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What IG holds for marketers in 2020

As we are heading into a new decade, a new and fast-paced era of marketing is also going to begin. Young consumers are expecting brands to relate to them and provide personal shopping experiences.

Hence, social media marketing and User Generated Content (UGC) are gaining more traction when it comes to a good marketing strategy.

How well does IG fit in? Well, the platform has around 1B users posting 95M pictures on average every day. Remember the story of The Egg picture that got 54M Likes breaking Kylie Jenner’s record of “most likes on a single picture”?


Is it really worth it? 200M users visit the platform everyday and nearly 75% of US youngsters find IG the best way for brands to reach out to them. In fact, IG has 18% higher engagement for businesses than FB.

What looks bright in 2020? Not that influencer marketing will stop working, but UGC that’s been voluntarily shared by the customers actually reflect their experience with a business.

7 out of 10 buyers look for opinions of other customers and over 92% trust UGC more than branded content ads when buying products for the first time.

That’s the reason why the performance of accounts that work with UGC, for the organic feed as well as in ads, is significantly better (6.9x higher) from accounts with regular branded content.

UGC has been found to reduce both cost-per-click and cost-per-acquisition by half. Also, ads with UGC result in an average of 300% more engagement and a 4.5x more conversions.

Check out some more juicy stats about Instagram’s year-in-review infographic here.


Drive phone calls from Snapchat with this new feature

To help businesses drive direct phone calls from in-app ads, Snapchat has added another arrow to its quiver of “Swipe-Up” tools.

Til now, you could only drive website visits, extended video views or app installs from ‘Swipe Up’ ads, but with the launch of ‘Swipe Up to Call’, it now allows you to generate phone calls and close the purchase quickly.

For now, it’s only available to Middle East advertisers where it’s expected to be more popular as per the research conducted by Snap.

For those who have access, ‘Swipe Up to Call’ ads will be available in Ads Manager via the ‘Calls and Text’ option in ‘Advertising Goals’.


💡 Native ads Zoom call scheduled to help NOOBs learn fast (It’s not what you think!)


Fact: Facebook is the easiest, highest ROAS generator, biggest volume traffic source out there.

Also a fact (sadly): Facebook doesn’t give a damn about your business. And will shut down your Business Manager a few days before Black Friday.

For this reason, the people up there are giving native “newbies” the chance of learning this traffic sourceFrom scratch!

James Van Elswyk, along with 3 other super strong native buyers created Nothing But Natives. They want to teach you how to turn native ads into a stable revenue machine. The same way they teach internal media buyers!

What you will learn:

  • How To Properly Structure, Build, and Launch A Native Campaign.
  • How To Optimize, Fine Tune, and Scale A Live Campaign.
  • How To Structure Your Native Funnel To Monetize Every Click.
  • How To Interpret The Data To Make The Right Decisions.
  • … Much more!

You will get the perfect step-by-step guide to master native ads, including how to avoid all of the pains and losses that normally come with starting a new traffic source, especially one known to be “expensive”.

This is a unique chance to add another stream of revenue to your business. Access Nothing But Natives right away – Limited spots.



Limiting the post-holiday return-rate

According to Shopify, 30% of customers will send back the products they bought during the holidays, and the vast majority will do it within the first month of the post-holiday season.

This might make you have a second look at your stats, because when you account for these customers, you’ll notice conversions to go down and, thus, you end up with a higher CPA.

It’s something common for anyone in e-commerce, so Shopify shared a post to help everyone out. Let’s dive into it!

Protect yourself from fraudulent returns:

Nothing beats prevention, right? You could decide it’s best to not fulfil high-risk orders. A couple more things to help you out:

  • If your business is more complex, POD for example, create automated workflows to notify printing manufacturers about the high-risk order.
  • Include a tracking number with each order. And also make sure to ask for a signature when the client receives the item.

Ban serial returners:

  • There are people that buy with the intention of using your product once and never keeping it.
  • Some clients order different sizes and colours of the same item, then only keep the one that fits well and send the other pieces back.

These are never gonna be useful clients for your business. You can’t know which customers are in this group, but mapping their behaviour will point you in the right direction.

Automate the process:

This means that you can focus on value-adding tasks. Moreover, having an easy return process will raise conversions and CLTV.

These are just some points, and as always, if the topic is of your interest, you can read the full article here. You’ll find more stats about this problem and definitely more solutions than we can show here.


The Crew is switching off

Ladies and Gents,

First of all, we hope you’ll spend a fantastic time with your family, friends and loved ones these winter holidays.

Promise us that for one moment you’ll forget about ROAS, CPC, CTR, competition, case studies, long term goals, conquering the world, etc… And just chill for a bit.

We will try to do the same. In fact, this is our last week of hitting your inbox this year. We will be back on January 6, 2020.


  • GOOGLE: As Google gets more serious for GDPR, CCPA & ITP, they share their plans for dealing with cookie-data and tracking challenges, balancing ad personalization, frequency and privacy.
  • MARKETING: Does short term thinking have adverse effects on your cost-per-acquisition budgets? Here’s a tutorial and CAC template that explains this.
  • SEO: Google’s Search Console has a bug, again causing inaccuracy in Google Discover impressions and clicks.
  • MICROSOFT: Windows users are now able to initiate Bing visual searches right from the search bar, without having to open up a browser.
  • YOUTUBE: After recent changes to its monetization policies, YouTube has announced that it will not allow any content that insults someone based on attributes such as race, gender or orientation.
  • INSTAGRAM: IG follows similar suit and started implementing an AI feature that will generate a notification to say that the caption “looks similar to others that have been reported.”


Why is Santa so good at Karate?

You can find the solution by clicking here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Bringing “Home Alone” to real life

What do you do when your packages get frequently stolen by porch pirates?

You go Kevin McCallister mode, right?

What do we mean?

Glitter bombs, baby!

Yeah, because you have to know that every day, 1.7M packages get stolen or go missing every day. So, you need to take things to another level unless you want that new pair of headphones you got yourself for Christmas to get stolen.

What can you do against said porch pirates? Well, check out what engineer Mark Rober along with none other than Macaulay Culkin, built and tested.

Long story, short… Glitter and smelly spray that make a mess wherever the pirate might take your package and cameras to make sure it’s all there for you to see and maybe share on social media.


You can see what happened to the thieves covered by glitter in the video here.

Fart spray included…

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