January 8, 2019


Facebook Launches new Creative Shop Service for advertisers.

Facebook is testing a new creative shop-service for a select set of advertisers: MobileWorks Express.

It’s a free service where FB will create your ad creatives using your business assets. But there is always an eligibility criterion involved.

Official Eligibility Criteria? It’s not an openly documented one yet. And FB is reaching out on its own to select advertisers through their dedicated account reps.

Digging into more details: Andre Molz got invited to get on a call with his FB rep to try out this new service.

Here is the summary of the call.

Qualification Process: Each FB rep gets to invite 1-2 of their client accounts for this beta service.

Program breakdown: There is a minimum ad spend required for an advertiser to be eligible. An “Honor Code” where you commit to a monthly ad spend between $15k-25K.

For $15k Ad spend you get:

  • MobileWorks Express account setup.
  • Ad Creatives are created using your business assets and shared within 2 days time.

For $25k Ad spend you get:

  • MobileWorks Express account setup.
  • A strategy call with their Creative team to discuss your needs and goals.
  • Unlimited creative revisions.

Here’s what the common deliverables are: Shuttlerock, the agency working with FB, will transform 1 still image, logo, copy, brand guidelines, and font into a suite of mobile-optimized short-form assets ready for activation in Facebook and Instagram ads.

MobileWorks Express Package Includes:

  • 1 x <15s In-Feed video (4:5) or (1:1)
  • 1 x <15s Instagram Stories video (9:16)
  • 1 x <15s In-Stream video (16:9)
  • 1 x Still Image for rest of the placements (1:1)

The video creatives are regular animation and not an actual video shoot. The full cost of the Shuttlerock Video in a Box programme is billed to Facebook, directly.

The Crew’s Take: For now, it sounds like it’s just another strategy to commit you to a monthly ad spend. Besides, anyone with such monthly ad spend will most likely have the resources to develop their own video ads.

There are many tools, freelancers out there to help you do that, with commitment. If for some reasons one doesn’t have such resources or any other time constraints, they may want to give it a shot.


Bing Ads AI, Google rich results test and Google Manufacturer Center updates!

Are you a search marketer? There is some news you don’t want to miss, whether you make your bread and butter with Google or Bing. Let’s have a look at what’s happening right now.

  • Google search algorithm update. Big G may be done with the first update to its search algorithm of 2019. Though it’s not 100% sure, there are both chatters within the SEO community and ranking tools validating the shifts in the Google search results. Are you afraid?
  • A new section in Google Shopping. In a new “From the Manufacturer” section, brands and product makers will now be able to display more info about their Shoppable products.

How can this help you? This section can give you the chance to share more info about your products in the Google Shopping section. Plus, it gives you more control over how your products are presented.

However, you need a Manufacturer Center account to benefit from this update.

  • Real-time results. Google has updated its Rich Results Test tool to let webmasters edit the code in real time and see how those edits impact their results.

Wait, are you asking what are rich results? They are search results that go beyond the standard blue link. They may include carousels, images, stars, ratings, images or other non-textual user interface elements.

This update gives SEOs more confidence to change some code. And see how these changes impact results in real time.

  • Bing Ads’ AI-powered Performance Insights. Bing Ads announced their AI-powered Performance Insights to be available globally.

These insights are native analytics and recommendation tools from Bing. And they’re useful to identify anomalies and changes in ad performance.

Why is it important? These tools analyze your account performance data and that of your competitors. This will allow you to detect significant or unexpected changes to your account performance.


Traffic to your e-commerce store: The SEO way!

As experienced e-commerce owners, we all are aware of the key ingredients for running a successful e-commerce store. Dropshipping. SaaS products. POD products. They all have things in common which are the base of any e-commerce store.

Be it product quality, store design and layout, unique offers, customer service etc. Yet, the one thing to drive them all is…Traffic. The amount of qualified traffic you are able to drive to your store at scale primarily defines how you are going to use rest of those things.

Well, one can either spend their entire marketing budgets on buying traffic from various sources. Or one can divide a percentage of their budget on building the organic traffic to their store.

And once you do that and get your website to rank consistently, it can bring consistent sales from organic traffic for the long-term.

Here’s an 8 step guide shared by Matthew Woodward, to take your store from bottom to the top of the search engine.

What can you expect to learn from this?

  • Why SEO is critical for e-commerce success.
  • The right way to do an e-commerce SEO audit.
  • 4 things e-commerce SEO keywords must have.
  • Creating the perfect SEO foundation for your e-commerce store.
  • How to add content that converts to your product pages.
  • Link building for e-commerce stores.
  • Local SEO strategies you should be using.
  • 3x incredible e-commerce SEO case studies.

If you are not yet fully committed to your store for long-term and are just testing out niches, this might not be the right strategy to follow. But, it definitely makes sense if you have a store already bringing you a decent amount of sales every month. And you are planning to grow it for at least a couple of more years.


