June 18, 2019


Ad Fraud hits Uber. Uber fights back!

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Have you ever run any Uber affiliate offers? Did you manage to go green? You’ll want to read this either way.

What happened?

Roughly 100 affiliate networks and mobile ad networks are under fire from Uber because of alleged fraud installs, negligence and unfair competition.

Among them are Bidmotion, Taptica, Ad Action and YouAppi. Know some of the names?

This story stems back to 2017, and it involves Uber and Fetch. Fetch were hired by Uber to generate new users. 2 years ago, Uber sued Fetch for $40M, claiming that huge advertising budgets had been squandered by the agency.

What’s the role of the companies named above? Those were the companies used by Fetch to place its ads and subcontract its job. Now, Uber has decided to extend the action to these companies as well.

Taptica, one of the businesses that appears in the dispute, stated that “the claims have no merit”. Well, we guess the judges will decide on that one…

That’s all on this story for now, but we expect more news will be released in the future.

But essentially, the juice is that Uber hired an agency to generate new riders and drivers. This agency subcontracted the job to other affiliate networks and traffic networks.

Then Uber lost control over what was happening. The company didn’t know how or where the app was being promoted. Additionally, the results were probably below-par considering the budget used. Sounds familiar?

So, now they are doing battle in the courts…

You can join the conversation in WHAT THE AFF Insiders Group here if you’re already in the group. You’ll get new updates as soon as they’re released.


Lyrics site catches Google red handed

Recently, site owners and SEOs have been firing at Google left, right and centre!

Lyrics website Genius.com has accused Google of lifting its lyrics and displaying them when users search for the content, resulting in traffic decline for its website.

According to the Wall Street Journal, around 62% of mobile searches for lyrics on Google haven’t resulted in a click-through to another site. This data is for March 2019.

Yup, Google showing results for lyrics in its SERPs is a pretty usual thing. However, Genius claims that they have caught the search engine lifting their content red-handed.

What is the basis of this claim?

In 2016, Genius made some changes to the punctuation in its song lyrics. They used a specific mix of straight apostrophes and curly ones. It turns out they were hatching an ingenious plan…

They made this change in a very particular way. So, when the different types of apostrophes were converted to the dots and dashes used in Morse Code, guess what they spelled out? The words ‘Red Handed.’

That’s how Google was caught. Turns out their domain name tells the truth. That’s freaking genius!

Google has denied these claims, saying that the lyrics appearing in these “Information panels” of SERPs are from licensed partners.

Genius, however, insist that they have found more than 100 examples of Google stealing its content.


‘Company Overview’ and ‘Biography’ removed from Pages

From August 21, FB will remove a number of fields info from pages: Company Overview, Biography, Affiliation, Personal Interests, Mission and maybe more.

Admittedly, this isn’t a huge update. However, it’s important information for your page. Consider adding the info in these fields into your Page description instead.


Bow down to the Online Dating Kings! Kidding, don’t bow, just work with them to boost your ROI.

It’s not just jokes. The folks at Online Dating Kings were able to grow the average ROI of their affiliates by 43% in 2018 and are looking to improve even more in 2019.

They can do this because they have their own in-house and exclusive dating offers where they can constantly optimize funnels. See, their name makes more sense now, right?

Not just that but as an affiliate you can benefit from:

  • Advanced tracking
  • Marketing exclusive revenue share of 70% (CPA and CPL also available)
  • White label solution
  • Deep links to profiles
  • Custom banner generator
  • Dedicated account managers

Online Dating Kings has an extensive, localized billing infrastructure to make sure you get as much coverage as possible in any geo where they are market leaders with their offers:

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Czech Republic
  • Slovakia
  • Poland
  • Croatia
  • Serbia
  • Romania

One more keyword for them: reliabilityOnline Dating Kings have a proven track record since 1996 and have built countless relationships (and success stories since then). If you’re not convinced yet, maybe you want to talk to The King himself at Affiliate World Europe 2019.

You can’t miss him, he will be wearing his royal attire and looking over the event from his throne at Booth A38.

If you’re in a hurry for the money, just sign up now!


A conference that looks like a famous music festival. How to avoid PayPal disputes

An e-commerce conference that never happened. Avoiding PayPal disputes before they even take place.

This conference was like Fyre: It didn’t happen…

OK, it wasn’t as hyped as the Fyre Festival but the storyline definitely has some similarities.

We are talking about Kaching Express, an e-commerce conference that was scheduled to take place in Mumbai between 22nd-24th June this year.

Well, yesterday news broke from the conference speakers that they’re pulling out due to broken promises from the organizers.

