June 26, 2019


What’s up with Sweeps in 2019?

Sweeps are one of those evergreen verticals. Many affiliates have built up fortunes thanks to Sweeps, but even evergreen verticals change over the years.


To help you out here, Zorbas Media tried to build a general overview of the current situation regarding sweeps.

Let’s take a look.

What’s working right now? CC submits currently represent the brightest niche in affiliate marketing. In fact, to many affiliates, CC submits sweeps represent the next generation of mobile content offers.

However, things are already getting crowded. Competition for these offers is rising for many traffic sources, which makes it harder to scale. This is especially true for newbies in the business.

What are the best GEOs for CC submit offers? The European region was shown to be best. Latin American regions are the worst, with many advertisers jumping ship and sometimes not even paying networks.

Best traffic sources for CC submit offers? Facebook is a promising traffic source for sweeps. Yet, it’s hard to work with, and you will probably need to cloak and fight against the FB tide to push these offers.

What about Push traffic? Currently the best traffic source to run CC submit offers. The CC submit/push traffic combination has been a juicy one for entry-level affiliates.

Pop traffic: According to the Zorbas Media crew, only navigated affiliates with the right contacts can manage to hit green on pop traffic in 2019 with sweeps.

What about SOI/DOI offers? (Single Opt-in & Double Opt-in) This is a mature niche, but still a popular one.

Leadgen sweep offers seem relatively easy to run, but the downsides include limitations on promo materials and on some of the most effective approaches to running sweeps.

Besides, the relatively low payouts make it difficult to hit a positive ROI.

What are the best GEOs for SOI/DOI offers? The most attractive GEOs now are Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, England, France, Belgium, and Spain.

And the best traffic sources? Facebook, again, can be a working one, but you might be banned. Less complication here than CC submit offers, but still, not a safe traffic source for these offers.

Search traffic can be great if you target fans of certain brands. Though, be careful with the advertisers’ terms.

The approach for PPC and FB is the same: pre-landers with quizzes and surveys.

Push notifications showed to be a good traffic source for sweep offers. Both Samsung/iPhone offers and shopping vouchers are working well on push traffic, whereas vouchers for less well known brands convert poorly.

CC submit or SOI/DOI? CC submits offers have higher payouts and allow more aggressive warm up strategies, and that’s why many affiliates are generating high ROIs with this niche.

Leadgen offers, on the other hand, can be effective for old push databases where users have seen CC submit offers several times. Therefore, SOI offers can work well.

How well affiliates are doing with sweeps in 2019? According to the ZorbasMedia research, many affiliates are able to generate 4-5 figures daily in this vertical and the environment is favourable for these results.

Here comes the end.

The final take is that CC submit/push is the way to go in 2019: higher payouts and fewer restrictions from advertisers. If you’re a newbie, this is especially true.

However, it won’t be long before the market is saturated.

You can try to run these offers on fresh databases of push traffic, hoping that users aren’t yet blind to these offers. Or, you can test working offers on alternative traffic sources and hope that you hit a gold vein.


Oberlo supplier and Verified supplier removed

Oberlo announced that they are removing Oberlo Supplier and Oberlo Verified Supplier products from its platform, with the change coming into effect from July 15th, 2019.

That will be the last day to fulfil an order sourced from an Oberlo Supplier.

However, you will still be able to import and sell AliExpress supplier products using Oberlo.

If you currently have any Oberlo Supplier products and product orders on your store, you can keep fulfilling them until July 15th. After that, these products will become unavailable to all merchants.

Not sure if your Store has any Oberlo Supplier products?

Follow the steps below:

1. Go to the “My Products” page.
2. From the “Source” filter, select Oberlo.
3. Click Filter.

Check out the official announcement here.


Private BH Meet-Up @ AWE Barcelona Hosted by Converting Team

Converting Team are organizing an exclusive meeting for BH Marketers during Affiliate World Europe in Barcelona this year.

