May 14, 2019


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Google’s ML tool converts long form videos into 6-sec video ads. Google Marketing Live starts today

Google’s new offering uses machine learning to convert your long form videos into 6-second unskippable bumper ads. Does that sound interesting?

Well, they are expected to announce more such ad products and new updates at their annual Marketing Live conference, which happens to be starting today.

Let’s look at the video tool first, then pack your bags and we’ll head straight to the Live event.

Bumper machine tool for fun-sized videos

Google has launched a new advertiser tool which allows video advertisers to take advantage of YouTube’s 6-second bumper ad format in a more efficient and automated manner.

Using this tool, advertisers can turn their existing long form video ads into 6-sec bumper ads.

The tool uses machine learning to identify key elements within a video, such as a brand logo, human faces, motion and contrast.

It then uses these elements to automatically produce short, fun-sized ads, purely focused on a product or a voiceover, with a final call to action at the end.

As per stats from YouTube, 70% of the bumper ad campaigns analysed drove a significant lift in brand awareness, and nine out of ten of the campaigns drove ad recall, with an average lift of more than 30%.

So, if you are already using video ads on the Google Ads platform, this should save you loads of time and effort when launching new, more focused video campaigns.

If you haven’t tried these out yet, there are plenty of reasons why you should give it a go. Get started by testing out with some of your existing video assets from FB and convert them into 6-second bumper ads.

It only takes a few minutes of your time, and you can adjust the creatives before saving the new bumper ads.

Google Marketing Live 2019

Google made the above announcement just a couple days ahead of Google Marketing Live. This is a two-day event where they introduce new Google Ad products, new updates, usage changes and much more.

The event starts today, May 14th and Google has promised that at least 10+ new digital marketing products will be announced.

We highly recommend attending this event. So, wherever in the world you are, pack your bags now and take the 1st flight to San Francisco to make sure you get there on time!!

What? Drop everything and get a flight to San Francisco at the drop of a hat? That’s crazy, right?

Actually, wait! Here’s the best part – You don’t need a flight!

Google will be live-streaming this entire event for the first time ever, which means you can follow along with all the new product innovations announced at Google Marketing Live from anywhere in the world!

It may well be worth scheduling some time to listen in to the conference, especially if you’re looking to make better use of Google Ads in the near future.

Make sure you register for the event before it starts though, which is approximately 4 hours from now.

Register here and read the full schedule so you know exactly when to tune in.


This is the operating system of your e-commerce business!

Oh, you’re not sure what that means? Let us explain… When running an e-comm business, you have many sides to it. From product research, copywriting, marketing, fulfilment and a few things in between. Enter Product List Genie, the tool that centralizes everything!

It’s where you control all the key parts of your e-comm operation, from product research to marketing, to fulfilment. Here are just a few things that this powerful platform can help with:

  • Supercharged product research. Product List Genie features collections of best-selling and trending products, sorted by categories. Vladimir, a Product List Genie user, said he saves 20-30 hours a week in product research alone.
  • One-click publish to store. Found a product you’d like to test? Publish it to your Shopify store with one click, including images and description.
  • A community of 5k+ e-com entrepreneurs with daily coaching calls! That alone makes the price worth it.
  • Suggested ad copy and creative assets added daily. Forget spending days or weeks to prepare your ads. You have existing options already featured on Product List Genie that can give you that early test. Test fast, optimize and customize creatives later, once the product shows clear potential!
  • Audience Genie. Get the typical audience breakdown for your product, so you start on the right step when it comes to your ads targeting!
  • Export to Facebook and Google Ads. Quickly and easily export templates for FB and Google to run ads for products.
  • 24/7 support in marketing and advertising. There’s a whole support team at Product List Genie working round the clock to help you succeed.
  • Spy tool to research competition. If the curated best-sellers and trending products are not enough, dig deeper into what your competition is doing with Product List Genie’s own e-commerce spy tool.
  • Product Review Genie. Push customer reviews to your store within seconds!
  • US Warehouse. If you are selling in the States, Product List Genie can source and fulfil products for you.

