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Effective ad combinations revealed


A lot of marketers are feeling the Twitter blues, and not because of the platform’s colors.

But while advertising on the platform can be tough, a recent study could make your job a little easier…

Listen to the bird: Twitter analyzed more than 350 brand studies containing close to 7,000 promoted Twitter Ads to understand which ad combinations get the best results.

They summarized their analysis based on three separate goals. Here’s the breakdown:

  • For building brand awareness: A combination of an image, carousel, or video with a website button lifts awareness by 7%.
  • For boosting purchase intent: Twitter Moments combined with an organic video containing a website button result in 5 times more purchase intent.
  • For increasing brand favorability: Using an image poll and an image with a website button can boost your brand’s visibility more than 3 times.

Why we care: With the biggest sales season of the year coming, it’s helpful to know what works.

Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to these combinations. Other combinations might prove successful for your campaigns, too. You don’t know until you test!


Guess who’s the king of reach…

It’s like that short kid you underestimated on the soccer field.

Reels may not be the most dominant post format, but it goes the furthest.

Go long: HypeAuditor analyzed 77.6M Instagram posts made by 13.6M influencers worldwide and discovered that Reels produces the most brand awareness.

Despite image content still being the dominant post format with 42.2% of distribution, Reels is responsible for 33.8% of the entire estimated reach distribution.

… And Reels accounted for only 22% of all posts on the platform. Whoa!

Why we care: If you want to improve your brand’s visibility organically, table those images and carousels and start creating more Reels instead.

With all videos less than 15 minutes turning into Reels now, you can make a wide range of different content, from how-to’s to user-generated content.

Something to think about.


Stop wasting money targeting “meh prospects”


Is your marketing strategy prepared to profit during the holidays?

Remember, ever since iOS 14.5, algorithms aren’t as effective as they used to be.

And if you keep using the same old tactics, you’ll burn your ad budget on prospects who will never buy your stuff.

So how do you keep customer acquisition costs down and bring in revenues this holiday season?

Plug your own data into Black Crow’s machine learning (ML) model!

It’s literally a one-click integration that shows your ads only to “take my money” audiences.

And the returns are sweet… Burrow used this One-Click ML model to boost their ROAS by 15X during the Black Friday holiday rush.

They’re not the only ones… 150 other e-commerce brands are cutting costs and lifting revenue with Black Crow AI, too.

Don’t go into the holidays using the same old playbook…

Try Black Crow AI for $0 for 30 days.


5 steps to creating an effective content operations workflow


Keeping the cogs in your content machine oiled and organized is much easier said than done.

Jodi Harris from Content Marketing Institute shared a streamlined approach for getting your entire team on the same page and producing high-quality content.

Let’s get operational…

1 – Audit your content formats: Create a template sheet that includes content formats, primary delivery platforms, additional distribution platforms, and special circumstances.

For example, an article will have a blog as a primary platform, but can also be included in a newsletter (additional platform) or become a sponsored post (special circumstance).

The point is to create a task list for mapping out and building your workflow.

2 – List the tasks for each format: Now you need a checklist of everything required to produce a piece of content for your primary delivery platform.

Don’t think about the order, just note everything that comes to mind.

For example, article tasks might include things like: determine topic, publication date, brainstorm the story angle, assign author, interview experts, write content, design infographics, and so on.

3 – Organize tasks by production stage: A key part of your workflow is knowing when to do what. For every project there’s a pre-production, production, and post-production stage.

This helps you understand what tasks you need to check off before starting others, like getting metadata details from your SEO team before writing headlines and subheads.

4 – Assign roles: Now comes delegation. Who’s responsible for each step of the process?

If you have a small content team, delegation is easy and will help to hold everyone accountable. Even if you’re alone, having things mapped out can help your productivity or reveal tasks you can outsource.

5 – Implement and control: Create a mechanism for tracking and managing tasks to make sure everyone’s doing their part.

There are many apps and tools available. Just make sure to choose the one that works best for your team and process.

And that’s it! Tweak it, master it, and content operations will be smooth sailing. If you want to see more examples, we recommend reading Jodi’s article. Have fun!


Earn hefty commissions by promoting these in-demand DTC brands


Want to take advantage of e-commerce without the hassle of logistics, inventory management, and customer support?

Orbio World creates in-demand products with massive scaling power and accepts traffic from almost 200 countries.

We’re talking about products that truly make people’s lives better.,,, and are some of them. And they have generated 2.2M conversions so far!

“Tell me more about Orbio’s in-demand offers.”


A controversial insight for improving your copywriting


Here’s a simple, but perhaps controversial, truth:

In copywriting, men often write for men, and women often write for women.

Sure, it’s a broad generalization.

But while most of us would like to believe that our inner Don Draper writes just as well for both men and women, it’s normally not true.

So, here’s The Crew’s insight for today:

If your audience includes large numbers of both men and women, try to have both a man and a woman review the copy.

It’s not always necessary.

But, you’ll likely find that men have different insights about your copy than women do—and this can help you make sure your copy works for everyone in your audience.

That’s it for today!

P.S. Don’t believe there’s a gender difference in copywriting? Read Home Depot’s marketing copy (mostly for men), and Sephora’s marketing copy (mostly for women).

Take notice of the differences in style—they’re not hard to spot.


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LINKEDIN: We’re about to see a lot more “proud” announcements… LinkedIn is rolling out new course partnerships with Oracle, IBM, Meta, and others. Apparently, the courses will be similar to those you’d get on the native platforms, but integrated with LinkedIn. Nice.

E-COMMERCE: It was only a matter of time. AI image generators are finding their way into the online fashion business. This Twitter thread demonstrates how you can use the power of AI tools to brainstorm, create, and demonstrate new fashion ideas.

WHATSAPP: Summon the squad. WhatsApp’s new feature lets you create groups using anyone’s number, straight from the contact information page. Smooth.

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What causes no pain or sorrow, but makes anybody weep?

You can find the answer here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Wind powered gummy bears


Recycling is sweet. Literally.

Scientists from Michigan State University invented a new type of wind turbine blade that can be reused to make new resins—and sweets!

Yes, apparently dissolving the blades produces a food-grade potassium lactate, the stuff that goes into sports drinks and chewy delights… like sweet, soft gummy bears.

Let’s just hope eating these chewy candies doesn’t cause any personal… well, emissions.

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