IG+FB = $800k with 7x ROAS in just 30 days. US Congress member vs Google for 50M for stifling her ad account. Revealed: Target 500 wealthiest US & 2.5k AU zip-codes. Hands-down method to spy on your competitors.


Let FB do the work for you. Hands-down method to spy on competitors. High value Zip Codes from USA and AU to target

FB’s new feature helps you find new Interests. The new tool everybody is talking about: how to spy on competitors. List of the richest 500 US zip codes and over 2.5k Australian postcodes with income.

FB Machine Learning to improve your targeting

Depesh Mandalia shared a new feature that was released by FB: a machine learning-powered targeting expansion.

What does it do? It allows FB to optimize your audience by expanding the targeting to a similar but broader audience.

“When advertisers select detailed targeting expansion, we dynamically update detailed targeting to reflect where we’re seeing better performance.”

In other words, when you opt in to the Detailed Targeting Expansion feature, the algorithm will search for new Interests that could deliver better results than your existing ones.

Essentially, it will help you find potential new performing Interests. Although, it won’t expand the demographic set, so, age, location and gender will all be unaffected..

You just need to tick the Detailed Targeting Expansion box to benefit from it (ad set level).

Try it out and see whether it works for your accounts!

Ultimate competitor spying tool

This tool was shared in a whole bunch of FB Groups over the weekend. It’s called AdInboxMe, and what it does is pretty interesting: It sends you an email alert every time your competitors launch a new campaign or creative.

You just have to give them the FB Page URL of your competitor and your email, and then the tool will do the rest.

How does it work?

It probably uses AI to scrape the Facebook Ad Library to send you these alerts.

It’s a free tool, but you do have to share your name and email. What will they do with it? We have no idea. There’s nothing about privacy policies on the website, which could be a red flag right there.

Does the tool work? We haven’t tried it ourselves as of yet, but it seems very popular on FB and Twitter. So, if you are interested, give it a try!

Just like many other similar tools, this might end up getting blocked by FB. For now, let’s just enjoy it.

Richest postcodes of USA and Australia

Let’s give a warm “thank you” to Garrath Baihn, who shared a list of:

Just click the link and download the files you’re interested in. Then, maybe show some love for Garrath for sharing this with the community.


Tracking email opens with FB Pixel

Do you use emails along with FB Ads? This post might be helpful for you.

If your email service provider doesn’t allow you to track email opens with your FB, here’s the solution shared by Petru Iacob.

Just add this HTML code to your email, substituting “PIXEL_ID” with your Pixel ID and “email_id” with what you prefer, for instance: “email_1”

To target the opens on FB, create a Custom Audience from website traffic with the “ViewContent” event. Then, for “content_category” add “email_1”.

PS: This will only work if the email address that you are sending the emails to is the same email address that they use with their FB account.

There you go. Ready to target email traffic!


✨ AffloSpark brightened up our website this month and they can do the same for you!

You might have noticed our website got a nice remake earlier this month and that was all thanks to AffloSpark!

Kulwant Nagi, the founder of the company, is a marketer and blogger for many years. You’ve almost certainly seen him if you’re a regular at industry conferences.With AffloSpark, Kulwant built a fast, reliable and smooth agency.

We’ll let Manu describe the experience we had working with them:

“Kulwant and the team at AffloSpark have done a wonderful job redesigning our WHAT THE AFF website. Fast to execute, constant flow of communication to make sure the direction was right, helped with migrating the new website too. Would absolutely recommend him and I’m sure we’ll work with them again in the future.”

Yep, so AffloSpark has our totally-not-made-up stamp of approval.

If you’re looking for a great quality service where you get a custom-designed website handed over to you with a content management system so you can handle everything without any programming knowledge, check out AffloSpark!

Tell them The WTAFF Crew sent you!

PS: Looking for high-quality blog posts? With 8+ years of blogging and content writing experience behind them, AffloSpark offers an SEO-focused content writing service.


US Congress member vs Google for $50M. A great second quarter for Alphabet

We are fast approaching the 2020 elections, so we can expect to hear a lot more controversial news centered around political campaigns and their (sometimes) nefarious efforts in the digital world. Google bounces back after a slow growth over the last few quarters.

Google’s political issues

Politics and digital advertising haven’t exactly been free from controversy in the past, even since the early days of Cambridge Analytica.

This time, a Democratic candidate and US Rep, Tulsi Gabbard, has gone after Google for $50M.

The reason? Her Google ad accounts were stifled for six hours on June 27 and June 28, after the first Democratic debate in June. This allegedly obstructed her ability to fundraise and spread her message to potential voters.

Google’s response? Its automated systems flagged an unusual activity due to large spending changes.

Well, we don’t know the inside story on this, but based on the allegations it sounds more like mismanagement of her digital media team.

Changing ad budgets several times in quick succession, especially when dealing with political campaigns, are always likely to trigger such flags.

Q2 Earnings Report

Google’s parent company Alphabet reported a strong advertising revenue growth in the second quarter of 2019.

