Shopify sellers can now use Yahoo for retargeting

Apple’s privacy updates.

Google FloC.

It’s clear…the grim reaper is looming and the death of third-party cookies is near.

Big tech is now scrambling for alternatives. Some consider AI, others use first-party data, and some just say “screw it, let’s team up.”

This was the case with Shopify and Yahoo, who announced a new data partnership.

The partnership: Shopify sellers can now install Yahoo’s Product Ads app from the Shopify App Store and gain access to “Connect ID,” Yahoo’s alternative to third-party cookies.

After installing the app, sellers can use Dynamic Product Ads to retarget their visitors on Yahoo web properties. According to Yahoo, their Dynamic Product Ads have a 9x higher ROAS than standard native ads.

Our prediction: We’ll see more partnerships like this in the near future. Essentially, large advertisers like Yahoo will provide e-commerce sellers with direct access to their audience.

Retargeting is far too lucrative for tech companies to ignore while Apple eats away at their profits with privacy updates. (Get it? Apple…eats? Okay, well we thought it was clever.)


The Amazon of Latin America

Now scenes from the 1996 thriller Anaconda are probably flashing before your eyes. The boat, the monkey, the 20 foot man eating reptile coiling around an overzealous scientist trying to win fame and fortune by documenting a lost aboriginal people.

Well, that’s not the Amazon we’re talking about. (Sorry movie buffs.)

We’re talking about a dupe of the US based e-commerce giant, Amazon: MercadoLibre.

Mercado…what? It’s also known as the “Amazon of Latin America” as it operates in 18 countries, including Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Bitcoin’s darling, El Salvador.

And when we say they are “operating,” what we really mean is that they are “dominating.” MercadoLibre is the 5th most popular website in Argentina and the 10th most popular in Brazil. The statistics for the rest of Latin America are similar.

Yahoo Finance recently published an article analyzing MercadoLibre and recommended that investors purchase the company’s stock due to the potential for rapid growth. Here are a few stats from the article:

  • Latin America is the world’s fastest growing e-commerce region, with sales exceeding $100 billion for the first time last year.
  • MercadoLibre is leading the way with a revenue of $1.7 billion.
  • The internet and smartphones are expected to increase e-commerce penetration in Latin America, which currently lags behind the US by a wide margin.

The Crew’s take: Let’s face it…the US market is saturated. We don’t blame sellers for trying to become the “Chrisopher Columbus of e-commerce” by testing international waters.

BigCommerce appears to have the best tutorials and is the only platform that integrates directly with MercadoLibre, so we’d probably start there.


GeekOut LA is where the elite brand builders and media buyers to prep for Q4


We’re talking about heavy hitters like Blissy, Shine Armor, and Beard Brand just to name a few.

They know that GeekOut LA is all about sharing what’s working right now in the world of media buying.

We’re talking about the top 1% of the industry’s best media buyers opening their laptops…

And showing everyone who attends the campaigns that are scaling right now.

That’s why Matt Orlic said:

“The group is truly unique in terms of the skillsets, and I think the networking is just phenomenal, probably one of the best events I’ve definitely been to…

It’s hosted by none other than 8-figure media buyers James Van Elswyk and Nick Shackelford.

And it’s going down on October 7-10th, 2021.

10 world-class media buyers and brand builders are ready to show how they’re scaling even now.

No rigid time-limits for presenters…

Learn, grow, and scale with the most welcoming group in all of e-com.

Ask any question you have during Q&A sessions…

See inside their real ad accounts…

Get access to a billion-dollar network…

If you are serious about growing your income, business, relationships, and life then get your ticket for GeekOut Los Angeles now.


How has iOS 14 impacted Facebook advertisers so far

Last week, we asked you to help us figure out the impact of iOS 14 for Facebook advertisers, and you delivered – almost 200 answers that basically say we’re almost all in the same rocky waters at the moment.

Here’s what we found out:

– Budgets didn’t change too much for individual advertisers. Over half of the answers said budgets stayed within 25 percent range.

There are some advertisers with bigger budget changes, but they are kind of equal between each other. Of course, we don’t know their starting point so the overall ad budget spent on Facebook could have gone down.

