Leaked email: 11 biggest retailers including Amazon put affiliate programs on hold. Attila O’dree, Van Oakes & other top marketers unveil their campaigns’ biggest levers. Top 100 growing & declining ecomm niches during COVID-19 revealed.



How much for those TikTok Ads?

We’ve talked about marketing on TikTok a bunch of times, but up until now it’s always been focused on using influencers. So, for a change of scenery, we bring you some insights shared by Gareth John from his advertising experience on the app.

Since not everybody is allowed to advertise on TikTok, let’s see how Gareth can enlighten us:

+ Gareth John experienced TikTok Ads with fixed buy and here’s the listing:

  • In-Feed Videos  Variable ($2k+ a day): Ordinary video ad in the feed.
  • Brand Takeover – Variable ($10k-$50k per day): First video all users see on the platform for that day. That explains the price tag…
  • TopView – Variable ($20k+ a day): Similar to Brand Takeover, but it’s an in-feed video that appears in the first 3-10 swipes.
  • Hashtag challenge – $75k-$150k a day: You pick a song, make it on your own homepage and challenge users to create their own version of it.


+ Auction: For In-Feed Videos, the CPM is roughly $10. However, this is only available in BETA on the self-serve platform that Gareth didn’t use.

+ Targeting: Very limited. You can only target people by age group, country, city and mobile device.

Finally, he concludes that TikTok is only suitable for around 10% of businesses and, considering the difficulty of accessing the self-serve platform, it’s better to stick to the platforms you’re already leveraging for now.


Top retailers cutting their affiliate programs

As per the leaked emails from this source, some of the top retailers (including Amazon) have suspended their affiliate programs with the top influencer and digital-publisher platform Skimlinks.

Here’s a list of brands that put their affiliate programs on hold:

  • Amazon
  • Patagonia
  • Victoria’s Secret
  • Ticketmaster
  • Marriott
  • Malaysia Airlines
  • Qatar Airlines
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Air France
  • Momondo
  • Kayak

Skimlinks didn’t confirm the full list of brands, but they did reveal that Ulta and Ralph Lauren had reinstated their programs. They also said that, while 267 merchants had paused their programs, the platform had added 395 new ones since March 25.

RewardStyle, another top affiliate platform for influencers, also reported some retailers were cutting their programs. Businesses including Macy’s, Patagonia, and Victoria’s Secret have suspended their affiliate programs with RewardStyle.

That’s not all – even Walmart has suspended its programs with platforms like MagicLinks and Rakuten.

This news comes after a period of growth in affiliate revenue for some of these businesses, but the economic downturn caused by the ongoing pandemic has forced them to pull back.


💊 These are the nutra affiliate offers that are working right now, when people are stuck inside


If you have been reading the reports on the impact of COVID-19 on our industry, you’ll know that 58% of digital businesses see the same or increased ROAS.

What is one of the niches that show some positives? Health and nutra related! Because when stuck inside, people need the right supplements to get fit, put on muscle and boost the immune system. And these are the right offers in the right niche right now.

If you want to scale in this vertical, this is for you. Straight sales rev-share with offers directly from the advertiser where cap is not an issue.

If you want to pivot into nutra, a vertical that works better now, these nutra offers are also a great choice.

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Why Nutriprofits? Because they have got:

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  • Awesome support.

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What are your campaign’s biggest levers?

During the weekend, Paul Jey started an interesting conversation on Facebook as he asked his fellow marketers what their campaigns’ biggest levers are. What matters the most? The offer? The landing page? The copy?

It turned out to be an interesting conversation, and here are some of the replies from some marketers that have already been hosted here:

Attila O’Dree:

  1. Offer
  2. Landing page copy (creatives)
  3. Ad copy (creatives)
  4. Targeting
  5. Campaign structure
  6. Bidding

Van Oakes’s schema is slightly different, with more emphasis on the angle and the campaign structure rather than targeting.

  1. Offer
  2. Creative/angle
  3. Landing page copy
  4. Ad copy
  5. Campaign structure
  6. Targeting
  7. Bidding

We also like this comment from Tamir Ram, which comes with a more detailed explanation:

  1. Offer – Good ads can’t fix a shitty offer/product.
  2. Ad creative and copy – You need cheap, relevant clicks or your landing page won’t matter. A great landing page won’t fix $5 CPCs.
  3. Landing page – A continuation of the creative/copy, give the user some “little-known” info, sprinkle in a little conspiracy for bonus points.
  4. Campaign Structure – Split up retargeting from cold traffic, promos, etc.
  5. Targeting/Bidding.

These are just a few of the many answers Paul Jey received, with the main takeaways being:

  • The offer/product is always top of the list.
  • Copy and creatives, for both landing page and ads, always makes it into the top three.

In other words, media buying strategies are less important than a working offer and high quality copy and creatives.

Golden info for a newbie, a chance for comparison for a veteran.


  • E-COMMERCE: Shopify surveyed North American shoppers and built a checklist from their findings. This is what your store needs to look trustworthy.
  • CORONAVIRUS: Using its GPS data, Google built COVID-19 Community Mobility reports to track how mobility changed in every country as social distancing measures were brought in.
  • YOUTUBE: YouTube Shorts is Google’s plan to compete with the young TikTok. It will be launched in the late 2020. However, with TikTok gaining momentum as people are stuck home, will Youtube Shorts be too late?
  • AMAZON: Some Amazon workers revealed that the company is not truly focusing on shipping only essential goods, and instead is shipping whatever users order.
  • E-COMMERCE: Here are the top 100 fastest growing & declining ecommerce niches during the current pandemic.


I have a thousand needles but I do not sew.

What am I?

You can find the solution by clicking here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

When zoo people resort to BH SEO

If you have been following the super popular Netflix docuseries “Tiger King”, you’ll know the kind of craziness involved between Exotic Joe’s GW Zoo and Carole Baskin’s Big Cat Rescue.

The crazy things they both did to get one over on the other’s business is part of what sent this show viral on Netflix.

Now imagine such old school, cat people coming up with SEO ideas to take things to another level.

“She’s the first choice every time — supersedes all the zoos; she’s at the top of all search.”

So, in order to gain more visibility online, he decided to fool searchers and bring users to his zoo. How? By changing the name of his zoo from GW Zoo to Big Cat Rescue Entertainment.

He didn’t really change the name of his zoo, instead just targeting those search terms that went looking for Big Cat Rescue.


Masterstroke! He started receiving more calls from people online, although the upside to his plan was short-lived.

*Slow claps for Joe*

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