How to reduce meetings and reclaim your time?

“Are you free to hop on a quick Zoom?”

If you had a nickel for every time you heard that question, you’d be spending your days in a beachfront villa without having to think about marketing ever again. 

Let’s be honest: Many meetings can be a waste of time.

How to have less meetings and save more time?

At Stacked Marketer, we produce an in-depth newsletter each weekday, monthly Deep Dives, and much more… And we only meet twice per year. 

Here’s our best advice for having fewer meetings—and saving more time:

Before you schedule a meeting, have it in writing.

Try discussing your topic with a quick email or Slack message. This way, each party can respond when it’s convenient for them, saving you both hours in the process.


Create detailed process documentation

Documentation will help people can easily reference how you do things. The more detailed your internal process documentation is, the fewer times you’ll need to meet to “align on a project” or “nail some things down.”

Practice your writing.

A big reason people meet too often is that they aren’t comfortable writing. But this can change! Instead of relying on meetings, practice your written communication skills. This pays off in many ways.

Our opinion?

Try your best to avoid them unless they’re absolutely necessary. We think you’ll enjoy the results. 


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