– ROAS has definitely gone down! Almost half have said ROAS declined between 25% to 50%, while *nobody* improved their ROAS by more than 50%. Just 5 answers improved their ROAS over 25 percent even.

– All hope is not lost, because Google comes to the rescue. Google Ads and YouTube were the most popular places where advertisers have seen promising results.

With 52% choosing Google Ads and 24% choosing YouTube, they stand out against a close third place battle between TikTok and Pinterest with 15-16 percent each.

You can get your hands on the complete graphs on our website here, along with some of the most interesting insights marketers shared with us when it comes to the whole iOS 14 + Facebook Ads situation.


Some copywriting juice for your marketing mind


We’ll get straight to giving you this lemonade. Blake Emal created a Twitter thread of copywriting formulas you can use to command attention with less hassle, limited brain farts, and an awful lot more conversions.

Here you go…

1) Before – After – Bridge: Most effective for product descriptions.

Identify the pain point your prospect is experiencing (and how their life looks like with this problem). Then, paint a picture of how their life could be after solving the problem. Finally, bring it all together by detailing the steps required to remove their pain.

2) Features – Advantages – Benefits: Most effective for landing pages.

Open a sheet and in one column list the features of your product. In the next column, write the advantages related to that feature. Lastly, write the benefits of the advantages.

3) Addressing objections: Effective for sales pages and retargeting ads.

The more specific to your product the objection is, the better. Some common objections are:

  • Not enough time.
  • Not enough money.
  • It won’t work for me.

4) Awareness – Comprehension – Conviction – Action: Best for sales pages and emails.

Present the problem. Help them understand why that problem matters. Create a desire for them to fix the problem. Invite them to take action.

Aside from these, Blake Emal also listed a few principles your copy should respect no matter which framework you choose:

The Four C’s

  1. Clear: Your message must be clear.
  2. Concise: Similar to the previous. Solve one problem with one solution.
  3. Credible: If they don’t trust you they will never buy from you.
  4. Compelling: Your message must appeal to their head and their heart. Don’t be too logical. Selling isn’t a math lesson.

And we will add a fifth C: change. You must communicate the change your product will generate. The transformation. If your product doesn’t make their life better, what’s the point?

Reasons why

Why should I listen to you? Why is this worth my time? Why is your product on discount? Why does the discount only last 2 hours? Why do you give a two years warranty?

The internet is overhyped. And prospects are constantly questioning everything you say and do. Addressing these whys builds credibility.

Why are we in your inbox everyday? Because…we make you smarter, good lookin’.


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APPLE: iOS 15 has some cool new opportunities to promote your mobile app. Here’s a good overview of them.

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E-COMMERCE: You know a trend has reached a tipping point when you have businesses trying to persuade people to abandon it. This seems to be the case with buy-now-pay-later in the UK.

CLUBHOUSE: 700,000. That’s the number of rooms opened each day in Clubhouse, according to the company. They want more though, which is why they’ve announced a feature called “Wave”.

FACEBOOK: Here are the top 5 things revealed by the “Facebook files” leaks.

*This is a sponsored post.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

How do you disrupt thousands of scientific studies? With a TikTok video


It worked for this teen.

Sarah Frank, a popular TikToker (as Gen-Z influencers call themselves these days) posted a rather innocuous video on July 23rd.

The video was about side-hustles worth trying. Sarah recommended a website called Prolific, where people can take surveys for cash.

Where things got wrong: The video blew up. It received 4.1 million views in a month and sent thousands of new users to Prolific. The majority of them, like Sarah, were young women. Which would be great in most cases. This time, it created a problem.

The problem: If you want to run a survey website, you need a representative sample of the population. Otherwise, you’ll end up with perplexed researchers. And with an influx like the one Sarah created, it only led to what we lovingly call survey chaos.

Getting back to normal: According to Prolific co-founder and CTO, many of the TikTok generated users appear to be dropping off. They’re now back to ~60% of all responses being from women.

Sarah said that the side hustle video was the most popular TikTok post she’d ever made.

We recommend that Sarah make a video about an e-commerce website the next time she gets in front of a camera. They definitely wouldn’t mind a wave of young female shoppers.

In fact, what’s her TikTok handle again?

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