Location targeting gets more accurate, and other important updates


Sitting down? Coffee in hand?

Good, because there’s a lot of news to cover…

Google just released a location targeting update for Performance Max that lets you target people who are in—or have shown interest in—your targeted location.

Also, you can now exclude people by “Presence” or “Presence or interest” if you’re using a product feed.

That’s not all… The company dropped several other updates as well:

  • There’s a new Google Ads Editor: Version 2.1 is officially available. There are three ways to open it in Google Ads, which could be useful if you need to access it quickly.
  • Moving to Alphabet: Google proposed to move part of its operations to the parent company amid ongoing antitrust lawsuit. Why fight regulators when you can avoid them?
  • Attribution update: Google has made progress with Privacy Sandbox, Google’s potential solution to privacy regulations. You can read the update here.
  • Merchant center policy update: Assets with “Website needs improvement” issue status will now remain active instead of being disapproved, but with limited visibility.

Phew, talk about a dynamic start to the week…


Who’s going to cut ad spending first?

Some advertisers are getting cold feet and they’re reaching for wool socks…

What’s going on: The economy shows no signs of quick recovery, so some ad budgets are on the chopping block.

According to a recent ad industry experts panel, ad spend in “the new economy” will be the first to slow down.

Seemed like a good idea at the time… “The new economy” refers to brands that grew “thanks to changes in consumer behavior and the funding environment,” like:

  • Direct-to-consumer (DTC) retail.
  • Venture capital (VC) backed startups.
  • Cryptocurrencies.

Many brands in these categories were advertising at full sprint … only to sneaker-squeak to a halt amid economic uncertainty.

What you can do: If you’re an ad agency, for example, you might want to avoid focusing too much on the “new economy” niche. Instead, look to work with verticals that are actually adding jobs.

Industries like leisure and hospitality, manufacturing, and professional and business services still seem to be untouched, so they could be good places to find clients.


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Amazon followers can help boost your sales and retention. Here’s how to get them


Everybody uses Amazon to sell their products (duh!)—but did you know you can also use the platform as a promotional tool… without running ads?

Two words: Amazon Follow.

This feature lets users opt to follow and receive updates directly from your brand, which means you can:

  • Show them promos, offers, and deals in their Amazon feed.
  • Email or notify them when you release new products and publish new posts.
  • Establish tight relationships and boost brand loyalty.

…and much more.

Only thing is… Building a following on Amazon can be like trying to fish with your bare hands. You’ll catch something from time to time… but darn, you could use some help.

Fortunately, this article from Tinuiti has some tips.

Let’s dive in…

Calls-to-action (CTAs) on your store’s home page: Most users don’t even know a “Follow” feature exists on Amazon. CTAs can point them in the right direction. A simple “Follow us for special offers and new releases” at the bottom of a page can suffice.

Live streaming? Mention it: Just like YouTube users remind their viewers to subscribe, you can remind your watchers to “smash the follow button” during live shopping events.

Add a CTA to your media gallery: Make an image reminding users that they can follow you, and upload it between product shots and videos. After all, this is where the majority of your potential customers end up browsing.

Run Sponsored Brand Ads (SBAs): When you’ve already optimized your brand page for acquiring followers, you can use SBAs to drive more people to your store and more potential followers.

Cross-promote on social media: You have social presence on other platforms, right? Use it to spread awareness to your Amazon store and don’t forget to mention that they can follow you.

Leverage influencers: If you’re conducting business on Amazon, you know Amazon influencers are a thing. So when they promote your brand, have them mention the “Follow” button at the end of their review video or post.

There you go… With a good strategy, you’ll rack up your Amazon follower count and become ever-present on their home feed.

Not a bad way to increase traffic and brand awareness!


Turn every holiday into a profitable 30-day campaign with a simple word trick


After talking to 400+ marketers, we discovered that some of them make a single “wording adjustment” to turn a holiday into a month-long promotion.

This simple tactic helps them profit from the sentiment of events like Mother’s Day, Labour Day, or Valentine’s for entire weeks rather than days.

Want to know what it is?

Find out in the Ultimate Holiday Marketing Deep Dive.


A simple subject line tactic to increase open rates


In the world of subject lines, there are very few hard-and-fast rules.

But there are tactics you can use to increase your open rate.

Here’s one that can work well:

Write a catchy sentence, then break it up into your subject line and preheader. If you’re not familiar, the term “preheader” refers to the preview text that you see before you open an email.

Two examples of what we mean:

  • 7 copywriting secrets (subject line) that’ll help you make more sales (preheader).
  • They didn’t believe me (subject line) until I showed them this… (preheader).

Why this works: By treating your subject line and preheader like a single headline, you create a natural reading flow that can pull subscribers into your email.

It’s a fun tactic for writing concise, clear subject lines that give your audience a reason to read.

And on a practical note, for Stacked Marketer, we’ve found that long subject lines tend to perform worse than shorter ones.

So, if you have a longer subject line, you can try splitting it between the subject line and preheader.

There are dozens of theories about how to write subject lines, and members of The Crew have each seen success with completely different approaches.

Different approaches work for different brands and people, but it’s worth testing everything until you find what works best for you.


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What does man love more than life, hate more than death or mortal strife;
that which contented men desire; the poor have, the rich require;
the miser spends, the spendthrift saves, and all men carry to their graves?

You can find the answer here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

“That’s… not my cat?”


The shock, disbelief, and fear you feel when you realize your pet’s nowhere to be found.

The elation and happiness when you find it on the loose.

… And the absolute confusion when you bring it back home and see your actual pet there.

That’s the emotional rollercoaster one woman recently experienced.

She went to pick up her missing cat George, only to return with an identical cat she picked up from the townhouse complex.

Was the cat she found George’s missing twin? Or his future self, warning George of a coming catastrophe?

All theories are welcome.

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