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Here’s what Snapchat recommends for *that* update


More companies are communicating their plans for the Apple privacy rollout that’s supposed to be happening in “early spring”, including Snapchat.

The company put together a dedicated resource hub with their best recommendations for advertisers.

The biggest impact of these changes are for custom audiences, audience match, and retargeting pools.

Here’s what Snap recommends:

  • Make sure the Pixel is installed correctly.
  • Create Lookalikes of your custom audiences and Snap Audience Match lists.
  • Review impact and develop transition plans. Sounds quite vague to us.
  • Configure hashed email and hashed phone number in your Snap Pixel for performance improvements.

If Snap is your app, definitely keep this resource hub within reach.


Does history repeat itself?


Trends come and go. But sometimes, once gone, they make a miraculous comeback.

Here’s what’s going on. #Fidgettoys has over 2.7B views on TikTok and, if you’ve been around in 2017, you probably remember those “fidget spinner” days.

This is a bit different. The two popular ones are squishy toys and “push pop bubble” (which reminds us of popping bubble wrap).

So, why are we bringing this up? Well, you might want to advertise on TikTok if you have any sort of fidget toys.

And you might want to look deeper into what’s taking off on this app.


Live Q&A with a $50M e-commerce email marketer


Mark your calendar! This Friday, 12th March 2021, we’re doing a live Q&A with Chase Dimond.

Chase is a living master when it comes to email strategies applied to e-commerce. He helped stores pull more than $50M from their email lists and he also writes a newsletter at

When? On 12th March 2021, starting at 4:30pm GMT.

Where? On Insights.

The core of Insights is our deep dives, where we spend 200+ hours of research to compile a 100+ page report dissecting the full marketing strategy of a brand every single month.

Check out this preview of our deep dive for Snow, a direct-to-consumer brand with over $100M in rev.

Whether through our deep dives, interviews, Q&As like this one or other activities – surfacing powerful and timely insights is our goal.

Join Insights for $49 per month using the code STACKED49 – valid through March 2021.

No long term commitments, cancel any time, and a risk-free, 24-hour refund period – no questions asked.

Get Insights.


How to create a successful affiliate program


In a world dominated by algorithmic hyper-targeted ads, the word of mouth of your customers can be an irresistible source of new income.

At least, it was for AppSumo.

They did it with affiliate marketing and last year the revenue from their affiliate program grew by 278%.

They used affiliate marketing to turn the momentum of satisfied customers into advocates that go out there and recruit still more customers.

An affiliate marketing program won’t fit every brand. But when it does, the flux of new business it generates can go beyond your belief. And if you’re evaluating this acquisition channel for your business, Erika Isett, the partnership manager at AppSumo, has some suggestions for you:

+ Incentivize what’s important for the growth of your company: AppSumo had more success when they started heavily rewarding affiliates that brought in new customers rather than rewarding recurring revenues. Their affiliate commission now is 100% revenue on the first purchase, and 5% on recurring revenue.

+ Set a gold standard for recruitment: AppSumo focused on tapping into niches that are less likely to already be familiar with their product. One of their most successful focus areas over the last year has been, quite unexpectedly, mom bloggers.

They also set up an outreach process for recruiting new affiliates that is similar to a sales funnel:

  1. Build a list of prospects based on criteria that favor quality content over strict audience size or reach requirements.
  2. Make sure all prospects are a good fit before contacting.
  3. Customized outreach to make sure the affiliate prospect knows they’re not just on some list.
  4. Make onboarding smooth with quick start guides.

+ Keep your partners and hard-earned affiliates engaged with the program. Here are some actions to take:

  • Send quarterly surveys.
  • Follow up on affiliates with low activity.
  • Engage in conversations with the affiliates doing heavy numbers.

The information shared by Erika does not end here, and you can dive deeper in the original post.


INSTAGRAM: Thanks to Alessandro Paluzzi, we can see Instagram is likely working on audio rooms.

WHATSAPP: One-to-one voice calls from the desktop app are coming to WhatsApp.

FACEBOOK: Reuters reports that FB is investigated for discrimination in their hiring process. Just when you thought PR can’t get worse for the company…

MICROSOFT: 30k US organizations using Microsoft’s Exchange Server had their emails hacked, according to KrebsOnSecurity.

TWITTER: In an attempt to silence everyone asking for an edit button, Twitter is testing an “Undo” option for sent tweets. Better than nothing, eh?

GOOGLE ADS: There’s finally a new Google Ads mobile app that brings some welcome upgrades.


What has many keys but can’t open a single lock?

You can find the solution here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Cook your pasta with music


OK, this is kind of a timer too – but it doesn’t feel like it.

Barilla, a popular pasta brand, has made cooking pasta a little bit less boring.

Rather than using a timer, the company put together a bunch of Spotify playlists – something for every kind of pasta.

So, rather than setting a timer like most of us do, you start the playlist and when it’s done, your pasta is cooked just right.

Spaghetti, fusilli, penne or linguine – there’s a playlist for it.

We can’t believe there is no playlist for tagliatelle! We might just make our own…

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