June 5, 2019


How to scale Facebook Ads

Struggling to scale your campaigns? Or maybe you’re just looking for some new tips and tricks to get those conversions rolling? This post shared by Raul Vintila might help you improve your scaling strategies, so let’s take a look at it.

3 Main Limitations

According to Raul Vintila, scaling is all about overcoming limitations. You need to figure out the limitations you face when scaling, and then develop a way to overcome the hurdles in your path. The 3 biggest limitations that can hold you back are:

  • Angles.
  • Audiences.
  • Budget.

How can you flip these limitations and make them work for you instead of against you?

Scaling Angles

Different people react to different messages. Thus, having just one angle drastically limits the number of people that are touched by your message.

Raul says that by using just one angle you’re missing out on 60-80% of the potential audience. This means that, after some time running a campaign, your performance will tank as you exhaust the audience that connect with your angle.

If you think that your angles are limiting your scaling, try testing new ones rather than increasing your budget. A higher budget will just increase the ad fatigue in this scenario.

You should broaden your targeting only after adding new angles and squeezing your current audience.

Scaling Audiences

By adding new angles you’ll be able to squeeze 50-60% of your audience. Then you can increase the volume and target a larger audience, but remember this rule of thumb: Keep your daily reach between 1% and 5% of the audience you are targeting.

Why? There are 2 reasons:

  • If the daily reach is under 1%, it means your budget is too small for the audience.
  • If it’s higher than 5%, it means your audience it’s too narrow and you’re missing out on the chance of finding new people interested in your offer.

Avoid increasing the budget or you’ll burn your audience. Also, adding new angles doesn’t work in this case because you are over-optimizing.

Scaling the budget

This is about adjusting the budget so you keep the daily reach between that magic range of 1-5%.

This is the order you should follow when scaling: Scaling angles > Scaling audiences > Scaling the budget.

Want some more suggestions from Raul?

  • CBO works amazingly well for scaling. Just add extra ad sets in your CBO campaigns to scale your audiences.
  • Don’t kill loser ad sets too early. Do you remember the Breakdown Effect?
  • MB should only be used in 1 situation: When you think that your budget is too high for your potential audience and you want to cap the delivery.

That’s about all for scaling today. Have a look at the post to get more insights. But most importantly, execute what you learn!


2019 Holiday Playbook

Google released a Holiday Retail Playbook 2019 to help marketers with planning and managing marketing campaigns for holiday activation.

The playbook was shared with us by Keys Jackson in our WTAFF Insiders Facebook Group.

Here are the contents of the guide:

  • Holiday highlights and insights from 2018.
  • Building your holiday game plan for 2019.
  • Building your digital storefront.
  • Driving product discovery and reaching new customers.
  • Online and Offline sales.
  • Global holiday calendar for 2019.
  • Case studies & best practices from top retailers.
  • Holiday Shopping checklists.

You can download the playbook here.


May the AdultForce be with you!

This is not your run-of-the-mill affiliate network, but a powerhouse with big names and true exclusivity.

You might not have heard the name before but you will remember it from now on! AdultForce is the affiliate network side of Pornhub’s parent company. Yes, that one, the biggest adult website on the planet.

And this is where you will find absolute monster exclusives when it comes to the adult vertical. Just check out some of these:

  • Pornhub Premium
  • Brazzers
  • Nutaku Games
  • Reality Kings
  • My Dirty Hobby

These affiliate programs are all powered by AdultForce… Exclusively! You don’t get them direct or with better performance than right here at the source.

Hey, what about putting those campaigns on Autopilot? Just join AdultForceand let their portfolio of branded premium offers combined with their Autopilot tech works its magic to maximize your campaign results! Smooth like a Tesla!

AdultForce is where the world’s best products, tools and detailed analytics meet under one roof and any customization can be provided 😉

Sign up to get a dedicated account manager right away and start printing that money!


Firefox blocks 3rd party cookies

Mozilla has finally enabled the “Enhanced Tracking Protection” feature on its Firefox browser.

This feature will automatically block all third-party tracking cookies that allow advertisers and websites to track users across the web.

This will be enabled by default for new users who download and install a fresh copy of Firefox. For now, existing users will have to manually enable this, but over the coming months Mozilla will auto-activate this feature for all users.

Here’s how to manually enable it.

  • Click on the menu icon of your Firefox web browser.
  • Select “Content Blocking”.
  • Go to your “Privacy & Security” settings.
  • Select the “Custom” gear.
  • Now select “third-party trackers” under “Cookies”.

This feature works in the background and will be practically invisible to users. The way to check that it’s operating is, when visiting a site, to check for a shield icon in the address bar, next to the URL address and the small ‘i’ icon.

Enhanced Tracking Protection feature will block known third-party cookies from more than 2,500 tracking domains, and Mozilla has plans to grow that list over time.


Another solution for fake DMCA complaints

Did yesterday’s post about fake DMCA complaints leave you scared and worried about ill-intentioned competitors threatening your business?

We gave you a couple of solutions to protect yourself yesterday, and we’ve got a couple more for you today.

