January 28, 2019


Facebook Plans to Integrate WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger

What’s happening in Menlo Park? Mark has already got some plans for 2020. He wants to integrate WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger. Well, some big plans for Instagram also, but we will get to that later.

What does the messenger integration mean? The three messenger services will keep operating as standalone apps, but they’ll be contained on a unified underlying message infrastructure.

This will bring 2.6B users together. Allowing them to communicate across three different platforms, without boundaries.

Users will be able to communicate with their friends on WhatsApp right from their Messenger or Instagram app. And vice-versa.

This operation will be a challenge for Facebook in terms of data management, especially considering that data and Facebook haven’t gone well together so far. And with this integration, too much information will now be connected and managed by only one umbrella company.

Thus, there are some obstacles Facebook will have to face.

Buuuuut, let’s jump to the important part.

What does this mean for marketers?

First, let’s talk about data. With so much information at their fingertips, what wouldn’t they be able to do with all that data?

But there are also targeting implications: It does make it easier to communicate with our prospects, regardless of the messenger platform they use. And target them with ads.

There has been no official statement yet about how it will work. However, it’s good to know that Mark’s got good intentions this year. Cheers Mark!


Keep Calm – no algo changes. But many, many updates!

The past week saw bunches of Instagram marketers and influencers panicking about a change in the Instagram algo. Were you among them? Don’t worry! It was just a false alarm. On the contrary, there were many beautiful changes on the ‘Gram network. And we are sure you’ll like them.

But first, we want to calm you down. Read here:

Instagram puts algo-change rumours to rest

What makes brands and content creators panic when it comes to their Social Media presence? Algorithm changes, right?

This holds especially true for platforms like Facebook and Instagram which are known to fiddle with their algos every now and then. Though, the last time Instagram made such algo change was like a million years ago (in 2016 to be specific).

And panic is a great breeding ground for rumours.

One such rumour spread over Instagram earlier this week and began spreading like wildfire.

Rumour had it that Instagram had begun limiting the reach of users’ accounts to only 7% of its followers. Thus began every content creators favourite exercise of asking users to Like & Comment if they see their posts.

The terror in the hearts of the brands and content creators was obvious as it could drastically affect reach and engagement. And impact the overall marketing plans for brands and content creators.

However, Instagram was quick to put its foot down over their own platform and later resorted to Twitter to clear the air and the fire.

“We have not made any recent changes to feed ranking, and we never hide posts from people you’re following – if you keep scrolling, you will see them all. Again, your feed is personalized to you and evolves over time, based on how you use Instagram.”

Basically, they said, “Keep calm and keep scrolling”.

While the rumour took the centre-stage this weekend, quite a handful of updates and roll-outs got sidelined.

But not if you are a regular WTAFF reader. You get to keep sipping your hot cuppa coffee and never miss out on any of the updates. But like Instagram said, keep scrolling down for more.

Instagram adds the option to link to Stories

Instagram has been quietly rolling out this small yet cool new way to boost the awareness and engagement for Stories… This feature lets you share a direct URL linking back to an Instagram Story.

This could mean the content you worked so hard to come up with, will not just disappear into thin air after 24 hours.In addition to this, Instagram is also giving more users direct access to its Promote option for Stories.

What if you could hide your hashtags?

#Nothing #screams #desperation #more #than #apost #with #tons #of #hashtags. #Making #your #posts #look #like #abeggingbowl #for #morefollowers.

Instagram is also working on a new feature that would allow its users to hide the hashtags they use while posting content on its platform. What’s more? There won’t be any limit to the number of hashtags you can use.

Is Instagram really testing this? Well, yes. They have every reason to do so. It would literally mean a less cluttered platform and a more likeable feed. No more endless streams of words jammed together. And expanded reach for brands and users without being ridiculed.

PS: Posts that are sponsored will still likely need to prominently display “#ad” or #sponsored” in the caption.

New types of accounts are being tested for Influencers

The test features don’t stop here. Instagram is also working on a Pilot-program to launch a new type of account for its creative and influential content creators.

Showering them with unprecedented Jedi power. And taking Influencer marketing to a whole new level like no other platform has done before.

This feature is already being tested on a small group of its high-profile users. And the power weapons would include:

  • Daily and weekly growth insights.
  • Flexibility over how they’d like to be contacted.
  • The ability to rank pending requests by either time or relevance.
  • The ability to filter feeds and DMs.

And the first brand has already joined the bandwagon: Amidst all these rumours, updates and powerful new features in test mode, Netflix seems to be the first brand to realise the chance to hop on the bandwagon.

Netflix is already omnipresent on social media and as of today, it can now be found in yet another place: Instagram Stories. Their new integration makes it possible for Netflix users to directly share their favourite content with followers, but not everyone has access to it.

Another attempt by Netflix to allow its fans and influencers share and promote Netflix content.

