talk about this at Affiliate World Asia right here.


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Revisit the past & watch these T&C conference speeches for free. Google shells out $800M to help us fight

What better place than home? What better time than now? You can sit down and watch the best of Traffic & Conversion summits from the last three years.

Google has announced a decent package to help us all fight the pandemic. Read to find out who can get the most out of it.

Watch T&C Summit’s most interesting speeches for free

The Traffic & Conversion Summit 2020 may have been postponed because of the pandemic, but you can still get your dose of the actionable, proven and strategic content speeches synonymous with T&C. Oh, and you can’t find them anywhere else online either.

From 8:30AM PST on March 31st, head over to Facebook and you can find the very best T&C content from across the years. That’s three days of content to watch while you chat with the speakers and attendees.

This is free for everyone who signs up here.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come:

  • Ryan Deiss: Instant Authority – 5 Steps To Crafting a “Micro-Brand” That Captures the Heart, Mind, and Wallet of Your Audience.
  • Rachel Miller: The 5-Step Formula to Create A Viral-Generating Audience.
  • Natasha Takashi: The 6-Step Chatbot Campaign Formula That Will Double Your Traffic and Conversions.
  • Billy Gene Shaw: The Million Dollar Video Ad Formula That Works Again & Again & Again.

We’ll see you at the Watch Party!

Google puts $800M on the table to fight back the outbreak


To help fight the crisis, the search giant has come up with two new initiatives.

It has announced an $800M donation package for a range of charities and support initiatives to help lessen the impact of the pandemic.

Here’s how they plan to use these funds to support various activities:

  • $250M in ad grants will go to the World Health Organization and other agencies to help facilitate the delivery of critical information.
  • $340M in Google Ads credits for all small and medium businesses (SMBs) who’ve had an active Ad account over the past year.
  • Another $200M will support new programs for independent organizations around the world and provide additional capitals assistance to SMBs.
  • The remaining $20M in Google Cloud credits will go to academic institutions and researchers to help them use Google’s computing capabilities and infrastructure to help them find potential therapies, vaccines, track useful data and find new ways to combat COVID-19.

And, if your business is looking to pause all online activities on Google, here are some recommendations you might want to follow:

  • Disable the cart: This is one of the best and easiest ways to pause business activities without impacting your site’s visibility in SERPs.
  • Inform your customers: Display a banner on your site to make sure your customers have the correct information.
  • Update structured data: Adjust the structured data for things such as products, books, and events to show their current status, such as out of stock, cancelled etc.
  • Let Google know: Use Search Console or sitemaps to ask Google to recrawl your pages and display the latest information.

Check out Google’s official post for more details.


  • SEO: The South African govt stated that every South African website should link to a COVID-19 Govt information website, creating 429k backlinks overnight. Did it influence rankings? This might turn into a case study.
  • TOOLS: This list of 50 tools will make your remote working more eficient and productive. Have a look!
  • E-COMMERCE: According to Dennis Hegstad, adding a USA flag icon in product pages with the script “shipped from American facilities” causes a swell in conversion rate.
  • MARKETING: A good collection of funnel-swipe files: Get the copy, designs, thank you pages, etc. Just have fun.


I have no feet, no hands, no wings, but I climb to the sky. What am I?

You can find the solution by clicking here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Did you #StayTheFu**ckHome?


40% of you who read our Poolside story last Friday are probably hooked on their latest favourite Netflix show.

After all, it’s a great idea for a campaign at times like these?

But here’s what Netflix revealed next: The ads aren’t real, though the spoilers are.

This fake campaign is the brainchild of Seine Kongruangkit and Matithorn Prachuabmoh Chaimoungkalo, known as Brave, of the Miami Ad School Europe in Hamburg, Germany.

The idea came to them when they realized that Govts aren’t doing enough to effectively communicate the dangers of the pandemic to the public, and users also weren’t contributing their two cents to help the cause.

The original campaign went online Thursday morning, with many local sites and Twitter users mistaking it for a real campaign.

They assumed that the billboards, which are all digital, actually exist in the real world… But they don’t!

So good and it made sense but hats off to the true masterminds behind this.

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