ManyChat’s new integrations: Email & SMS + Shopify Abandoned Cart + PayPal Checkout + many more. Depesh Mandalia’s 7-point strategy to prepare & succeed this Q4. Ultimate funnel optimization hacks to improve CVR by up to 50-75%.



Updates from the Conversations2019 conference

T’was the weekend of Conversations2019, the annual marketing conference organized and conducted by ManyChat.

There were countless new features announced by the team, so much so that we almost lost track of them all. Fortunately for us, Andrew compiled a list of all new feature updates announced during the conference.

Here’s a quick recap from Conversations2019:

  • ActiveCampaign Integration: No need for any 3rd party integrations. You can now directly connect your ActiveCampaign account with ManyChat using “Add Contact Action” in ActiveCampaign Actions inside the flow.
  • PayPal Integration: You can now sell your products directly through Messenger and accept payments using PayPal integration. All you need is a PayPal business account.
  • SMS and Email designed for Flow Builder: With SMS integration, you get to own your subscribers list outside of FB. As of now, it’s only available in the US, but other countries will slowly be incorporated.
  • ManyChat Mobile App: Stay in touch with your customers, manage subscriber data and assign conversations, all with a tap of your finger.
  • Shopify Abandoned Cart Integration: Shopify store owners can now follow-up with their abandoned cart customers by simply connecting their Shopify account with ManyChat.
  • Google Sheets Integration: You can now update your spreadsheets with data from ManyChat.
  • Paid Message Broadcasting.
  • Tags & CUFs Dependency Double-Check.
  • Better Flow Builder.
  • New Dashboard 1.1.
  • Condition updates with Date/Time and Number Formatting.
  • All Posts Growth Tool.
  • Condition improvements.
  • LiveChat: Send Flow To User.

Wooow! That’s a lot of updates, eh?

Not only that. Rutger Thole also shared one more update on the way: ManyChat product team confirmed to him that users will be able to add the Pixel to Manychat flows “very soon”. We didn’t find any official news about this. Yet it looks like another great piece of news!

This is great for us considering the constant rise of user interaction with messaging apps. Facebook is betting on this growth continuing too, with Mark Zuckerberg personally backing it up at the F8.


How to prepare for Q4 according to Depesh Mandalia

How can you squeeze more juice from your Facebook Ads spend? One surefire method is to increase your website conversion rate, right?

Sooo, let’s have a look at this post shared by Josh Graham on how to improve the CVR of your whole funnel.


Let’s start with the metrics you should be looking at and the KPI benchmarks of each of them:

  • Conversion rate from outbound click to landing page view: 80%+.
  • Conversion rate from landing page view to content view: 50%+.
  • Conversion rate from content view to add to cart: 10-15%+.
  • Conversion rate from add to cart to initiate checkout: 25%+.
  • Conversion rate from initiate checkout to purchase: 50-75%+.

Although, keep in mind that these benchmarks stem from Josh’s own experience.

So, after you measure each of these metrics, you should perform a diagnosis to try and define any problems for each of these different conversion rates.

Here are some typical problems you could be facing:

+ Outbound click to landing page view conversion rate under 80%: Perhaps your website loading speed isn’t up to scratch. You can check your page speeds using GTmetrix.

A best practice here is to compress images.

+ Landing page to content view conversion rate: This will depend a lot on the page your sending the traffic to. Is it your homepage or your product page? Try changing what people see first.

+ Content view to add to cart conversion rate under 15%: There are many things you can do to improve your product page:

  • Test a different ATC button colour.
  • Add a video demonstrating your product.
  • Add diagrams explaining the benefits of your products.
  • Add social proof, such as any publications your brand was mentioned in.
  • Add customer reviews with photos.

+ Low Add to Cart to Checkout page conversion rate: The price might be the issue. If you sell high ticket items, try services like AfterPay to offer a payment plan to your customers.

Alternatively, try increasing the size of the checkout button.

+ Low Checkout page to Purchase conversion rate: Something that worked for Josh is including the shipping and payment information on the same screen.

Sometimes customers find the shipping rate too high and might abandon the checkout process.

Here we are. Looks like a good breakdown, uh?

