How to have more effective SMS marketing?

If you’re sending text messages to generate revenue—and you might want to, because it’s a powerful channel—you know that URL shorteners are one of the easiest ways to get easy, bite-size links to potential customers.

But there’s a problem:

Most wireless carriers block messages with URL-shortened links from popular tools.

Plus, classic URL shorteners can look spammy and reduce click-through rates.

How to get around it:

Create your own! 

Just do the following…

Come up with an abbreviation for your brand.

Find an abbreviated domain that matches your brand name and purchase it. 

Connect your shortened domain with a custom url shortening service.

A simple Google search shows there are lots to choose from. They’ll make it easy to create shortened URLs with your new domain.

… And you’re done.

Now you can send custom shortened links to your users—in SMS or any other type of marketing—without triggering common spam filters set up by wireless carriers.

Ta-da! That was easy. 

Want more tactics like this? Read our report on SMS marketing in Stacked Marketer Pro. It’ll take you from “SMS is overwhelming” to “Hey, I’m getting good at this.” 

And hopefully, you’ll be on your way to generating more revenue, too. 


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