Leaked: FB’s internal email exchanges during the Cambridge Analytica scandal. $1.4k/week Native Ads case study: Funnel + Bidding revealed. Make your customers create high-converting ads for you – without them knowing.



Cambridge Analytica still making noise. Add your customers to your team. 3D Photos expanded

We found a file containing internal emails some Facebook employees exchanged before and during the CA scandal. 3D Photos rolled out to Android devices. How you can get your customers involved in your business.

FB’s internal communication during the Cambridge Analytica scandal

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If yes, you probably know exactly what we’re going to talk about here.

If not, don’t hold back!

This hot piece of news was shared in the group on Friday. What’s the scoop? Well, it seems the Cambridge Analytica scandal is still making headlines.

Have you watched The Great Hack yet? The Netflix documentary that brought Facebook’s privacy issues into the spotlight.

Did you like it? Then you might wanna have a look at this file, which contains internal emails from Facebook employees during those troubling times.

Discussions about Cambridge Analytica’s shady practices were discussed in these emails, alongside more general confusion about their third party data collection policies.


You can find:

  • How Facebook looked into what was going on in September 2015.
  • The different opinions people at Facebook held, with the majority leaning towards “We don’t know what exactly is against the rules”
  • How the people at Facebook didn’t know about data being sold to CA.
  • In December, the situation imploded and became a high priority due to the PR catastrophe it could become. And it did.

You can read all the emails here. Read it at your own risk… but, for the next time, if you want to get this news hot off the press then join our Facebook group! It’s full of hot new stuff that is shared there before our daily emails.

Wondering how to join? Head to the link here, and we’re offering much more than simply access to our Facebook group…

New updates for more engaging images

Wanna bring your posts to life and get your audience more engaged? Well, Facebook just expanded 3D Photos to Android devices and some more iOS devices.

Yet another catchy and creative format to add to your armoury. The figures look promising according to FB, with the social network reporting uploads of more than 70M 360 degree photos last year.

3D posts can help to ‘stop the scroll’ and grab people’s attention. At least for now while they’re not the majority.

So, what devices now support 3D Photos? Here’s the list:


Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Note 9, S9+, all S10 models, Galaxy Fold, Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL.


iPhone 7+, 8+, X, XS, XS Max.

Have fun!

Have your clients make high-converting ads for you

Do you aspire to be a great marketer?

Maybe you’re already a top level marketer, or maybe you’re still a work in progress. Either way, there’s somebody out there that can outperform you: Your customers!

Don’t you agree?

Then read this clever strategy shared by Jason Portnoy to generate converting copy that gets your customers involved in advertising your business. Yes, you read it right!

Should we move to it?

  • Step 1: Run an Engagement campaign aimed at high value customers (repeat buyers, high AOV’s, high engagement etc) with the following copy:

“What would you tell someone who was unsure about buying (insert product or brand) to get them to buy?”

This is what Jason shared, but of course you can change it to suit your business.

  • Step 2: Wait at least a week to gather up all those customer-generated reasons for buying your product or service.
  • Step 3: Take the post ID and run it to a warm audience you’re looking to convert into customers. The customers’ comments will build social proof and help turn the undecided people into clients.
  • Step 4: Start making copy from the customers’ comments (the reasons to buy).
  • Step 5: Apply the same process, asking everyone that didn’t buy for their reasons. Offer them a discount in exchange for an answer. Gather these insights, answer each objection and use them to your favour in the copy.

First time we’ve seen such a creative strategy. Sounds solid and worth a test!


✈️ Propel your campaigns with this $463 weekly yield case study and $100 bonus from PropellerAds

PropellerAds is already a super popular platform when it comes to push ads but their developments didn’t stop there!

Did you know you can take advantage of native ads from PropellerAds? This format is some of the most engaging and you should absolutely have a look at what PropellerAds has to offer.

In the meantime, we wanna share a case study for native ads on Propeller with 50% ROI for $1.4k revenue in just one week!

Offer: AsianBeauties
Geo: USA
Spent: $934
Revenue: $1397

Here are the steps our hero took in this case study:

1. Research a creative that is proven. This one showed to be a highly engagingimage from push ads.

2. Choosing the right bidding model. Starting with CPC, find good converting zones, then whitelist them for CPM.

  • On CPC, the goal was to get at least 50 impressions for each ad zone, then exclude it to make sure there’s traffic coming in from other zones that weren’t tested yet. $58 revenue from spending $50, so already promising.
  • Scaling to CPM targeted zones with CTR higher than 0.7% then blacklisting everything that underperformed.

3. Continue running on the zones left after blacklisting. The steps are simple and show that some tests can be done with under $100 on some native ads sources too! Check out the complete case study here.



User data requests, content removals & Ad library. A script to never go over your budgets

Did you know about this transparency tool from Google that provides you with user data and content removal requests from the government? Guess which govt tops the list? Yep, the US!

