Interpol shuts down 2.5k sites, $14M worth of goods seized: 121 arrested for taking advantage of COVID-19. Justin Woll’s Micro-budgeting system to scale from $1.5 to $30k/day. 130k impressions, 21.7k clicks, 16.7% CTR: 3 days with Discover.



Get your sites ranked in Bing… in 10 minutes


Well, isn’t that the best news you’ve heard in almost a week now?

Bing announced a real time indexing service, a URL and Content Submission API, which allows site owners to get their content and URLs indexed instantly on Bing.

This ensures that you have the ability to submit as many pages as you like, without having to wait for those pages to be crawled.

All you gotta do is sign-in to your Bing Webmaster Tools account and verify your site, if it’s not already verified.

In fact, one of the users testing this service said that he was able to rank a completely new page within a minute or so.

They are also accepting testers for another service, which accepts content directly for pages that are already indexed but have been updated. You can sign up for this testing program here.

Here’s the documentation which, for now, allows you to send 500 URLs per batch of submitted URLs. It also recommends using GetUrlSubmissionQuota(String) to determine how many URLs can be submitted.

Well, this is a low hanging fruit that all site owners and SEOs should grab with both hands. Check out more FAQ’s and the official announcement from Bing here.


Micro-budgeting: Going from $1.5 to $30k per day

In the past, we’ve talked about the importance of consolidating ad budgets in fewer ad sets to allow the Pixel more room for optimization. However, we found this post from Justin Woll that goes completely against that advice.

Here’s how he structures his campaigns:

  • Build the backbone: What he means here is to run hundreds of ad sets with a $1.5 daily budget.
  • These 100-300 ad sets will be the infrastructure for your scaling: Essentially, it gives you a steady stream of new creatives to replace the burnt ones.

How to make it work:

  • Build your LLAs and start running this gigantic pile of ad sets.
  • Let them slow cook for seven days.

On day five, go through the KPIs and kill the poor performing ad sets. Then, take the best performing ad sets and shift to a manual bidding campaign:

  • Combine all audiences with similar KPIs into a single ad set. Aim for 5-20M audiences.
  • Budget is $1k for this campaign.
  • Bid 1.5x your average CPP on automatic bidding.
  • Monitor the bid every 5-30 minutes and adjust by $1-3 depending on how fast it’s spending.

This helped him scale e-commerce stores up to $30k. Some marketers might not like this micro-budgeting structure but, if this style suits you, take a look at Justin’s whole post to get more details.


😈 Crushing FB Ads: CMB’s Ultimate Guide to warm-up and keep ad accounts while running aggressive offers.

Are you running FB Ads? Then there’s one thing that stays true. Either you had an ad account suspended or you will. Sometimes FB is right, sometimes they aren’t. Sometimes you get it back, sometimes you don’t.

Either way, CMB Affiliates has put together a guide with everything you need to know if you want to create more ad accounts to save you the troubles and make sure your business doesn’t go under when FB throws a temper-tantrum.

Get “Crushing FB Ads: CMB’s Ultimate Guide to warm-up and keep ad accounts while running aggressive offers” by just signing up with your email here.

In this guide, you will find:

  • How to create more ad accounts
  • What payment methods to use
  • How to filter traffic so you separate reviewers from real users
  • How to build your accounts reputation
  • … and more!

Whether you are running more aggressive offers or you just want to be on the safe side and have backups, this guide is certainly worth a read.

What are CMB Affiliates? Glad you asked! They are an affiliate network with 100% exclusive offers in the finance vertical.

They help you get your ROI soaring. Plus, they give you useful tips for running their offers, like this complete guide we just mentioned.

Or contact a rep directly:

  • Andre B. – live: cmbaffiliates
  • Edi Bain – live: edi_bain

Download the guide here, it’s free!


Interpol shuts down 2,5k websites and online stores. Stop wasting budget on these placements

Cha ching on coronavirus?

Interpol caught and arrested 121 criminals across 90 countries for illicit online trade of medical items. Quick moolah never turns out to be a good choice uh?

The agency also shut down 2,5k web links, including websites, online marketplaces, and social media pages used by the fraudsters to market the goods. These goods included hand sanitizer, masks, and other in-demand items. Obviously all these items were fake and useless.

All the goods have been seized, and amounded to a massive $14M in value.

Not the kind of story you’re happy to hear these days…

YouTube Ads and GDN: Be careful who you’re targeting

With many schools around the world closed, hordes of kids are binging YouTube in an attempt to entertain themselves. Most of them are using their parents’ devices, which means you’re wasting some of your precious budgets showing your ad to a seven year old boy rather than his father.

Coming in help, the Seer Interactive team led an analysis and found a list of 3,8k YouTube channels that wasted ad budget in useless impressions. You probably want to download the list and exclude it from your camps.

Streaming quality reduced

In a similar move to Netflix, YouTube has reduced the streaming quality to react to growing concerns around the choking of web traffic.

Local Reviews temporarily dispabled

If you have offline businesses among your agency’s customers, bear in mind that Google My Business is temporarily disabling new reviews, review replies, or new Q&As until further notice.

Why? They’re reducing the number of people in their offices due to coronavirus, so, basically, there aren’t enough moderators around to review and accept the content.

Use your skills to fight COVID-19

Sam Frost set up a volunteering initiative to fight the spread of the coronavirus. The idea is to build a team of marketers that can use their communication skills to spread the message of social distancing, self-isolation and fighting fake news.

If you want to volunteer, fill your application.


  • SNAPCHAT: Savannah Sanchez shared a video in which she walks you through the build and launch phase of a Snapchat campaign.
  • GOOGLE: 21.7K clicks, 130K impressions, and an average CTR of 16.7% in just three days: “Discover” the entire case study.
  • FACEBOOK: Tuhinangshu Gon Chowdhury shared a strategy to populate your Pixel & re-target all over the web to make the most of your campaigns.
  • E-COMMERCE: Alex Fedotov shares a case study of an ecomm store in the fitness niche that generated $40M/year and broke into top five of Inc500 businesses.
  • SEO: The team from MicroCreatives shared some SEO & copywriting hacks that could help you deliver great results in SERPs.
  • GOOGLE: Ads for passports, visas, and other Govt documents & services will be banned by Google, with the change coming into effect from 26 May, 2020.


You have me today,
Tomorrow you’ll have more;
As your time passes,
I’m not easy to store;
I don’t take up space,
But I’m only in one place;
I am what you saw,
But not what you see.

What am I?

You can find the solution by clicking here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Stop doing that… hoarding stuff

It’s great to see humanity coming together at this crucial time to try and fight this pandemic together.

However, some unruly folk have started panic buying essential items such as hand soap, sanitizers and… *drum rolls* … toilet papers.

Things that nobody needed desperately, until we all started hoarding them.

But there are always those heroes without capes that emerge with some unique solutions to tackle these novel problems.

For example, this store in Denmark found this intelligent hack to stop people from hoarding more items than they actually need.


The major problem with hoarding is that once we start over-buying items at a time when the supply chain is already weakened, it’s very difficult for anyone else to get these things.

And right now, we need everyone to be safe and healthy. That’s our best bet to help stop the further spread.

Stay indoors, stay safe! We can do this together!

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