Here are the key highlights from the report:

  • Overall Revenue: $38.7B
  • Total Ad Revenue: $32.6B, 22 percent increase Y/Y.
  • Ad revenue from Google properties: $27.3B, up 24 percent Y/Y.
  • Google Network Ad Revenue: $5.3B, up 13 percent Y/Y.
  • Click volumes are up by 28 percent when compared to the previous year.
  • CPCs (cost-per-click) are down by 11 percent when compared to the previous year.
  • YouTube was again the second largest contributor to the revenue growth.

These numbers have slightly surpassed expectations, with shares up 7.39%.


$800k revenue, 7x ROAS. Just 30 days

Well, the headline looks quite interesting doesn’t it? Let’s see if the substance is as good as the title.

This case study was shared by Aamer Nawaz and is about one of his clients, who runs a business in the pet niche (no dropshipping though).

Let’s see the changes Aamer made to help the business scale:

  • More countries: The first significant change was expanding the targeting to include Northern Europe countries.
  • Influencer Shout-outs: Detailed plan to acquire shout-outs from Instagram Influencers, with 2-3 shout-outs each day scheduled. The shout-outs were expensive (up to $500 for one post), but the return was high as well.
  • Best performing Interests were competitors’ brand. However, if you use this method you absolutely must have a competitive advantage over them. Otherwise it won’t work.
  • Lookalike Audiences: Don’t build LALs from purchases alone. Look for lesser events too, such as Video Views, Add To Carts, Instagram engagement, top 25% web visitors.
  • Retargeting drove more than 50% of the sales. Retarget all the users that showed an interest in your brand: ATCs, Video Viewers, Engagements.
  • Creatives: A video made with UGC generated over $1M in sales for this store. How do you get content from the users? Running contests is the best way, and you can also ask your influencers to make videos and give them a shout-out in exchange.
  • Upsells, Cross-sells, bundles: When you work with low ticket products, it’s hard to get that ROAS. The remedy is increasing the AOV with bundle offers and running Upsell and Cross-sell Dynamic Ads.
  • Engagement: Whenever Aamar creates a new ad, he starts off by running it to existing customers to get initial engagement with the ad. If the customers are happy with the purchase, they’ll naturally leave positive comments on the ad.

Here we are. Finish line!

Got questions, want to know more, or just say thanks to Aamar? Here’s the post.


New law to prohibit location sharing?

new bill has been proposed in the US that would prohibit the sharing of consumer location data with third parties.

While this won’t affect first-party companies such as Google and Facebook, it would impact data brokers. Those platforms that rely on the free flow of third party data, especially those telecom companies and mobile apps that capture the user location.

Violations would bring $1k in penalties per incident, up to a maximum of $10k per day.

This still faces a number of roadblocks and hurdles before it gets passed, And those with interests in technology and advertising will probably seek to block the bill.

Even if it does get passed, it would almost certainly face many challenges.

Are you for or against this bill? Maybe, it depends if you are answering as a marketer or a consumer.


5 blueprints to get more out of your bots

If you are new to Chatbots and wondering whether you should get your hands dirty in the hope of benefiting your business, here are some stats for you:

  • 1.3B people actively use Facebook Messenger every month.
  • 2B messages are being sent each month.
  • 53% of people are more likely to purchase from a business reachable on Messenger.
  • There are over 300k monthly active chatbots on Messenger.

Convinced? But how do you get started?

ManyChat recently published a guide to walk you through the whole process, along with three growth tools and five customer acquisition strategies for Messenger marketing.

Here’s what you can expect to learn from the guide:

How to use the 3 Best ManyChat Growth Tools

  • Comment-to-Message.
  • Ref URL.
  • Facebook JSON Ads.

The 5 Facebook Messenger Marketing Blueprints

  • Click-to-Message Ad + JSON Growth Tool.
  • Messenger Ref URL for Lead Magnet Delivery.
  • Click-to-Messenger Ad for Free Online Training.
  • Messenger Ref URL for Free Online Training.
  • Facebook Live Broadcast.

Check out the complete guide here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

“I want to be an astronaut” is so 2014

Years ago, parents hoped to have a genius or highly talented child who would change the fate of the family and go on to achieve great things: The next Cristiano Ronaldo, the scientist who discovers the cure for cancer, a mathematical genius, or maybe even an astronaut?

But, and we bet everything, there’s no mother on Earth that ever thought this in the delivery room: I hope my kid grows up to be a YouTuber.

However, in 2019, if you want a kid to change your life, being a YouTuber might be one of the best options.

Let’s take Boram as an example. Boram is a six-year-old girl who just shelled out £6.5m on a property.

Yes, she’s a Youtuber, and she makes £2.4M per month with her YouTube channel where she reviews toys.

If we don’t consider sponsors, her basic wage is almost as high as Cristiano Ronaldo’s.

And she’s six-years-old! SIX!

So, what do you want your son or daughter to be?

An affiliate marketer? The ultimate dropshipper?

Probably the first words they will say are: Damn! My account got banned!



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