June 14, 2019


Unpopular trends for B2B marketers

LinkedIn released their 3rd Annual “B2B Trends for the Contrarian Marketer” presentation where they shared a compilation of contrarian ideas in marketing.

As per Linkedin, following these little-known best practices can give you a significant edge over your competition, if you’re brave enough to reject consensus opinion.

Here are the key takeaways from the presentation:

  • Repetition is not as bad as you think. The best ideas are replicable. When you find something that works, repeat your creative to build brand recognition and don’t be afraid of using templates.
  • SCORE Algorithm: 58% of C-suite decision makers decide which businesses to work with after seeing their thought leadership.

To create thought leadership, you must make sure your content is:

  1. Structured (easily consumable).
  2. Contrarian (stands out from the noise).
  3. Ownable (clearly branded).
  4. Replicable (discussed above).
  5. Expertise (proves your brand’s authority).
  • Big bets get big returns. Invest more in large content than lots of little pieces of content. Just like the film industry, studios see that indie films, which cost less to produce, routinely make less at the box office.

On the other hand, tentpole movies, mainstream movies with big budgets (such as any superhero movies), consistently make the most for studios.

  • Clicks don’t correlate with success and optimizing for clicks will kill your brand.

Though marketers may hesitate to call their content “clickbait”, LinkedIn suggests that content designed with catchy titles to attract clicks often doesn’t make for strong creative.

Ad fraud is also something you should consider. Don’t forget to weigh in the fact that there are clicks coming from robots as opposed to actual buyers. Hence, clicks don’t always equate to leads.

Instead, its recommended to track “impressions and share of voice”. While impressions aren’t an exact science either, they often correlate more closely with ROI than clicks do.

  • Quantum Marketing: Don’t expect your audience and consumers to be predictable. People change jobs, titles, even industries all the time and predicting buyers’ habits is like trying to hit a moving target.

LinkedIn suggests that broader targeting allows marketers to address issues of unpredictability.

Ignore the idea that a good creative always has to be personalized. Rather, consider broader messaging instead of forcing a narrow message.

Also, broader timing, which means rather than attempting to predict the exact time to reach potential buyers, marketers shouldn’t feel obligated to stick to one stage of the marketing funnel.

Well, these are actually some of the unpopular, contrarian trends coming from LinkedIn. What do you think? Did it just raise the eyebrows or do you agree with all these trends?

Check out more details from the presentation here.


New ad extension being tested

Google was found to be testing a new ad extension which highlights a site’s popularity in Search Ads.

It shows the number of site visits per week along with an icon showing people.

It is assumed that this ad extension gets powered by linking your Analytics account. However, Google hasn’t confirmed anything just yet.

“We’re always testing new ways to improve our experience for our advertisers and users, but don’t have anything specific to announce right now.”

If the test proves successful, which we think will be judged based on its CTR boosting ability, it might be rolled out for all advertisers.

What does this mean?

Well, if this is rolled out, it could help more popular sites get more clicks than those less known. It’s, after all, a kind of trust signal for the users and popular sites with more site visits would beat the competition from lesser known brands.


Batch mode for bulk URL submissions

SEOs and webmasters will now be able to submit URLs to Bing search engine in batch mode.

This means instead of making an API request for each URL you submit to Bing, you can batch multiple URLs into a single API request. Bing now supports up to 500 URLs per batch submission.

Bing has previously announced expanded support for its URL submission tool from 10 URLs per day to 10,000 URLs per day. But then, they introduced its indexing API for sites to notify Bing of new URLs and content for it to index.

The new batch mode does not increase the number of URLs you can submit per day, but it allows you to maintain a lower API request limit.

So, if you have a brand new site with lots of pages or are planning to restructure your web site, it might be helpful to batch the URL submissions for efficiency.

You can find the API docs here.


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Does expanded Interest Targeting work? $1k experiment

Do you ever use the Interest Targeting Expansion option on Facebook? Are you wondering if it works?