This can be very useful in congruence with the following e-commerce post, which also discusses optimizing your funnel in preparation for Q4… As always, your marketing pen pals always got you covered 😉


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It’s also cheaper than your assistant, so you can spend more money on your campaigns! You get a 14-day trial where you can test it out. Then the plans start at only £5 per month!

Sign up to AffJet for free here to streamline your reporting!


How to prepare for Q4 according to Depesh Mandalia


Q4 represents a chance to turn an average year into a great one! Therefore, preparation is key when approaching such a crucial period.

After all the posts we’ve shared about Q4, you should already be suitably prepared…

But it won’t harm you to be over prepared, will it? So, here’s a long detailed post Depesh Mandalia shared to bolster your armoury for the hottest time of the year.

Jumping straight into it.

+ A great product alone isn’t enough: To succeed with ecomm in 2019, you need a great sales funnel, lots of creative testing, great customer experience and a great product. Facebook’s purpose is to make users happy. So, if you want good traffic, keep your users happy.

What can you do about it? Keep your Page’s monthly satisfaction scores above 4.0, reduce refund raises, improve page load time and increase funnel conversion rates.

+ Do your tests now and in October to high scale in November and December: At this point, you should already have proven angles, products, creatives and audiences. However, if you’re not quite there yet, you still have time to recover through October.

+ Build the right test, optimise and scale structure: Divide your angles between cold, warm and hot audiences and exclude each segment from the other group. For example, exclude engaged audiences from cold audiences.

+ Tell Facebook you’re ready: If you followed steps 1 to 3, FB should know you’re ready to scale. However, there’s more you can do:

Post regular updates on your Page: You’re telling FB you care about your fans.
Test for the virality of your best posts: Paid and organic engagement help your Page score.
Increase your website conversion rate.
Take Facebook Ad Relevance score metrics seriously.

+ Test AOV and LTV promos early: The hack Depesh suggests is to use Halloween to test your bundles, discounts and promo offers. Then, pick your best performing ones for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

+ Know when to exit the battle to succeed the war: Managing budgets on FB is a daily battle, and knowing when to quit and when to fight is part of becoming an experienced media buyer.

+ Scale comfortably: There are many options and strategies for this:

  • Budget increase.
  • Duplicate to a higher budget.
  • Duplicate into segments.
  • Various manual bids.
  • Lifetime budgets and more.

Use October to test them out and understand which one should be applied to which situations.

Finito! Some good stuff eh?


  • GOOGLE: In a fiscal fraud probe settlement with French authorities, Google has agreed to pay $549M in fines and $510M in back taxes. In return, the authorities are dropping charges against Google for all its activities from 2005 to 2018.
  • REPORTS: 2019 Retail Ecommerce Remarketing Report looks at cart abandonment rates, trends & email performance from more than 250 retail clients.
  • SEO: New algorithmic updates are out to give preference to content from the original source. Original reporting will rank better in Google Search, Google News, Google Discover and will stay at the top of the news cluster for a longer period of time.
  • E-COMMERCE: An automated setup using Zapier, FB Ads Manager, Shopify and Google Sheets to analyze your LTV:CAC values the right way.
  • FACEBOOK: Did you know there’s a way to build Interest-based LLAs using Google Tag Manager? What’s the difference with this method? Not much, but it will ensure that an event is fired for such action. It might be worth a test to see if this helps create better quality LLAs.


I have forests but no trees.
I have lakes but no water.
I have roads but no cars.

What Am I?

You’ll find the answer at the end of this email.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.Opulence for scuba divers

BBC might be the new AAA

We’re not sure how Miami Heat fans are going to take this, but it sure makes for one hell of a news story!

American Airlines Arena, home of the Miami Heat since 1999, is looking for a new sponsor and they have a very unlikely contender in the bidding war:

It’s BangBros!


We gotta be a bit careful with our word selection here, coz the spam filter police could be watching us but you get the hint, right?

BB has bid $10M for 10 years of naming rights of Miami’s NBA stadium, and there’s a distinct possibility that the stadium might soon be called the BBC. If you don’t know what that means, look it up on UrbanDictionary.

BB seem to be very confident in their bids, and have gone so far as to launch a site dedicated to this whole thing. And yup, it’s completely SFW.

However, the company handling the deal values the naming rights at treble the $2M per year that American Airlines paid, so BB’s $1M per year might not cut it.

Fun or traumatizing? We’ll let you fans decide!



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