How this guy closed a $4M deal in 17 mins on Twitter. Ads written by this AI program generates 2x more results than ads by humans. Shopify chatbot flows that you can Copy/Paste. NextGen tracking platform specialized for affiliate networks.


Messenger flow you can copy-paste right now

Looking to implement a bot funnel in your business but struggling for ideas?

The Shopify team have shared a bunch of flows that you can either copy outright or gain inspiration from.

They range from awareness stage messages to get-back customer messages, with a quick diversion via abandoned cart flow messages.

Plus, they throw in a mixture of ads, bots, and emails.

Just have a look here and let us know if you like them!


Machine-learning made copy beats human-written copy

Machine Learning taking over media buyers’ processes was inevitable. Take FB, for example. Their ad platform is becoming more and more of a hands-off platform.

However, ML is also making big progress in the more creative side of marketing. And, as you will see today, performing better than humans.

Chase is an American bank, and after some testing it signed a 5-year deal with a New York-based artificial intelligence company called Persado. Persado’s speciality is applying AI to marketing creatives.

So, if they signed a deal, it means the tests went well, right? Indeed!

The ads created by Persado outperformed ads written by humans. In fact, in some cases the ads made by artificial intelligence drove twice as many clicks as their human-written counterparts!

Sometimes, all it takes is a simple word change to something that better resonates with the consumer. Even such a simple alteration can have a massive effect in results.

According to the CMO of JPMorgan Chase, Machine Learning can help achieve more humanity in marketing. Ironic, huh?

However, the deal with Persado didn’t result in some huge downsizing in the marketing staff. These technologies still need humans to do some of the work!

From what we can understand from the article, the ML just re-writes the ads rather than writing new creatives.

Our Take

The AI tool doesn’t write entire advertorials or conversion pages. So, copywriters’ jobs are still safe… For now.

But, well… this is a possible scenario in the future. AI and ML will probably take over the creative side of marketing.

There are plenty of other big companies already invested into this technology, such as Dell, Expedia and Williams Sonoma. Interest levels are high, so there’s definitely something in there.

AI could remove a lot of the guesswork and human error from the processes, and eventually deliver a better performance for marketers.

But a more relevent question is: If AI replaces humans in both media buying and creatives, what will our job be?

Maybe one day AI will write this daily briefing. Who knows! For the moment, we’ll just have fun writing it! One thing is sure: AI and ML will never compete with our deadly jokes!


BM redesign with bulk permissions

As you probably noticed, FB gave the Business Manager a makeover recently. Some marketers liked it, while others spread their disappointment around FB groups.

However, this makeover isn’t just about the look. There have been some new features added. If you didn’t notice them, here they are:

  • New shortcuts to implement UI, such as the “Create Ad” shortcut in the Navigation Menu.
  • Bulk permission management: You’ll notice a “Partners” section under “Users” in your Business Settings. Here, agencies will see the list of their clients that have provided access and the assets they’ve shared. Plus, you’ll see the bulk buttons.

Facebook aimed to make the BM more intuitive with this last update. Do you think they hit the target?


📊 Dear affiliate networks, here’s a tracking platform that affiliates will actually like to use

How many times have your affiliates complained about Cake or HasOffers?How difficult is the integration? How flexible is reporting? What’s the minimum price to get started? Almost all of the top tracking systems have given up on innovating a long time ago.

Well, there’s a new sheriff coming to town and it’s called Emebo. Remember this name. They are coming after the top solution providers in the industry, and it’s going to get messy.

Because this tracker changes the game. A game that should have been changed a long time ago. It’s 2019, it should not be about just tracking clicks and conversions. It should be about smart, intuitive data that helps your business.

Emebo is bringing unique data attribution reports, vital for any business that relies on truly understanding performance and whose goal is to make more, in less time, with fewer resources (don’t we all want to do that?). You will be able to have a deeper look into how advertising channels work together to bring you results!

Emebo also solves frustrations that have been long forgotten by the other solution providers:

  • Easily integrate with 3rd party processors like ClickBank, BuyGoods or affiliate networks that use Cake and HasOffers, without having to worry about all the annoying tech stuff.
  • Design creatives directly from the platform, or have your affiliates submit new ones by doing the same thing. No more annoying creative approval messages.
  • Affiliates can upload their own invoices. While optional, this feature allows you to make sure all affiliates have submitted their invoices right inside the platform, before you initiate their payment.
  • Build any type of performance or general report, by using Emebo’s dynamic report builder. Whether it’s about performance reports on even the smallest data point, you can do it.

You also have all the usual features like real-time tracking, unlimited custom tracking domains or granular user permissions.

Also, there’s no monthly plan. There aren’t any other charges or a minimum period contract either. It’s all pay as you go. That’s because Emebo’s goal is to be the best in the market and this is their way of saying: “If we are not able to do that, you should not stick with us. Period.”

Emebo is currently in private beta but you can test it out right now for your network to see if the claims are true.

Get your affiliate network and affiliates on the next-gen platform!


Going from Page 2 to Rank 1: List of processes

Do you have an organized system to identify whether your SEO processes are on the right track or not?

Steven Kang shared a brief case study on the importance of having a streamlined process, and talked about how he works on a new site that has issues with thin content.

Most of the keywords were ranking on Page 2 and, within 6 months, he took them to the number 1 spot in SERP.

Here’s what he focuses on:

  • Use Ahrefs to identify pages with clusters of ranked keywords with search volume.
  • For pages with more than 5 decent keywords already ranking, use them as power pages and add more related content to enhance the existing pages. It can be FAQ type content or just additional elaborative content.
  • Create internal linking from other pages with some authority.
  • Send external links to power pages. The tip here is to not work with too many power pages, or you might end up thinning your resources.
  • Once a month, visit Ahrefs to find potential new keywords and add them to the cluster.
  • Rinse and repeat.