The Interest Targeting Expansion option allows Facebook to adjust your detailed targeting and automatically add interests to your ad set to get you better results. Basically, you give to Facebook the task to find new performing interests.

Will the algorithm work some magic in this case? Well, the AdEspresso team ran a $1k experiment to find an answer.

Let’s see the setup of the experiment and the results.

The goal was to measure the cost per registration to a webinar.

In the first experiment, they ran 2 identical ad sets, except one used the Interest Expansion Targeting, the other didn’t. And they picked an interest with a relatively small audience: 39k people.

This is the setup:

  • Country: US
  • Gender: Male + Female
  • Age: 21-64
  • Placement: Desktop + Mobile
  • Exclusions: Existing webinar registrants were excluded from the campaign
  • Budget: $250

Ad set 1: Bing Ads Interest. Audience size: 39k.
Ad set 2: Bing Ads Interest+Interest Expansion Targeting. Audience size: 150M.


Ad set 1: Bing Ads Interest

  • Impressions: 4917
  • CPM: $50.81
  • CPC: $3.47
  • Registrations: 41
  • Cost per registration: $6.10

Ad set 2: Bing Ads Interest + Interests Expansion

  • Impressions: 7443
  • CPM: $33.46
  • CPC: $3.66
  • Registrations: 51
  • Cost per registration: $4.88

In this case, the Interest Expansion helped to deliver more conversions at a lower price, but before jumping to a conclusion, let’s see the second experiment.

Here, they used an interest with a larger audience, 940k people. That’s the only variable that was changed. The rest is all the same as the first experiment. They just shifted to a larger interest.

Ad set 1: Hubspot Interest. Audience size: 940k.
Ad set 2: Hubspot Interest + Interest Expansion Targeting. Audience size: 150M


Ad set 1: Hubspot Interest

  • Impressions: 7196
  • CPM: $34.74
  • CPC: $2.63
  • Registrations: 67
  • Cost per registration: $3.73

Ad set 2: Hubspot Interest + Interests Expansion

  • Impressions: 7431
  • CPM: $33.64
  • CPC: $3.13
  • Registrations: 58
  • Cost per registration: $4.31


Bing Ads Interest was the most expensive one and Interest Expansion for a smaller audience size does lower the costs. In this experiment, it decreased the costs by 25%.

However, the results were completely different for larger audience size. For the Hubspot Interest, with a 150K audience, using the Interest Expansion saw an increase in costs by 16%.


  • If your audience is smaller than 100K, consider using the Interest Expansion.
  • For larger audiences, leave off the Interest Expansion option, at least while your frequency stays relatively low.

The Crew’s Take

Test it. Especially with a smaller audience, your CPA might improve or it could still stay acceptable while expanding your audience. With 2 experiments, it’s hard to come to a clear conclusion that you should always follow, so we’re sticking with this: Don’t say “Never use Interest Expansion”.


Thursday, The 13th – Influencers’ nightmare!

Did you hear some screams of horror yesterday? Or someone crying? Don’t worry. It was just some influencers mad at Instagram’s outage.

Fortunately, it just affected the photo-sharing app. And the issue mostly hit Europe, North America, Japan and South America.

Now the problem seems to be fixed and the app should be back to normal.

It’s time to start taking some bets: How long will it take before the next FB-related outage?

We bet $5 something will happen before July. You?


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

How to keep your love relationship healthy

Does your partner ever complain that you don’t give her/him enough attention? Especially when you’re focused on scaling those campaigns and the only person you want to talk to is your aff manager to get a pay bump?

Worry no more! Your relationship is safe thanks to Li Kaixian. Whooo? He is just an engineer who decided to use Artificial Intelligence to keep his girlfriend engaged while he was at work.

He designed a chatbot to chat with his girlfriend, while he was busy. This man is our hero!

The chatbot worked 24/7 and sent messages like:

“Baby, this is our 618th day together. Hope you’ll feel bright as the sun.”

So sweet and romantic, right? Weirdly enough, everything ran smoothly until the girl started to get suspicious because of the fast replies.

Machines will never understand love. But we hope that Li’s relationship is safe!


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