One was shared again by Attila O’dree, and it’s ClickFunnels. He said that the company doesn’t remove your products when someone files a random DMC takedown form against you.

In the comments, Om Thoke added WooCommerce to the list of companies that don’t automatically remove your products.

So, if you were scared about the threat of fake DMCA takedowns, between today’s and yesterday’s post we’ve brought you 4 different solutions. So, there is a way to defend yourself from the pirates out there!

Good luck!


Convert organic influencer posts into ads

Influencer marketing is growing exponentially, and it’s not just us saying this. We’ve got the numbers to back it up.

As per Socialbakers recent report, Instagram influencers are posting 150% more sponsored content when compared to last year.

An Ipsos study by Facebook reveals that 68% of daily Instagram users use the app to interact with content creators.

In order to take Influencer marketing to the next level, Instagram is rolling out branded content ads. This ad format allows brands to create ads using organic posts from influencers they have relationships with.

Here’s how it will work.

  • Content creators or Influencers need to share access with brands to promote their posts.
  • This can be done from the Advanced Settings of their Page.
  • Brands will then be able to see the influencer’s posts in their Ads Manager under “Existing Posts”.
  • They will also be able to use these posts as an ad within the Instagram Newsfeed or in Stories.

Old Navy, a brand which had access to this new feature shared this testimonial: “Promoting content directly from an influencer’s handle inherently gives the post more authenticity than coming from a brand handle. We’re seeing significantly higher engagement rates using this strategy.”

Branded content ads will be available to all advertisers over the coming weeks. These ads will only be available for news feed ads initially, but will be rolled out to Stories over the coming months.


FTC complaints against negative-options

On Monday, we talked about a scam rebills company and how it went from a $26M fine from the FTC to be valued at $1B and viewed as The Next Big Thing in the Silicon Valley.

The topic got some attention in the WHAT THE AFF Insider Group, and Nate Lind shared another similar case. This probably explains why some affiliates are struggling to push these kinds of offers.

In fact, the Federal Trade Commission is going after Apex Capital Group, LLC, a company that built a scheme many of us are familiar with. They offered personal care products to consumers, but then billed customers the full price of the products and enrolled them in negative-option continuity plans without their consent.

The scheme allowed the company to generate $40M. Not only that, but to further the scheme they used shell companies and straw men in the US and the UK to get the merchant accounts needed to accept the payments.

How did they lower the rate of chargebacks? By load balancing and microtransaction processing.

Load balancing involves spreading the sales volume across multiple merchant accounts in order to reduce the chargeback level in every account.

Microtransaction processing refers to using prepaid gift cards to make thousands of individual transactions in small dollar amounts. Given that these transactions would not lead to chargebacks, they lowered the ratio.

Well, authorities and consumers are waking up. The companies that use these schemes are on the FTC’s radar and probably have a drastically shortened lifespan.


What happened in Brazil isn’t staying in Brazil…

Hey ladies and gents, it’s Manu here. In case you missed it, I was in Sao Paulo for Afiliados Brasil last week and thought I’d give you my thoughts on the event. Maybe it’ll help you out if you’re thinking about checking it out in 2020.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect there… It was my first time there and I hadn’t spoken to any previous attendees.

After the 3 day event, Afiliados Brasil looked like a great gateway into the Brazilian market, which is huge by the way. If you didn’t already know, it’s the world’s 5th biggest country by population.

With an event like Afiliados Brasil, I got to see what the main verticals and challenges are around Brazil… Here’s a secret to keep between us: Nutra and gambling (especially sports betting) seem to be the main ones.

More companies than I expected focus on providing payment solutions. Well, it makes sense if you think of the 2 main verticals.

Aside from that, Brazilians are hungry when it comes to digital marketing. So, if you have good content, there are 209M Brazilians waiting for it. You just need to find someone to help you localize it… And I don’t mean just translating it.

Conclusion? Big market with less competition. Afiliados Brasil is the event to learn about it and find the right partnerships to start taking advantage of Brazil’s potential. See you there in 2020!


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Amazon, the tribe, saves the rainforest

Yibambe! Guess, who just won?

The Waorani people of Pastaza, an indigenous tribe from the Ecuadorian Amazon.

The Waorani have been living in the Rainforest for centuries, but their home came under threat from a large oil company. They didn’t take this show of power lightly though…

They fought a long battle with a number of organizations, and eventually succeeded in protecting 100k acres of their ancestral territory in the Amazon rainforest from being mined for drilling by huge oil corporations.

No, this was not a physical battle, but a civilized lawful fight held by a three-judge panel.

The panel thrashed the corrupt ways of the Ecuadorian government and declared the attempt of their land purchase null and void.

The court also halted the potential auctioning off of 16 oil blocks that cover over 7M acres of indigenous territory.

Well, this has set a new precedent for indigenous peoples’ rights over the land they live in and offers them a glimmer of hope in protecting their cultural heritage.

They’ll definitely need plenty of support in the coming years, as the world becomes ever more desperate for the natural resources that their beautiful and untouched lands hold.

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