If you show more products, you’ll get more sales (here’s an ad format for that)

Pinterest has just launched a new ad format called “slideshow for collections.”

How the ad format works: Pinterest will pull products from your catalog and automatically create a collection ad.

When users click on the ad, they’ll see a “Shop this collection” pop-up that looks like a slideshow, hence the term “slideshow for collection.” Get it?

Why Pinterest came up with this ad format: Because Pinterest users “are actively considering and browsing more than one product at a time, leading to bigger baskets,” according to the firm.

Pinterest shoppers have 85 percent bigger baskets than shoppers on other platforms and they spend twice as much per month, per Pinterest’s blog post.

Additionally, the company released a feature called “merchant details” which lets you showcase your values (“eco-friendly”, “responsibly sourced”, etc.) on your Pinterest profile.

Pinterest is also testing “Idea Ads with paid partnerships,” where a creator will make an Idea Pin and tag a business. From there, the business can promote the Idea Pin as an Idea Ad.

For now, the “Idea Ads” feature is being tested with select advertisers… but the others are not, and are available to everyone. So go out there and get your hands dirty.


Spotify is increasing its podcast ad inventory, making podcast advertising open to anyone


Spotify will add podcasts using “Anchor” to its Audience Network.

This may seem like just another boring story… until you learn that Anchor powers 70% of Spotify’s podcast catalog. That’s a big increase in podcasts where you can advertise.

Podcast ads for the masses: Placing an ad on a podcast is not the same as placing an ad on Facebook. You often need a direct connection to the podcaster or network (in this case, Spotify).

The company plans to level the playing field for podcast advertising by soon allowing all types of advertisers, regardless of size, to buy podcast ads through Spotify Ad Studio, its self-serve network. Spotify said they’ll start with the US and then expand to other countries.

Why we care: Spotify is like Facebook for podcasts. If they make buying podcast ads as affordable and simple as buying Facebook Ads, this will open up a whole new acquisition channel for advertisers with smaller budgets.


Win a two-week trip to Mauritius with the Smart Vacation promo by Zeydoo


Sun, ocean, clear blue sky, sandy beaches… It could be you!

You can win a trip to Mauritius if you participate in the Smart Vacation promotion, sponsored by Zeydoo.

What do you have to do? Up your revenue with Zeydoo until 31st December 2021 and you will be on the leaderboard. The full promo period is from 1st October 2021 to 31st December 2021. Don’t waste time and get going right away!

It pays to take part:

  • If you generate $60k with a 25% growth, you are eligible to win the Smart Vacation prize – a $500 travel certificate for any airline or shopping in online stores.
  • If you generate at least $20k with a 2x growth you can also receive a $500 prize as an Amazon gift card or another online store.

Before you pack your bags, don’t forget to sign up for the Smart Vacation promo here.

For more details, including terms & conditions, visit this link.


A 6 step strategy for a post iOS15 world


Taking ownership of your company’s growth.

That’s mostly what this Twitter thread by Joseph is about. It means leveraging your data to expand customer relationships and increase bottom line profits.

Here are the six steps to accomplish it:

Step 1) Create automated SMS + email flows for:

– Welcome series.
– Abandoned cart.
– Abandoned checkout.
– Browse abandonment.
– Post-purchase.
– Customer win-back sequences.

Step 2) Create a multi-step opt-in form to collect email and SMS data. A few tips Joseph gives are:

  • Split test the pop-up forms until you get to a 7% conversion rate.
  • Do not display the pop-up immediately after the page loads. Wait for a minimum of 10 secs or 60% scroll delay.

Step 3) Use a customer service platform to:

  • Save time on support tickets.
  • Automate replies with macros.
  • Tag sources where tickets come from.

Step 4) Build an even better customer experience by:

  • Delivering timely automated shipping notifications.
  • Branding your transactional emails.
  • Creating branded tracking pages.

Step 5) Send surveys to your customers to gather zero-party data about your audience.

Send these 30 days after the purchase and offer incentives for completing them.

Step 6) Capture reviews: Offer high incentives to gather reviews and get UGC from your customer.

And don’t forget to send follow-up emails based on the reviews. If the review was positive, send a referral request email. If the review was negative, ask them what was wrong.

Finish line.

Each one of these steps requires specific tools that Joseph listed in the thread. But whatever tools you use, the mantra stays the same: “Take ownership of your relationship with your customers.”


Here are 100 pages straight from our deep dives, for free


Seven months ago, we launched Insights.

We now have 8 full deep dives anyone can get their hands on within their first month of subscribing. That’s 1,000 pages of marketing Insights you won’t find anywhere else.

But that’s not all. Anyone can read over 100 pages from these deep dives for free right here.

Do more marketing and leave the research to us. Join Insights.


“You shall not leave this page”


It’s a pain in the you-know-what when a user (you paid for) leaves your website empty-handed.

Unfortunately, no Gandalf is coming to save your conversion rate.

But there are a few conversion-booster tips from our Twitter thread yesterday that we want to share with you to help convert more of that traffic…

Product page

  • Structure the benefits of your products for readers and skimmers.
  • 64% of users look for shipping information on the product page. Give it to them!


  • Show all the product information in the cart: quantity, variant, price, shipping cost, title, and image.
  • Show them information about returns, refunds, and guarantees so they know they have no risks.

For more and deeper insights from The Crew that will ensure your website goes ca-ching, check out our full thread.


SOCIAL MEDIA: Guess who benefited the most from Facebook’s outage? Snapchat, followed by Telegram.

E-COMMERCE: Wholesale marketplaces (connecting retailers and product owners) are booming online. One of the bigger ones is planning to expand into Europe.

TIKTOK: What were the most popular TikTok trends in September? This article provides an answer.

TWITTER: The social network will allow more businesses to apply for a professional profile.

INFLUENCER MARKETING: Welcome to the strange world of virtual influencers. Digital “humans” are pushing the envelope in the influencer scene.

BUSINESS: Clothing > food for Gen Z, according to a survey.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Welcome to the world’s first Bitcoin rehab clinic


Yes, there’s an actual crypto addiction treatment center located in Scotland.

What is crypto addiction? According to Tony Marini, the clinic’s therapist, crypto addiction is similar to gambling addiction.

Most addicts begin by trading occasionally. But when they have frequent wins, it feeds their dopamine cravings and dreams of going “to the Moon.” Soon, another “fix” is required.

Some patients go to extremes. One of Tony’s patients worked in finance and started trading crypto. He got addicted to the point where he stole 1 million pounds from his employers.

Tony has treated 15 people with cryptocurrency addiction since 2017.

A byproduct: According to Tony, the majority of the so-called “crypto-addicts” were previously drug or alcohol addicts. So if you don’t have any other behavioral addictions, you should be fine.

We only hope this addiction doesn’t proliferate, or else you might start seeing “Crypto Anonymous” groups spring up near you.

…or maybe they’re already here.

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