The Crew’s Take

With all the above updates for regular mortal users and high profile influencers, they indeed are making sure that Instagram is the best and the easiest place for brands and content creators to build brands and fan communities.

We also see huge new scope for sponsorships. Clearly, taking Instagram towards being the best stand-alone app for brands and shoppers in the year ahead!


More budget on LinkedIn. And more features to help you spend it

More and more ad buyers are shifting their marketing budgets towards LinkedIn.

Though advertising on this social media has been expensive, 42% of LinkedIn advertisers declared that they will increase their spend on this social network.

Therefore, the professionals’ social network thought to welcome these budgets with new updates: Interests and Lookalikes Targeting.

New Interest targeting launched on LinkedIn

This new feature gives you the power to serve your ads to relevant audiences. Like on Facebook, you can now advertise to people on LinkedIn based on their interest towards a particular topic.

What are the brand new Interest targeting options LinkedIn is offering?

  • Arts & Entertainment: Movies, painting, literature, etc.
  • Business & Management: Company acquisitions, human resources, business law, etc.
  • Careers & Employment: Retirement, job interviews, hiring, etc.
  • Finance & Economy: Banking, corporate finances, financial markets, etc.
  • Marketing & Advertising: Market research, B2B marketing, brand management, etc.
  • Science & Environment: Earth sciences, climate change, computer science, etc.
  • Society & Culture: Teligion, legislation, charity, etc.
  • Technology: Telecommunications, robotics, IT infrastructure, etc.
  • Health: Medical research, public health, healthcare providers, etc.

How can this be helpful? LinkedIn interests are more about niches than categories. And that is good. Because it allows you to exclude everyone except the small group of people more relevant for you.

Thus, if you’re about B2B, this could be really helpful to improve the performance of your campaigns. The content users like and share on LinkedIn is very different from the content they like and share on Facebook.

While some people may show interest towards your brand only on Facebook, others will do it just on LinkedIn. That’s why advertising on both the platforms should boost your marketing efforts!

LinkedIn Lookalikes

In the LinkedIn’s pot, there is another advertising tool, taken from Facebook: Audience Lookalikes.

Well, we guess you already know what Lookalikes are about. A key feature of Facebook targeting. However, the feature isn’t yet available on LinkedIn, but they’re working on making it live soon!

Another reason to think about including this platform in your strategy.


Is Chinese New Year killing your store?

OK, if you do e-commerce, especially dropshipping, you must know that most Chinese suppliers are on a loooong break. Right? You knew that?

You should also know this period can be hell for any dropship store. That’s simply because you can’t get your products to your customers like you usually do. And that can kill your whole store, no doubt about it! Especially with Facebook being so strict with customer feedback score for delivery times and all that.

Well, there’s some good news: uDroppy, the platform where marketing is on you, the rest on them doesn’t take a break for Chinese New Year.

Not only does uDroppy handle fulfilment and delivery for you, they provide on-demand products, a personal e-com manager and a white label solution! They have a direct partnership with over 900 factories.

That’s not all! They don’t rely on ePacket either, so if this news had you worried, uDroppy is your solution. Unlike AliExpress, they are built for this dropshipping business model, not for consumers!

They’re the perfect solution whether you are a media buyer/affiliate who wants to pass to e-commerce, you are a digital entrepreneur who needs help to scale the existing dropshipping store… or even if you are new and want to start a new e-commerce adventure!

Go sign up with them for free, explore what they have to offer.

By the way, did any of you ladies and gents attend uDroppy’s mastermind in Vegas? We couldn’t get the uDroppy team to spoil what business was done there, but they showed us some of the best pictures of the venue and the views where 30 e-com pros spent the night.

We’re kinda bummed we weren’t there… Were you?


New e-comm laws for Chinese Platform operators and suppliers

When a market grows, new laws are necessary to regulate it. And that’s the case with the Chinese e-commerce market.

Over the years, China gained a reputation for being the major source of counterfeit and knock-off merchandise.

And a comprehensive e-commerce law that took effect on Jan 1, aims to fight this bad reputation. How?

The new law makes all e-commerce platforms operators jointly liable, along with the merchants for selling any counterfeit or copycat merchandise goods on their website.

In other words, it will hit three types of operators: E-commerce platforms like Alibaba, third-party merchants who sell goods and services on the e-commerce platform of others, and online vendors operating their own websites.

Everyone will be fined for the violation.

What does this law change? This law is intended for consumers rather than vendors and e-commerce owners. However, this will increase the pressure that big platform will put against counterfeit goods’ sellers and suppliers for the dropshippers.

So probably another good reason to check our sponsor today, huh? Get that own brand going!


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Gordon Ramsay Savagely Critiques Spicy Wings

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In either case, Falafel or KFC, we got another hot’n’spicy delicacy. #NSFW ‘cause it’s got Ramsay in it. And he rubs a slice of lime on his butt. No joke!

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