Making it rain with TikTok: $50k sales at 21x ROI. Analyzing 1k search queries for affiliate links: Are general sites like BusinessInsider beating niche affiliate websites? SMS + Email combo strategy: $831k product launch.



The topdog’s underdog that’s quietly entered the newsfeed market

“If you wanted to see a Google ad exec’s eyes light up last spring, you just had to bring up the Discover feed.”

It’s that personalized news feed that shows up on Google’s mobile homepage which had the pleasure of having ads in a closed beta earlier last year.

Currently, it reaches about 800k monthly users.

Google’s previous battle with FB didn’t go too well for the search engine giant. FB’s newsfeed skyrocketed while Google+ struggled along before eventually fizzling out. This is Google’s latest efforts to enter the newsfeed ads market.


+ What is Discover? It’s a personalized newsfeed which shows topics, stories and news items based on a user’s search, browsing & app behaviour, as well as their location history & settings and stated topic interests.

The campaigns that are currently in beta are image-heavy and closely resemble social creatives.

+ Lack of Control: The catch with Discovery ads is that you can’t target ads to this feed alone. As part of Google’s machine learning, these campaigns run ads across multiple properties automatically, so your ads also get served in Gmail and on YouTube’s homepage.

+ Audience Targeting: Agencies that have been part of this beta have been running Discovery campaigns for brand awareness and traffic objectives. Affinity, in-market & similar audiences for top of the funnel campaigns with just one audience per ad group has worked well.

+ Creative Repurposing: These campaigns support carousel and single images, just like the ones you are already running on Facebook. Hence, it’s very easy to just repurpose existing creatives.

+ Measuring Results: If you’re remarketing, then look at CPA and ROAS. For the top of the funnel, look at Impression vs Sales and customer path in Google Analytics. You can use “Maximize conversions” bidding and then set a Target CPA that’s in line with your goals until enough data has been collected.


“How do you go about creative testing?”

This is how Andrew Foxwell started a discussion in the FB group he manages, and we found some very interesting ideas after reading the answers. Sooo, how do you really go about testing creatives?

First answer from Ben Vandal on testing prospective creatives:

He throws all the creatives he wants to test in an ad set targeting a super-warm audience and then waits for 48 hours. He picks the best-performing ones based on the engagement rates and runs them in the top of the funnel campaigns. There are three reasons why he follows this approach:

  • It builds social proof for the ads.
  • Facebook drives spend based on engagement.
  • If the hot prospects don’t like the creatives, it’s unlikely that a cold audience will react well to them either.

The third point really makes sense… Anyway, moving to Alex Afterman’s answer.

1x Ad set budget optimization campaign, 2x ad sets. One targeting the top performing 1% LLA and the other hitting a warmer audience, such as 30/90 day site visitors and engagers. New ads go in both the ad sets, with the number of ads chosen depending on how fast you want to get results. The quicker you want results, the less creatives you should run.

He runs it across two audiences for this reason: You never know in which stage of the funnel your ads will resonate more. He then kills all ads that reach 8k impressions without a conversion, while the best performing creatives are run in the stage of the funnel where they performed better.

That’s it. Two new creatives testing processes in a bunch of minutes. However, there’s more info in the post that you won’t regret checking!


🌈 Get your team ready to crush in 2020. Test this full-stack management platform!

If was a country, it would have 500k inhabitants. And we are talking about highly-productive inhabitants here. Just to keep things clear…

Indeed, all the features of will get your team to skyrocket their productivity. There’s a reason teams at Apple, Uber, eBay, Tesla, Outbrain and more use

Hey, aren’t you curious about why Elon Musk became a user of

  • Accurately estimate costs: It can be difficult to estimate project costs if you aren’t sure how many hours your team actually spends on each task. With Time Tracking, you can accurately track your team’s hours and bill clients more accurately.
  • Boost efficiency with Smart Automations: Connecting marketing teams together can be a real struggle without the right collaboration tool. With you can automate all your marketing processes and get clear insights from your campaigns.
  • Content calendar template to plan out your content strategies easily and quickly.
  • For the creative process allows you to streamline your creative workflow from concept to delivery. It’s super simple to share assets and receive feedback in the same platform so you can deliver on time, every time.
  • Integrates with all your tools: Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox, Excel, Google Calendar, Zapier and more!