This is how the events unfolded from what Dim Niko mentioned in his quick FB Live:

  • Speakers were invited with the promise of payment for travel and accommodation.
  • As the event date drew closer, organizers claimed there were some problems with the venue and they had to book another one.
  • Speakers never receive confirmed travel plans and communication from organizers is lacking.
  • One week before the event, some of the invited speakers speak out on social media.
  • The problem with the initial venue turned out to be failure to pay from the organizers. No natural disaster or issue with the venue itself…

Dim Niko’s take is that it was pretty much extremely bad organization.

Ian Fernando also spoke out about it, and he was less than complimentary. In fact, he told people to stay away from working with the organizers: Saurabh Choudhary and Digitaleezy.

In the end, speakers promoted the event and put their names out there, only for the event to be a complete fail. Many attendees had already booked travel, accommodation, and everything else and now won’t be able to get anything back. Pretty shocking situation, in our opinion.

On the bright side, it does look like the organizers are trying to make things right rather than just disappearing. Fingers crossed for everyone!

The Crew’s Take

Organizing a conference is harder than it looks. We’ve attended a bunch of them in our lifetime and spoke at quite a few as well. We don’t know if the organizers had any ill intent or it was purely mismanagement to blame so we’ll not go down that rabbit-hole.

We do, however, want to advise potential speakers for an event! Don’t just jump into all speaking proposals because you want to build your brand.

Why? As a speaker, you will probably know beforehand if the conference has problems. Then you will be stuck between a rock and a hard place: Telling your followers the truth or lying by omission. Both positions suck, so do your research!

Dropping disputes by 80%

Dealing with PayPal disputes is such a painful waste of time. A waste of time and effort that is never going to produce any returns.

How can you avoid this painful activity?

In the post shared by Steve Tan, it looks that the best way is to catch disputes before they’re born and prevent them from ever happening.


Here are the tips shared:

  • Have a great support team: Customers get furious when you don’t answer them. This is the main cause for disputes. So, an efficient support team will stop many disputes before they ever come to fruition.
  • Have clear terms of service and refund policy to help your support team make the right decisions.
  • The last chance to avoid them: Go to PayPal → Settings → Selling tools → Customer service message.

This is the message the customer sees when they make it onto the dispute page. Your last chance to avoid a dispute is this message, right before they actually file it to PayPal.

What do you need to do here? Create an email specifically for disputes (Something like [email protected](dot)com). You should reply to any messages sent to this email as soon as possible. Remember: This is your last chance to avoid the dispute.

Include this email address in the “Customer service message” section in PayPal.

Along with this email address, try to write a customer service masterpiece in this section. Your goal is to change the customer’s mind and stop them from filing a dispute. Instead, they should try to resolve their problems by contacting you on the above email address.

That’s all from Steve Tan.

To healthy and happy businesses! And 0 PayPal disputes!


Campaign builder script

Gotta quickly build a Google Ad Campaign or add some keywords to an existing one? This should do the trick for you.

It’s a script that allows you to do exactly that. All you have to do is provide a few keywords and headlines in a spreadsheet and your campaign will be ready!

What does the script do?

You input your campaign name, keywords, headlines, descriptions, paths and final URL, and the script will output three tabs for you: Keyword combinations, Negative keywords and Ads, all ready to be uploaded to Google Ads Editor.

The script will create one exact match and one broad match modifier campaign for you. It will also create a list of negative keywords in the exact match for the broad modifier campaign to make sure that you are only bidding on the keywords most relevant for you.

How does it work?

  • Create a copy of this spreadsheet here and input the fields marked in Red.
  • Once done, click the big “Go!” Button, and wait for the magic to happen.


3 separate tabs will be generated such as “Keywords,” “Negatives” and “Ads.” If you want to run the script again with different keywords, make sure you save these tabs elsewhere or rename them to prevent the script from overwriting them.

Just upload these tabs into Editor, update the relevant settings and adjustments and BAM!

You’ve got your campaigns ready to go live.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Govt steps up its social media game?

Filters for image snaps aren’t just a teenage obsession anymore. Apparently, they are becoming a necessity for everyone.

Even when it comes to formal matters such as political meetings and press conferences.

Some members of Pakistan’s government decided to stream an event recently, in order to ensure all interested parties could witness proceedings. It wasn’t just a standard livestream though – They included some special effects!

The government officials went live at the press conference meeting with cat filters on!

Was this just modern tech getting the better of them, or did one of the cabinet members just love cats? Either way, the results were hilarious as cat faces started popping up over the ministers’ faces.

The big whiskers and ears made them look much less professional than the average member of government probably should.

Maybe this was a mistake, but in any case it’s certainly an innovative way to get more people interested in politics!

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