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You can now sell directly inside the DMs


Looks like everyone’s DMs just got a little less awkward.

Instagram now allows you to buy and sell products directly in chat, and you know what they say…

Money talks: With this new feature, small businesses can send payment requests and collect money, answer questions, and more… without having to leave the chat.

Meanwhile, customers can ask questions or discuss details before purchase… and track orders, too. Smooth.

Why we care: The more friction you can remove from your buyer’s journey, the better. Instagram’s new feature cuts a lot of steps and makes the app more shoppable.

By the way, Instagram might not be the only one polishing the buying experience…


Snapchat just hit desktop

Good news for anyone who thinks video meetings are more fun with filters…

Snap just announced they’re bringing the social media platform to the desktop.

Users will be able to send messages and Snaps, and host video calls right from their laptops.

And yes, Lenses are coming too.

Who can use it: For now it’s only available to Snapchat+ subscribers in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, but Snap promises to expand it globally soon.

Why we care: Customers enjoy browsing on mobile, but they usually spend money on desktop.

If enough Snap users download the app on their desktops, that could mean better conversions for your Snapchat Ads.

Which means now would be a good time to optimize your store’s UX…


Get a free teardown of your e-commerce store’s UX


Could your e-commerce store use a UX lift?

How about getting one… for $0? 

Oddit is offering a free UX teardown to every Stacked Marketer reader that applies.

“Okay… but what does an Oddit teardown look like?”

Good question! Here’s what Oddit recommended Smoothie Bombs do to take their site to the next level:

  1. Feature one thing in your announcement bar and make it actionable. Free shipping is a quick win.
  2. Don’t clutter the navigation. Put your categories inside the menu, or feature all of them with one line (“Shop all” or “Shop the best sellers”).
  3. Place a social proof call-out at the top.
  4. Carousels are distracting and most users never get past the first image. Remove them.
  5. Add a secondary link directly in the image so customers can shop the product they see.
  6. Make sure your headline meets color contrast accessibility standards.
  7. Make your CTAs full-width on mobile.

Solid stuff, right?

Get your free UX-teardown and boost those conversions or book a time to chat with the Oddit Team!


How to win a top keynote spot at a conference


Winning a keynote speaking spot at a conference can take a lot of work, reputation building, and occasionally… stress.

But a good presentation is rewarding in many ways:

  • It reinforces your reputation in the industry.
  • It opens new doors, career paths, and partnerships.
  • It helps you earn another keynote speaker spot.
  • It can provide additional income.

So how do you build a reputation as a speaker and win speaking engagements?

Rand Fishkin of SparkToro has had a fair share of keynote appearances, and he’s got a super interesting Twitter thread on how to “cheat your way to a top spot.”

Here are some of his tips…

Don’t include well-known tactics: If you start your speech with stuff most listeners already know—stuff you can easily find on popular blogs—you’ll hurt your reputation.

Focus on providing information that ain’t easy to find.

No reading ahead: Don’t reveal too much of the presentation on your slides.

Revealing too much too soon can frustrate listeners because they’ll know where you’re going, and will get tired of waiting for you to get to the point.

Create tension or expectation and resolve it: Nothing works better to capture attention than telling a snappy story. Try crafting a real life example that starts with a conflict, then resolve it.

For example: You send an email to a new subscriber. They don’t engage. Then the next email gets deleted. Third email, they report spam. Google flags your domain as spam, you try to hold back the tears… But don’t worry, there’s another way.

Say controversial things you can back up with data: The most interesting info is often controversial, sometimes even unbelievable.

But if you segue into scientific evidence that backs up your initial story, you’ll grab attention and build credibility.

Rand has other useful tips, too. Read the entire thread for the rest.

And who knows… Maybe we’ll see you frontlining a marketing conference soon!


How influencer marketing could let you tap into a $37 billion opportunity… every year


Did you know parents pour $37B into the market during the back-to-school season?

Or that in 2021, three out of every four parents purchased a product recommended by a social media influencer?

In this article, #paid shows you 12 influencer campaigns that were successful in 2021, plus a list of guidelines to help you plan your own successful influencer campaigns this year.

Get everything you need to run your own back-to-school influencer campaigns.


How to sell low-cost, impulse buy products


We recently got a great question from a reader:

“Could you do a segment about how to market products that are low-cost impulse buys?”

Good idea, let’s do it. In general, impulse buys are products that don’t solve a problem, per se. Instead, they’re fun, quirky products you didn’t know you wanted.

A great example of an impulse buy product is the slushie cup: A type of cup that turns liquid into ice after a couple minutes of vigorous squeezing.

One minute you’re relaxing at the park… the next minute the slushie cup has you reaching for your credit card.

So how do you market an impulse buy product? Normally, you should do two things:

  • Sell the product’s novelty. Most people buy these items because they’re unique. So lean into that novelty with your marketing. And feel free to be tongue-in-cheek—your audience will probably get it.
  • Show people having fun with the product. People are more likely to purchase something if they see other people having fun with it. Running Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook Ads that show other people having a blast is a great way to sell.

Right, now let’s see this in action: You can see examples in this video, where the makers of the slushie cup turn everything from milk to laundry detergent into a slushie.

The clips are great examples of viral marketing that brings out the strange nature of the product.

To wrap it all up… People want an excuse to pay for low-cost, fun products. You just need to give it to them!


PPC: Search for… ads near me? Google seems to be testing pin ads that should show location photos when you click them. Good news if you advertise locally.

TIKTOK: It’s no longer just about optimizing for Google. There’s already a bunch of content on how to improve rankings on TikTok and finding popular search phrases using the platform’s search bar. Good to know.

GOOGLE: “That’s a nice business you got there…” Users are threatening brands with one-star Google reviews unless they send gift cards. Luckily, Google has already set up a system for dismissing these threats. If The Sopranos were filmed today…


I have a thousand needles but I do not sew. What am I?

You can find the answer here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Scammers for zoomers


Remember the old days of getting emails from Nigerian princes? Good times.

Scammers used to go straight for our wallets… until people stopped falling for their “advance fee” schemes.

Now they’re going straight for our hearts.

So if you get an emotional or sympathetic text from a stranger, don’t take it personally.

It might just be a “romance scam.”

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