If you would like to attend, all you have to do is follow the link below and apply for your invite. That’s right, you have to apply, and here’s why…

Converting Team’s BH meetups are some of the most highly specialised events in the industry, and only the most advanced BH marketers will be invited. The event will take place on 8th July at a secret location in the city. The details will be released to successful applicants shortly before the event.

Warning: Only apply if you are a media buyer! Applications from networks, advertisers and affiliate managers will be rejected.

If you think you have what it takes and want to share your knowledge with some of the best marketers in the industry, apply now using the link below!

Let me in!

Wanna meet the Converting Team squad?

Check out their booth at this year’s AWE Barcelona. Head over to booth C96 to have a private chat and grab some cool merch 😉


Media buying tactics to scale to $60k. Hacks for video ads

Cem Verghese shared a lengthy post detailing the tactics he used to scale an ecomm over a 30 day period. Then, Alexandr Fedotov reveals his Video Ads takes.

Going from $18k to $60k

Cem Verghese shared the FB Ads strategy he used to scale an e-commerce store from $18k in revenue to $60k in just 30 days.

The post is quite long, but we’re bringing you the main takeaways right here!

Should we move to the tactics?

Know your numbers:

Set benchmarks to control the spend. The ones used by Cem are:

  • 1.5x ROAS on cold traffic (60-70% of ad spend)
  • 2x ROAS on warm traffic.
  • 2x ROAS across hot retargeting traffic.

Structure your account for all stages of the customer journey:

Cold traffic: Go for the conversions objective. Use broad interest targeting, but also lookalikes from pixels, from Klaviyo purchasers etc. Each of these should be based on a different timescale, for example 30 days, 60 days, 180 days.

Warm traffic: Use Conversion objective here as well. Target ads/posts engagers, video viewers, collection pages visitors and product page visitors. For each one of these events, you can build two audiences: one focusing on a 7 day period and another on the 30 day timescale.

Hot traffic: Go again with conversion campaigns, but also include DPA campaigns here.

This is the set up that Cem uses:

  • Ad set 1: (Include VC – 7 days. Exclude ATC – 180 days and Purchases – 180 days)
  • Ad set 2: (Include VC – 30 days. Exclude VC – 7 days, ATC – 180 days and Purchases – 180 days)
  • Ad set 3: (Include ATC – 7 days. Exclude purchases – 180 days)
  • Ad set 4: (Include ATC – 30 days. Exclude ATC – 7D, purchases – 180 days)

Scaling: Run a campaign to test creatives on proven audiences. Once you find the good creative, duplicate the campaign into a scaling one with a €500/€1k per day budget.

Set it for midnight and create rules to keep the campaign under control. Once the campaign is converting well on autobid, test different manual bid types, bid amounts, optimization strategies etc.

However, keep in mind that all these media buying tactics work only when you have a proper offer, creative, website and AOV. Media buying alone won’t make it a success.

The last part of the post is about the automated rules, but there are a lot of them. We suggest you to head to the post to have a proper look at them.

12 video hacks from Alexandr Fedotov

We recently shared a SocialInsider report on the latest video trends for 2019.

Following on from that, Alexandr Fedotov came up with a 12-point checklist that you can use to maximise engagement, and a swipe file containing the example of some of the best performing video ads.

Here’s the checklist:

  • Multiple case studies have found that Square videos are the best performing format. Use them to your advantage.
  • First 3 seconds are the most important to convey the crucial points to your customers. Use captivating thumbnails, add a teaser phrase to convey what the video is about.
  • Use appealing titles for your videos. Convey your unique selling value to the buyers immediately using titles.
  • 85% of all videos are being watched with sound off. Thus, always add subtitles to your videos.
  • Use a brief but informative post description. Even a simple line about discount offers will boost the number of video views.
  • Always upload videos directly to Facebook. The chance of receiving comments rises by around 530% when the video is directly uploaded to FB.The chance of receiving comments rises by around 530% when the video is directly uploaded to FB.
  • Boost your CTRs by adding Call-to-actions in your videos, video description and at the end of the video.
  • Use relevant tags to ensure your video reaches a larger audience.
  • Choose the right time to publish your videos, depending on where you and your audiences are located. Lunchtime, dinner etc is when people consume content most.
  • Use video insights metrics to analyze their performance.
  • Use Audience Insights to make sure you are targeting the right audience for your video ads.
  • Use Facebook Live. Live videos on FB have the highest priority within its algorithm.

