Leaked FB internal Q&A with Zuckerberg reveals his secret plan to beat TikTok and the fight against Govts. Shopify Malware Alert: Sales drop reported. Conversational-webinar bots: A setup that made $2M in revenue.



C-webinar bots and updates for ManyChat users

Have you heard of C-webinar bots? Well, they’re basically conversation-webinar bots. Today, we learn how to add them to your marketing mix. ManyChat has so many new integrations and updates rolling out that you might as well just rebuild all your bots. Just kidding and great updates!

ManyChat continues to roll out more updates

To all the ManyChatters out there, here are a bunch of new updates coming out after the Conversations19 conference.

Diving quickly into them:

Default Comments Growth Tool. It works similar to a Default Reply for FB page posts. You can set it up by creating a new Comments growth tool and configure it to work with specific posts or all posts.

Send a Flow to a user from LiveChat. Send any Flow to a user during a LiveChat conversation. Click on the small Flow icon and you can then pick any Flow.

New Google Sheets logs. New logs which you can find under Settings > Logs, including Google Sheets integration to notify you if something goes wrong with your bot.

Delete Tags, CUFs and Bot Fields safely. When deleting a Tag, CUF or Bot Field, ManyChat will check your bot’s content and show you where it is being used. This information will help you keep your bot’s automation stable.

Conversational-webinar bots

Moving on from the latest updates to using conversation webinar bots for marketing your content, products or services.


Mary Kathryn Johnson, a regular speaker at the Conversations conference, shared some insights on breaking up long-form webinars and delivering short video content within ManyChat.

Before we begin, here’s the exact process she shared during Conference18. It’s made one of her clients over $2M since January 2018, so it’s well worth a look:

  • Start with a FB Live Video that touches your prospects’ pain points and provides genuine value. For example, Mary uses a PDF doc titled “3 tools to get consistent leads to your webinar” with one FB Live connected to the chatbot.
  • Turn those 3 tools/tips into a single page PDF delivered by the comment tool of your bot.
  • Share the PDF and nurture them to join your webinar.
  • Integrate ManyChat with your webinar program/videos, including a CTA that takes them to your sales/calendar page.
  • Send follow up messages compliant with FB ToS.

This time, she’s trying a different approach by breaking down a 55 minute long webinar into a series of three short videos. These are made accessible to users via a ManyChat opt-in, with the video hosted on individual ClickFunnels pages.

Each video page has a CTA button leading back into ManyChat so the user can tag the video as watched, which then results in a link to the next video in the series.

She is seeing an open rate of 77% for the 1st video, with 51% users completing the entire series. All without spending a dime on FB Ads!

You can check her post for screenshots containing more stats, and if you found her tips interesting, drop by to say hello 🙂


The best place to find skilled, reliable and hard-working remote workers!

We’re speaking from experience here. OnlineJobs.ph is the place where we found our first and oldest hire almost 4 years ago. Have a look at our logo, our social media posts, our memes and all our videos for the past year! All visuals are done by that same awesome guy!

Anytime we’re looking for virtual assistants, programmers, designers or writers, we put a job listing on OnlineJobs.ph as well.

That’s because we always get several very good candidates. There’s a huge talent pool to choose from.

Now, don’t get us wrong, not all applicants are so-called rockstars. You must have a process to choose the best ones for you, you have to make sure you understand their work culture, you will also have to provide some basic training – just like any new hires.

If you’re a seasoned business person, you already know a thing or two about hiring. If you’re new to this, OnlineJobs.ph has its own very detailed guide on how to hire and manage your team. Whether you recruit on their platform or somewhere else, it’s very helpful.

By the way, one misconception is that you are just working with freelancers. That’s mostly not true. You are hiring full-time, reliable people to be there for your business when it needs it! People who are used to working in remote teams and adapt to your time zone needs.

Why is OnlineJobs.ph better than alternatives?

  • Everyone speaks English. In case you didn’t know it, just about everyone with an Internet connection in the Philippines has a good level of English.
  • Background data checks on your candidates.
  • Worker coaching service. If you need help training your new hire, it’s included in the Premium plan!
  • No long term commitment. Once you’ve found the right candidate, you don’t pay anymore. You just enjoy the productivity of your new hires!
  • Over 500,000 resumes to choose from. Yeah, that’s a big talent pool!

We’ve made some big claims about the platform but why don’t you try it for yourself? You can post 3 jobs for free. If you are already convinced, check the Pro or Premium options at $69/month or $99/month.

If you want to test it out for free, all you have to do is sign up for an account right here and post your job.


Fightin’ govts till the end. And the secret plan to beat TikTok

Every week, Mark Zuckerberg has an internal Q&A at Facebook where employees can ask him anything about the company.

Now, in an ironic twist concerning privacy, it turns out that some employees breached the trust of Facebook by releasing the script of a Q&A from July.