Steven says he doesn’t spend a lot of time playing around with correlation tools. He prefers to focus on momentum consistency rather than micro-analyzing all keywords. This approach not only saves time, but also delivers better results.

Additionally, focus on looking at things on a macro level for all signals. Creating and streamlining your own internal tools and processes will save you extra time.

Check out his post here for more details or to reach out to him with any questions.


Chrome 76 is here

Yesterday, Google launched Chrome 76. It’s available for all major operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

What does the new version include?

  • Adobe Flash blocked by default: Google tried to kill Flash for years. In this version it’s blocked by default, although you can opt-out. From the next year, though, Flash will be removed entirely.
  • Incognito mode detection disabled: This is good for users and bad for website publishers. Why? It allows you to bypass a paywall. All the publisher websites that have a limited free article also blocked the usage when you go Incognito. Now, websites can’t recognize if you’re in Incognito mode. So, unlimited stories!

That’s all! Breathe a sigh of relief, dear marketers – No bad updates for advertisers in this one!


Lead gen with Twitter

Some of you are a master of FB Ads, some rule the lands of Google Ads. A few of you are YouTube experts and maybe some of you use LinkedIn to generate leads for your business.

What about Twitter? 

Most of us don’t use Twitter aggressively, not for marketing purposes at least. We almost stopped featuring Twitter in our daily briefings.

But could it be that we just haven’t tried it enough. Maybe we’ve been approaching it in the wrong manner, or just haven’t given it a decent long shot?

Today, let’s try to shift our focus back to Twitter with some actionable tips, tools and a case study on making the most of Twitter to generate more leads and discover focus areas for your business.

Tweets that convert. Conversion is an on-page thing. Out of a gazillion Tweets out there, how do you focus on those that will help you find leads?

You don’t, but Tweets with the highest CTR are your best bet. How do you do that?

  • Pictures or images attached.
  • 1-2 hashtags of trending or popular industry topics.
  • A link to a valuable free resource.
  • A link near the beginning of the tweet to catch the user’s attention.

Consistency. The lifespan of a Tweet is around 20-mins. Hence, it’s imperative that you post on a consistent basis.

What should I tweet about? Well, one of the best ways to get more attention on Twitter is by asking questions.

Use Text Optimizer to find interesting questions on any topic. The tool uses semantic analysis to extract concepts and questions from Google’s search results.

Direct Messaging Cards (DM Cards). DM Cards are another effective technique to build leads. To use this feature, you must be an advertiser on Twitter. Don’t worry, you don’t have to run actual campaigns, just signup and input your credit card information.

Engage with your potential leads/clients. Have you heard this story? If not, you gotta take a look: Gary Vaynerchuk closed a $4M deal by spending 17 minutes on Twitter.

It’s a simple yet interesting story. Here’s how he did it. (22:09 to 26:30)

Final Thoughts: Personally engage and romance your leads. Talk about their interests, not about business. Play the long game and, when the time comes, pitch your business.


A simple way to benefit from Google Analytics

Do you have Google Analytics (GA) installed on your sites? Needless to say, it’s the all-conquering powerhouse of generating, tracking and analyzing your website data.

Thanks to Google Tag Manager (GTM), installing the tracking code the right way (even when code modifications are needed) is much easier now.

All you need to do is install a single piece of code and then use its extensive configuration options to tweak the setup based on your needs.

It’s a simple 4 step process:

Installing a global Google Analytics tag. The main piece of code which lets you control and modify all other configuration.

Setting up Event tracking. This helps in tracking interactions such as clicks on specific elements within pages, scroll activity, file downloads, video views, and form submissions that aren’t registered by default.

Cross-domain tracking. If you have more than one website, you can use the same GA code to track users moving from one domain to another.

Enhanced link attribution. There is a handy Chrome extension that helps you see the heatmap of click data for links on your site. However, it groups together counts for any links going to the same URL.

For example, if you are linking to the same URL from your homepage and your products page, each link will show the same click count. By enabling enhanced link attribution, you will be able to see unique counts for each link in the Page Analytics report.

Want to check out the step-by-step process that even a 6 year-old can follow, check out the post here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

What you should do if you don’t trust surgeons

Do you fear having to go under the knife?

You never know what can happen, right?

Maybe they accidentally leave a scalpel inside your body, or use the wrong knife to cut you open?

Maybe they carve you open and steal your blood and harvest your organs… All possible scenarios in this crazy world.

Or, maybe we’re just being paranoid. But… it’s not our fault. This guy has gotten under our skin (not literally!)

This is his leg, and what he wrote on it before he went in for surgery. He was worried that the doctors would slice open the wrong knee.

He didn’t stop there though… He drew an arrow that pointed to the knee and wrote: “Operate here”.

And also added others scripts like “You can’t have my appendix” and “Why are you looking up here?”.

It gets even funnier. He wrote a script on his back that read: “If you can read this, wrong side. Flip me over!”

The surgery, fortunately, went fine! But this guy’s joke messed up the doctor’s schedule for the day.


When the doctors arrived in the surgery room and saw all the notes, they laughed for 10 minutes. So, they had to compose themselves before getting the knife out.

But when they finally regained their composure, they rolled the guy to put him on the operating table and saw the note on the back. They started laughing hysterically again.

Eventually, they began the operation 30 minutes after schedule.

Who knew surgery could be such fun?



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