Check out more details including the swipe file of best performing video ads here.


Does Real Time Bidding violate GDPR?


As per a recent report from the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), Real time bidding (RTB) is not compliant with Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

ICO confirms that the report is not a guidance material or a binding decision for now but more like a progress update on one of our regulatory priorities.

Here are some key points from the report:

  • The usage of data, starting from the point of collection, is taking place without the user consent.
  • There’s an overall lack of understanding and improper use of data protection impact assessments (DPIAs) when there is large scale processing of certain data types.
  • Privacy and other data disclosures to individuals lack clarity and are overly complex.
  • Data profiles created for RTB are extremely detailed and are repeatedly shared with multiple parties without the individuals’ knowledge.
  • Individuals lack assurances about the security of their personal data.

Previously, Chief policy officer at Brave had also criticized RTB:

“RTB broadcasts personal data without security in hundreds of billions of bid requests every day and violates GDPR in the way it captures and circulates personal data without appropriate consent and other required controls.”

With this report, ICO concludes “There are systemic problems, including insufficient consent, transparency and overbroad collection of data within the RTB supply chain.”

This is the first time an official regulatory body has stated that RTB’s current ways of operation violate GDPR.

However, ICO is taking a go-slow approach towards it, as it understands the economic vulnerability of many small publishers involved.

ICO’s thoughts don’t have much weight in the US markets. However, it will definitely influence others in Europe and that, in turn, could influence American regulators as well.

Just like what happened with GDPR influencing CCPA.

Check out the detailed PDF report into adtech and RTB here.


Social Profile Markups are gone

Google has announced that social profile markups for knowledge panels have now been depreciated.

Going forward, Google will automatically discover relevant social media profiles and include them in knowledge panels.

For any claimed knowledge panel, you will be able to suggest social media profiles in the event of them not getting automatically added.

You can do this by searching for your knowledge panel in Google and clicking on “Suggest an edit”.

Google will then review it for accuracy and, if accepted, the suggested edit will then appear in the knowledge panel.

Don’t have ownership of a knowledge panel?

Note that only the verified owner of a knowledge panel can suggest edits. If you don’t own your own knowledge panel, you need to gain ownership of it.

  • Search for the entity you represent and find the knowledge panel you wish to claim.
  • Click on “claim this knowledge panel” at the bottom.

You will be asked to sign into other profiles associated with the entity such as Twitter, YouTube, or Search Console. Once signed in, you’ll have the ownership and the ability to manage your own knowledge panel.

The order of the social profiles listed in a knowledge panel cannot be changed. You can only suggest the addition of new social profiles or edit your existing ones.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Back to the Moon?

It was April when the climb started.

After a year in a dark hell full of catastrophic collapses, a bright light appeared at the end of the tunnel.

And that light is now worth $12k.

The buzz isn’t as big or as loud as it was in 2017, but new hopes have awakened in the hearts of the hodl guys and gals.


What the heck are we talking about?

Well, we know that we have many crypto fans among our readers, and they probably understand everything we’re saying.

If not, here it is: Bitcoin. After being stuck in a bear market for over a year, BTC has hit an upward trend and is back!

The climbing started back in April, and since then it’s rocketed up from $5k to $12k. Today, June 26, has seen Bitcoin hit its highest peak in 2019.

In Italy, there’s a term used: “Straw fire”. It’s used to refer to something that starts off very strong and extraordinary, but dwindles and eventually ends up without any results.

Well, we hope that this climbing isn’t just a “straw fire” that will finish in a short time, leaving our hopes disappointed again.

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