The Q&A was shared by The Verge, meaning we can all have a look inside FB and discover what Mark thinks of the current situation, the latest government dealings, his plan to beat TikTok, and why he plans to retain control of the company.

Mark Zuckerberg, in a smart move after the doc was leaked, shared the full transcript on his FB profile.

Let’s see what the CEO discussed with his employees.

In response to Sen. Warren, who has called for Facebook to be broken up, Mark said that if she is elected as The President, this might be a challenge but he will fight to the end to defend Facebook.

Why Twitter can’t defend itself: The budget that Facebook spends on security equals Twitter’s entire revenue…

Why he refused to testify with other countries: Mark says that testifying with Europe and USA was enough. It makes no sense to show up for every country that asks for it.

On Libra rollout: Public opinion is making the rocky rollout of Libra more dramatic than it really is. They’re just dealing with regulators.

“So we have a test going on in India. We’re working in Mexico and a bunch of other countries to have this rolled out broadly. The hope is to get that rolled out in a lot of places with existing currencies before the end of this year.”

“And we have this bigger, or at least more exotic, project around Libra, which is to try to stand up a new kind of digital money that can work globally”

About the dramatic Facebook moderators stories: “With a population of 30k people (employees), there’s going to be a distribution of experiences that people have.”

On beating TikTok: Facebook has already released a similar app, Lasso, in Mexico and other countries where TikTok is not currently a big talking point. They’re testing to see if they can make it work before competing with TikTok directly.

“I think we have time to learn and understand and get ahead of the trend. It is growing, but they’re spending a huge amount of money promoting it. What we’ve found is that their retention is actually not that strong after they stop advertising.”

On what employees should tell friends who don’t like Facebook: “It’s tough to break down these perceptions and build trust. […] I just find that sitting down and talking to people and having them know that you care about the problems and acknowledge that there are issues and that you’re working through them … I think it just makes a big difference.”

These are most of the big points that Mark discussed. The hottest topic surrounds TikTok, and if we can learn anything from the past it’s that Mr. Zuckerberg never lets a new social platform get the better of his blue behemoth. We saw that with Instagram, SnapChat and WhatsApp.

Another possibility could be that Facebook end up copying or even buying TikTok. Still, if they’re worried about it then it means that TikTok is getting bigger and could be here to stay.

Always nice to hear there’s a new traffic source around.

Moreover, it’s reassuring for us advertisers to hear that the CEO is not concerned about a government that wants to break it down, and that he is willing to fight to protect it.

Thanks, Mark, we love you too…

You can read the full transcript here.


  • QUORA: Quora comes out of the cave and launches gender-specific ad targeting, allowing you to reach more specific audiences.
  • GDPR: As per this EU court ruling, using pre-checked cookie consent boxes do not comply with the policies. If you are doing this, your website doesn’t have any rights to process your non-essential data.
  • SHOPIFY: We saw some people complaining about a drop in e-comm sales due to a malware hitting Shopify stores and directing store users to bad sites. Shopify support said they’re fixing it, but in this post there’s a solution in the comments.
  • INSTAGRAM: New @Creators account launched by IG – “THE place to learn more about what it takes to be a creator from the team at Instagram + the creators who inspire us every day.”
  • FACEBOOK: Drive traffic from FB, IG & WhatsApp Stories Ads to conversations on Messenger with this new feature.
  • GOOGLE: Google announces cross-account analysis for Manager accounts in Report Editor to make reporting easier for advertisers managing multiple accounts.
  • TWITTER: Twitter & TweetDeck facing global outage. Pause all your ad campaigns NOW! Lol, just kidding.


The police found a murdered man in a car. The windows of the car were raised, the doors were locked, and the keys were inside, in the man’s hands. The man was shot several times with a gun, but there were no holes anywhere on the car. How is this possible?

You’ll find the answer at the end of this email.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

What would you do with all this data?

Forget the law for one moment and think: What would you do if you worked for a company like Google, Yahoo or Facebook and had their huge troves of data at your disposal?

If you’re an advertiser, you would probably leverage it for your camps.

Or, if you’re looking for an easier payout, you could just use their CC details and transfer some cash to yourself.

But what if you were a lonely software engineer working at Yahoo?

Reyes Daniel Ruiz is one such software engineer, and he used his privileges to crack user passwords and access the accounts of primarily younger women, including friends and co-workers.

What was he looking for? Nude pics and videos, of course.

He accessed around 6k accounts, also compromising Gmail, Facebook, Dropbox and other accounts of all these people.

Yahoo discovered Ruiz’s activity by monitoring his employee account, prompting him to destroy a computer and hard drive on which he was storing the stolen photos and videos.


We hope he found some good stuff in there, because now he faces a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $250k restitution fine for his victims.

Maybe he should’ve just stuck to Youp0rn, eh?

The car was a convertible, with the top retracted back.


The car was a convertible, with the top retracted back.

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