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One way to organize and test multiple creatives in FB Ads Manager


You will either consider this super basic (if you already have the ultimate structure in place) or this could be the long-awaited answer to managing a mountain of creatives.

Florian Litterst shared his sandbox approach for creative testing on Facebook, or any other platform for that matter. How does that sound?

  • Create a so-called sandbox campaign that is always paused and is used purely to structure ads, just like you would in your computer folders.
  • When you start testing creatives, duplicate the sandbox campaigns and start running traffic to them.
  • Florian recommends middle-of-funnel and top-of-funnel audiences with the “Purchase” objective. We assume you can use another conversion objective as long as it’s significant, such as a subscription event, for example.
  • Use automated rules in these test campaigns to pause low performing ads. For example, 3-5x CPA and ROAS of under one.
  • Once creatives are proven to work they are duplicated into active core campaigns.

As is the case with most structures, this only works if you follow it every single time. If you start skipping steps, you’re on a fast-track back to messy campaigns.


May beats all expectations for retailers

Adobe’s latest Digital Economy Index report is out and it’s about as encouraging and motivating as you could hope for.

As per the report, online shopping in May 2020 has exceeded the 2019 holiday season by 7%. There was also a whopping $52B increase compared to the same period last year.

The current value of e-commerce in the US is around 12-16% of overall retail spending, and this could quite possibly reach 20% or more. This would have taken years under normal circumstances.

Wooing tactics

Up to $1M in lines of credit has been announced for its SMB sellers by Amazon through a new, but as yet unannounced, partnership with Goldman Sachs.

As we reported yesterday, Walmart has already announced a partnership with Shopify to provide SMB sellers access to Walmart’s 120M monthly visitors via their marketplace. It’s expected to add 12k Shopify sellers this year.

BOPIS up by 195%

Buy-Online-Pick-Up-In-Store (BOPIS) is slightly down from its peak of 200% in April and the report claims it has begun to plateau.

As stores begin to reopen, people are still placing orders online and picking up from the store.

Zoom Out

Businesses able to better integrate online and offline data with customer experiences will be in a stronger position than their pure-play competitors.

Sales coming in via smartphones also increased by 40% in May. In fact, customers who are shopping online for the first time tend to be utilizing their smartphones for this.


Looking for a powerful auto insurance offer that converts?

Look no further.

Union Square Media Group has an exclusive, ready-to-run auto insurance offer for you with a proven track record of conversions.

Otto Insurance is a premier auto insurance lead generation company that connects customers to top providers in their area.

Whether you’re experienced in this vertical or proficient in native and/or Facebook traffic, this offer is for you. It was made for affiliates by affiliates – Union Square Media makes continuous page optimizations to ensure it’s consistent and easy to use. Plus, offers run directly to the site, with no extra redirects.

Otto Insurance has an average conversion rate of 35% (as high as 50% at volume) on referred traffic, and an average EPC of $3.50 – as high as $5.75 at volume!

What does this mean for you? It means you’ll be working with one of the top auto insurance comparison services, which translates to more revenue for you, if you play it right! Union Square Media’s affiliates earn on every valid lead, with no caps – the sky’s the limit!

Ready to get started with Otto? Sign up through this link!


Is Social Media success all about borrowing?


OK, no we don’t mean stealing like that meme suggests, but we got your attention, right?

Organic growth isn’t easy but we are pretty sure that after reading this thread shared by Toby Howell, it will look a bit easier.

He managed Morning Brew’s Twitter account for 2 months. And from the post he shared, it seems he learnt a lot of things.

Make this info yours, because despite it being about Twitter, you can certainly apply the tips on every other social network.

  • Turn on post notifications for some big names in your niche, and each time they share something, be the first one in the comments. And here’s how Morning Brew borrowed visibility from none other than Elon Musk.
  • Double down on your voice in the comment section. Your brand has its own voice. Use it in stats but even more in comments. This Twitter thread will show you exactly what this means.
  • Rely on tools to create memes, such as Photoshop for pictures and Kapwing for videos.
  • Always be borrowing. This means, don’t be afraid to reuse videos and images shared by other accounts, as long as you add your brand touch, tone of voice and credit as needed.
  • Interact with power followers. If you have some celebrity among your audience, always try to interact with them on social media. Same principles of the first point: borrow visibility.
  • When it comes to the hard stuff, be genuine. There are no right answers in such cases, but you can do what it feels right to you as a company.
  • There’s no secret sauce to go viral. Throw as many darts as you can, and eventually, you’ll hit the bullseye.

Those points come with some great practical examples Toby shared, so if social media is your thing, check out the full thread.


  • FACEBOOK ADS: It’s been confirmed that on June 11 and 12 some conversions were double-counted in reports. The bad news is that FB is unable to backfill the impacted data, so you have to manually take this error into account.
  • INFLUENCER MARKETING: YouTube’s influencer marketplace has been renamed to BrandConnect. This is the place to find and work with YouTube influencers.
  • INSTAGRAM: You might notice an extra dash of color while scrolling Instagram. That’s because the app launched some extra features for Pride month including stickers, filters and hashtags.
  • FACEBOOK: Another update about FB’s approach to elections this year, including giving users the option to opt out of (most) political ads.


What is in the middle of India?

You can find the solution here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

If you want a high-tech pet, get Spot!


But that will set you back $74.5k.

Who or what is Spot? It’s Boston Dynamics’ famous quadruped robot. You’ve probably seen it climb stairs, open doors and hike on some rather rough terrain.

Let’s say you are actually working on something which Spot could help with. Or maybe you just have nothing better to do with your money, we don’t judge… What do you get once it’s delivered?

Obviously you get the robot. Then you get two batteries, a charger, a table controller, a robot case, a power case and Python client packages for its APIs.

We’re not techie enough (nor do we have the budget to spare) to do anything about it… but if you adopt a Spot, send us a video!

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