How to get more qualified marketers from your job postings?

It’s hard to find good talent right now. Really hard. 

But, there’s a simple solution to getting good people (and it’s something we do at Stacked Marketer).

The number one solution to hiring qualified marketers

It’s simple. Hire people remotely.

The majority of people today want remote options, and job postings with remote or hybrid options are receiving 7X more applicants than office jobs.

What this means for you: If you want the best talent in the world, start hiring in… well, the world. 

Our entire team at Stacked Marketer is global, and it’s a big part of why we’re able to run such a tight ship (well, most of the time).

An example from Stacked Marketer

Take hiring a writer, for instance. If we limited our applications to only the US or the UK, we’d receive a fraction of the great applications we currently get. 

In fact, two people on our writing team aren’t native English speakers, nor do they live in English-speaking countries.

They’re simply the best people for the job, even among plenty of native English-speaking applicants.

If we didn’t hire remotely, we never would have had a chance at some of our best talent.

So don’t limit yourself by hiring in one city or country. Great people live everywhere—and it’s easier than ever to hire them. 


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