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Twitter launches Shops


Good news for people who enjoy window shopping: now you can do it on Twitter.

Twitter launched Twitter Shops, a feature where businesses can showcase up to 50 products on their Twitter profile.

Where it will appear: When people visit your Twitter profile, they’ll see a “View shop” button just above your tweets. After they click the button, they’ll see a list of products they can buy.

Who can showcase products with this feature: For now, only select merchants and managed partners in the U.S. with enabled Shops. Twitter is keeping Shops in beta mode for now.

Who can view this feature: People who use Twitter in English, live in the United States, and own an iPhone. If you’re not among the “lucky few,” there are always proxies and iOS emulators.


Buy-now-pay-later will be the fastest-growing payment method through 2025

Buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) shows no signs of slowing down.

That’s according to the 156-page Global Payments report recently published by FIS (Fidelity National Information Services).

Seeing double: Currently, buy-now-pay-later accounts for 2.9% (or $157 billion) of the total global e-commerce transaction value. By 2025, that figure is expected to rise to 5.3%, or $438 billion.

North America and Europe lead the pack: In 2021, BNPL transactions accounted for 3.8% of the value of North American e-commerce sales. A year earlier, that percentage was 1.6%. For Europe, BNPL accounted for 8.1% of the e-commerce transaction volume.

What this means for you: If you sell online, more and more people will expect you to accept payments through a buy-now-pay-later service like Klarna, Afterpay, or Affirm. So brace yourself.


Discover the newest advertising solutions to help you create profitable ads at Unveil 2022


Yes, it’s free to attend.

Yes, it’s at a convenient time, whether you are in the Americas, EMEA, or APAC.

Yes, you will get the recording if you can’t make it.

Yes, it’s a 40-minute event packed with valuable content around creativity, performance, and simplicity.

Whether you’re already deep into native ads or you are just thinking about trying this powerful ad format because other channels aren’t working as well as they did before, this is the event for you.

Outbrain serves 344 billion recommendations on their network every single month – they know what drives results.

And at Unveil 2022 on March 15, or March 16, or March 17 (your choice), they will share their insights with you, along with the latest tools they’ve built to help you generate conversions.

You will learn about cookieless optimisation technology, new dashboard tools, new ad experience and creative services, and more!

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A content marketer asked her followers for writing advice. Here’s what they said


In case you don’t know already, #MarketingTwitter is a goldmine when it comes to marketing insights and ideas.

Kaleigh Moore, a freelancer writer and content marketer, recently asked her audience: “What’s the best piece of writing advice you’ve ever been given?”

Here are some of our favorite answers:

Write how you talk. We relate to other humans, so the more conversational your writing is, the more relatable your content will be.

Start with crucial points of the piece and write the introduction when you’re done. This will help you write faster. If you don’t know what to write in a section, skip it and move to the next one.

Put a timer and write as fast as possible. Then edit slowly. That way you’re not hampered by perfectionism or writer’s block. For best results, wait 24 hours before editing your piece, and read your work out loud.

If you don’t know what to write, ask yourself 3 questions:

  • What’s the objective of the content or the copy?
  • What are the key points that support the objective?
  • What examples can you give to back up those points?

Answering these gives you 70% of the content.

Begin sentences with subjects and verbs, and let the fine details, modifiers, and secondary thoughts come after.

Proofread on different devices. Different screens will reveal poorly constructed sentences and typos.

Those are just six of the suggestions that stood out to us. Kaleigh’s followers offered lots more.


These 50 experiments are the ultimate list of conversion-boosting A/B tests


Fixed search bar. Free shipping. Adding a promotional banner to increase basket size. There are millions of ways to optimize your website and get more conversions.

AB Tasty gathered the top 50 experiments from 50 different brands in beauty, travel, hospitality, fashion, retail, nonprofit, and more. And it’s available for free.

They are a must if you want to optimize your funnel and get more conversions from your traffic.

Download the 50 experiments for free.



The only landing page checklist you’ll need


We’ve written a lot about landing pages. That’s because, well, we’ve looked at thousands of them. In our deep dives, and in this newsletter, we’ve distilled what works and what doesn’t.

So today we bring you a short checklist for your own landing pages.

Here’s how it works: Read each question and compare it with your landing page. If your answer to the question is “no,” make a quick fix and keep moving.

The items in this list are proven to convert––and they’re used by most of the world’s most profitable brands.

  • Header: Does the reader know exactly what your product does?
  • Subheader: Does the reader know the main problem your product solves?
  • Call to action: Is it above the fold, on desktop and mobile?
  • Value propositions: Does the reader understand what their life looks like when they use your product?
  • Length: Are there fewer than 100 words on each block on the page?
  • Word choice: Does every single word contribute to the point you are making? Literally, look at your landing page word-by-word.
  • Tone: Are you speaking with a positive voice? E.g. ‘Save time’ instead of ‘stop losing time.’
  • CTAs: Do you have an additional CTA midway down, or at the bottom of, your landing page?
  • Font: Are your fonts consistent? Are you using the same fonts throughout headers, and the same fonts throughout subheaders?
  • Font size: Is your font big enough that someone with below-average sight could read every word on the page?

If you can answer “yes” to all of the questions, your page is already better than ~90% of landing pages out there. Congratulations!


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MARKETING: App users are 41% more likely to visit your brick-and-mortar store than non-app users. Especially if you happen to be one of these five business categories…

SEO: Time to scatter some bread crumbs. Internal linking is very important for SEO, says Google’s John Mueller.

INTERNET: Scammers need not apply. The U.K. just expanded its online safety bill to cover scam ads and seems poised to regulate advertisers more tightly in general.

GOOGLE: One less data headache, we hope. The search engine updated its document on connecting Search Console to Data Studio.

ADVERTISING: Uh-oh. Programmatic advertising is far from perfect, it seems. Domain spoofing has affected advertisements in USA Today and other newsletters owned by Ganett.

FACEBOOK: Running a Facebook group? Then you’ll like this. Facebook just added new features for group administrators, including the ability to automatically approve or decline member requests based on criteria you can set up.

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What breaks and never falls, and what falls and never breaks?

You can find the answer here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Women’s Day gone wrong


There’s always at least one company that screws up Women’s Day.

This year, that company was Flipkart. According to reports, Flipkart sent a message to its customers that said: “Dear Customer. This Women’s Day, let’s celebrate you. Get kitchen appliances from Rs. 299”

Their message didn’t go over well with many women.

Last year Burger King made a similar mistake when it tweeted something about women in the kitchen. Needless to say, they were flame-grilled for the tweet.

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