How much does creativity count alone?

What are the key factors of an advertising campaign? We would like to hear your opinion. But we also have some figures about the key factors in advertising.

It’s a study from the Nielsen and Nielsen Catalina. It shows that 49% of a brand’s sales lift from advertising could be attributed to the quality of the creative, 36% to media and 15% to brand attributes.

It’s all about angles, huh?

The study covers Television and Digital advertising and it follows a similar one made 10 years ago. From that time, the dynamics have hardly changed. Creativity is still the factor that contributes the most to drive sales.

What has changed, are agencies’ creativity skills. They improved over time, to a point where almost all the pieces of ads are top-shelved. In this kind of environment, media started to play a major role in sales.

This is what happened in TV Advertising too. And this pattern repeats itself in the Digital Advertising space too. Marketers these days have evolved creative skills. And this war is being played everywhere in the media field.

In fact, the contribution to sales by media grew over these 10 years. In 2006, the contribution was:

  • Creative: 65%
  • Media: 15%
  • Others: 20%

In 2017, media gained importance, turning the percentages to:

  • Creative: 49%
  • Media: 36%
  • Others: 15%

However, to discover more, have a look at the paper and let us know what you think of this study.

What is our point of view? First of all, we find it very hard to attribute sales percentages to media, creative or other factors. And we see advertising as a mix of ingredients. Each one of them works together to contribute to drive sales. Yet, we don’t want to discredit the study made by Nielsen.

Our thought is that despite the power of today’s advertising platforms, good creatives will always attract more eyes. And more wallets. But, the targeting and all the rest must be on point too, to let the good creatives do their part.


The holistic platform for performance marketing & compliance.

vene is a customer-centric ad-tech software. Their mission is to enable digital advertising partners to grow and protect their businesses in an uncomplicated, secure and profitable way.

They provide a streamlined set of practical, reliable and secure tools to set up, optimize and protect your digital campaigns.

veneDash for ad networks and affiliates:

  • Automated Optimization – Assign your top converting offers to the best performing publishers with a single click
  • Seamless Communication – Instantly notify your partners whenever campaign changes need to be implemented
  • Powerful Analytics – Analyze all your data in a single place, breaking it down in any way you need
  • Traffic Monetization – All received clicks are efficiently sent to where they will best perform with zero traffic wastage

veneOverwatch for carrier and billing providers:

  • Absolute Protection – Enhanced algorithms and 24/7 monitoring assures that you only get high-quality traffic
  • Constant Vigilance – Their in-house development fraud detection methods are constantly updated against new threats
  • Impenetrable Shield – No threats can slip through the monitoring system thanks to our unique signature solution
  • Full Ecosystem View – Get a complete overview of both traffic sources and service providers when fully integrated

veneDSP – set up, run, track and optimize campaign performance with a fully stacked and simple-to-use DSP/RTB self-serve platform.

veneMarketplace – the affiliate network side of vene, the complete user acquisition platform for mobile content, user engagement and lead generation offers.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Next-gen product launches at CES 2019!

CES 19 saw its official opening this Tuesday morning. A few hours into it and we have already seen some major groundbreaking, futuristic and even strange product launches from some of the most innovative brands globally.

Most of us are gadget freaks and love to try our hands out on the new toys before anyone else does. And who knows, some of these gadgets may give you some innovative ideas to include in your marketing campaigns. Hence, we thought it would make up for a great poolside story.

Here are some breathtaking products we can’t wait to lay our hands on:

  • Intel finally announces its first, real 10nm processors and chips on the way with Ice Lake, LakeField and Cascade Lake server chips.
  • Samsung’s mind-boggling 98-inch QLED 8K TV. More screen than our eyes can handle. And its 2019 TVs harnessing AI.
  • HTC’s Cosmos, the next-gen VR headset.
  • Groove X’s cuddly Lovot robot is stealing hearts with its big cartoon eyes and teddy bear-soft exterior.
  • L’Oréal’s newest prototype detects wearers’ skin pH levels.
  • Kohler’s smart toilet promises a ‘fully-immersive experience’.
  • Apple is putting iTunes on Samsung TVs.
  • Arlo’s new DIY security system detects intruders, gas leaks, dripping pipes, and more.
  • Matrix’s PowerWatch 2 that never needs any charging.
  • Netatmo unveils first smart video doorbell.
  • Byton confirms M-Byte car will be available in 2019 with AI, 5G and a 48-inch display.
  • 10W Fast Wireless charging from Aircharge.
  • Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III, a complete with a new image sensor and a longer zoom range and possibly a G9 X Mark III.
  • Royole FlexPai: the world’s first flexible smartphone.
  • Panasonic has promised to “bring Hollywood home” with its latest and greatest GZ2000 OLED TV.

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