This platform makes teamwork effortless. And we’re not just talking about giant companies. Currently, 90k teams, from every dimension, are relying on

It doesn’t matter if you run an agency, an affiliate marketing team or whatever on Earth. gives you so many options for customization that no matter what field or profession you are in, you will find the right setting and layout.

If you can think of a way to organize data, milestones, or responsible parties – can turn that into reality! And their world-class customer service will help you set everything up.

Just give a try and let them impress you.

You can test it for 14 days – no CC needed – and you’ll probably never leave.


Are generic sites like , NYMag taking over affiliates in Search results?

The team at Detailed spent 200 hours performing an analysis of 1k search queries populated by sites promoting affiliate products.

The objective? Are ‘general’ sites like Business Insider taking over, or do single-niche affiliate sites still rank well?

PS: They found Business Insider ranking higher than Bob’s Toaster HQ for “best budget toaster”, despite Business Insider not being renowned for their knowledge of toasters.

Initial key findings:

  • Amazon appeared in the top 10 results of 432 SERPs.
  • The youngest ranking domain was just two months old, and the fifth most popular domain extension overall was .co.

Here’s how many times each type of site was present in the top 10 results of an affiliate-populated SERP:


  • A niche site-type was present in almost every single search result they looked at.
  • Hyperniche sites were present in almost the exact same number of SERPs as general review sites.
  • A news site was present in the first page of search results for almost half of the 1,000 keyphrases.
  • Compared to general review sites, hyperniche sites secured 33% more first place rankings, despite being present in six fewer search results.
  • When a niche site ranked, it ranked first 53.4% of the time, compared to 20.8% for hyperniche sites, 15.6% for general review sites and 8.3% for news sites.
  • When an eCommerce site ranked on page one, it ranked first just 1.7% of the time.
  • Although general review sites were present in six more SERPs than hyperniche sites, hyperniche sites secured 160 more top three rankings.
  • Directories, app stores, crowdfunding sites and encyclopedias didn’t hold a single top three ranking.

Well, it is a very detailed case study that brings two extremely contrasting marketers (affiliates and SEOs) together.

As you head out into the weekend, here’s the link to the case study. Surely you’ll want to give it a read now, or at least bookmark it for your weekend read.


  • SEO: Want to get rid of featured snippets? A quick guide on how on how to opt-out.
  • SMS: In the same fashion as his last post, Joshua China shows you how to add SMS to your armoury and combine it with email to bring home some tasty cheddar!
  • TIKTOK: First-ever TikTok case study from August Noble. They started DMing and sending fra-hee products to anyone with a decent following (5k+). 3 months and $2k worth of products later, they made $50k and got 2M video views.
  • BOT MARKETING: Rutger Thole shared how to tag all subscribers who engaged with your sponsored messaging flows. Why? It’s a hot audience you should retarget.
  • SEO: Quick SEO tip from Steven Kang: How to strengthen the authority of your subdomains by researching Traffic value on Ahrefs.


How can you lift an elephant with one hand?

You can find the solution by clicking here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

When your posterior ranks first on Google

Have you ever Googled your own name?

Come on! Who hasn’t?

Now, imagine you Googled your name and the first result there is a Facebook Page dedicated to your own bu… gluteus. Yeah…

That’s the story of Samantha Rae Anne Jespersen. One day, she Googled her name and found a Facebook Page that goes by the name of “Samantha Rae Anne Jespersen’s Bu***ole”.

Cheers to you for ranking first on Google! Although, turning our digital marketing brains off for a moment, this is pretty awkward, right?

She didn’t know how or why this Page came about, and imagine the struggle she had to go through when dealing with Facebook support.

Now you can feel the pain eh?

When she asked Facebook to remove the Page, the Support replied that the Page doesn’t violate the Community Standard. Damned Facebook Support and its random answers…


According to Facebook, the Page was created automatically because, well, someone showed interest in her bum. And things get even weirder, because the exact street address of the so-called business isn’t listed, but the pin on the map shows the precise location of her former home!

Luckily, after a few more requests, Facebook removed the Page!

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