We then move on to an actionable item to make sure you never over spend your ad budgets.

Transparency Report: Google’s Ad Library

Transparency reports disclose how frequently and under what authority data requests are being made over a certain period of time.

First released in 2010, Google recently updated its Transparency Report. This reveals how the policies and actions of governments and corporations affect privacy, security, and access to information.

It contains various interesting reports on users’ data disclosure, content removal requests, political advertising spend and an Ad Library of these ad campaigns.

The exact reports you can find with this tool are:

  • Requests for user information.
  • Safe Browsing: Malware and phishing.
  • Email encryption in transit.
  • HTTPS encryption on the web.
  • Android ecosystem security.
  • Content delistings due to copyright.
  • Govt requests to remove content.
  • Requests to delist content under European privacy law.
  • YouTube community guidelines enforcement.
  • Removals under the Network Enforcement.

Additionally, it includes a report on election spending on Google Ads, broken down by advertiser name, state, top keywords and an Ad Library with previews of each ad served.

Well, the advertising data certainly looks more detailed and informative than the Facebook Ad Library version.

Check out the reports here.

A script to track your ad spend

Moving on from the transparency tool to an advanced script that helps you ensure you don’t overspend your advertising budgets.

This script helps you track your media spend against your budget and alerts you when you’re close to going over your allocated budgets.

How does it work?

Simply set a budget and the time frame that you want to track, and the script will plot your cumulative spend for the month on each day.

It will also show you the ad spend needed to meet your goals and the projected spend for the month at your current rate of spending.

If you are running different types of campaigns such as Search, Shopping and Display, with dedicated budgets for each campaign, the script will create separate budget trackers for each campaign under different tabs within the Google Sheet.

You will also receive daily email alerts with updates on your budget spend to make sure you’re never caught out if you forget to look at your Google Sheet.

How to set up the script?

Make a copy of this spreadsheet and follow the step-by-step process here to set it up.


One-stop insights hub for marketers

LinkedIn recently launched Insights and Research page within their Success Hub for Marketers, helping you find more information on specific audiences and verticals. This should aid you in making informed marketing decisions.

“With so much data, though, we know it can be difficult to wrap your arms around everything, and pinpoint the most valuable information for your needs.

That’s why we are excited to unveil the LinkedIn Insights and Research page, a new feature within our Success Hub for Marketers.”

Here’s what the guide contains:

People Insights

Top audience insights, including their location, skills, and the influencers they follow. You can filter this by various professional cohorts such as C-suite, small business owners, IT decision makers, etc.

Most popular topics and most engaging content for different audience types on the platform.

Industry Insights

Industry-wide data for an assortment of verticals, B2B marketing trends and studies on thought leadership and its impact on various audiences and buyer stages.

Advertising Insights

Guidance on performance measurement, branding techniques, tactics and measurement on the platform.

LinkedIn currently has the most advanced professional database of around 645M users, with access to information which you can use to get an in-depth understanding of various trends in the industry.

By understanding your audience behavior, the context of your industry, and the most recommended practices, you’ll be able to make smart decisions geared towards sustainable growth.


Relative mobile conversion rate metric

First discussed in 2018, Google has now formally introduced a new conversion metric called Relative Mobile Conversion Rate (Rel mCvR).

It’s the ratio of desktop versus mobile conversion rates, and it reveals gaps in mobile performance while providing an accurate reflection of conversion rates over time.

As per Google, it seems to be an important metric to monitor because it highlights potential performance improvements when the mobile version of a site has less conversions compared to the desktop version.

It’s recommended to start with a Rel mCvR of above 50% and then strive for a 70Rel mCvR between mobile and desktop.

How to go about it?

Here’s a step by step tutorial on getting set up to measure Rel mCvR. It contains custom spreadsheets that you can download and use to track the metric.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Drones aren’t for cooking turkeys

Drones have become increasingly popular in the last few years. Kids play with them, content creators use them for videography, affiliate marketers sell them…

However, there are some people that are taking the fun to the next level by attaching weapons to these “toys”.

Yes, head over to Youtube and you can find flamethrower drones, flying chainsaws or drones with RPGs attached. Tremendous!

And what else could you use a flamethrower drone for? Why, cooking a turkey of course! People these days are just crazy!

What about you? Do you have any bright ideas up your sleeve? Maybe you could use it to spy on your competitors while they brainstorm angles…

However, if you were thinking of building some killer drones, we’re sorry to tell you that it’s too late now, especially if you live in the USA.


In fact, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is warning the general public that it is illegal to operate a drone with a dangerous weapon attached.

The actions are now subject to penalties up to $25k for each violation. So, if you were dreaming of a firework drone to celebrate the 2019 Black Friday results, don’t do it!

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