It sounds awesome but it’s no magic bullet. It’s just the quickest, simplest way to test tons of e-commerce products a day. All that big list of features comes at just $97.97 per month. Not for you, because using the code WTAFF you get 50% off your first month!

And if you’re still not sure, get cracking on the trial right here and decide if Product List Genie is just that good!


111x ROAS retargeting strategy

111x ROAS. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, this figure is exactly what Jason How mentioned: $200k generated from $1.8k in ad spend. All stemming from a 10k retargeted audience.

The business is a coaching training business, and the services cost between $1K and $15K on average. That explains the giant ROAS at least.

Let’s see the strategy Jason used to achieve these figures. The retargeting funnel is broken into 6 phases, each one lasting for 3-4 days.

Days 1-3: In the first phase, the goals were to:

  • Build authority with social proof and by showing results accomplished by past clients.
  • Address the objection.
  • Attribute the success of the course they were promoting.

Days 4-7: Here they applied the “common enemy” strategy by positioning themselves against outsiders. For example: “Outsiders believe that coaching is about XYZ, but what they don’t know is ABC.”

The goal wasn’t to convince people to buy, but rather to “preach to the choir” and tell prospects something they already believed. This was to make them say “Yes!” in their heads. It’s always a good idea to build on any common ground you share.

Days 8-11: Retargeting with a video testimonial, with the copy starting with a quote from the testimonial.

Days 12-15: At this point, the prospects have seen at least 3 different ads. If they didn’t make a purchase yet, they probably have some questions about the service.

Therefore, in this phase, Jason ran a Messenger ad asking prospects about their reasons for not buying the services yet.

Day 16-19: Here they launched ads inviting existing clients to share their experiences with the product.

This approach led to genuine testimonials. Although, Jason admits it didn’t actually generate any sales.

Day 20-21: This was the final straw, so they had to play pretty hard here.

They created an ad showing a person standing at the cross road, telling them that they could either be like A in X months, or they could stay exactly where they are – Unable to get started on the one thing they’ve wanted for months or even years.

This was the phase where they got the highest ticket purchases.

These are the 6 phases from this strategy. You can decide whether to implement it for your business or just take some inspiration from the process.

The Messenger ad trying to quell any potential doubts that the prospects have can be really powerful. Plus, it helps you to gather info about your prospects and to find out about any initial objections that stopped them from buying. This is all valuable info that you can use in your copy and video ads.

That’s your case study for the day! Here’s hoping that you can use this to skyrocket your remarketing campaigns!


China VS USA tariffs war

On May 6, we spoke about Trump’s Twitter announcement regarding a tariff increase on all Chinese imported goods.

Well, on Friday 10, that tweet turned into a reality when the administration raised tariffs from 10% to 25% on $200B worth of Chinese goods.

The list of affected goods includes sneakers, many electronic goods, hats, watches, and also fruits, vegetables and minerals. You can find the full list here.

This undoubtedly harmed many merchants, and if you dropship goods from China to the US you’ll probably have been affected by this tariff increase.

The solution could be to find furnishers based in other Asian countries like Vietnam, especially since many Chinese companies are relocating as they try to bypass this tariff increase.

The story, however, does not end there.

In fact, in response to this, China announced that it will increase tariffs imposed on about $60B of U.S. goods.

The new tariffs will look like this:

  • 25% tariffs on 2,493 items from current 10%.
  • 20% tariffs on 1,078 items from current 10%.
  • 10% tariffs on 974 items from current 5%.
  • 5% tariffs to continue on 595 items. Auto parts, which were initially on the list but have been exempted since December, are still excluded.
  • These new tariff rates will take effect on June 1.

However, according to Chinese Minister, China hopes to find a common ground to bring an end to this trade war.

After all, war is never good for business, and this one will hurt a lot of companies of both sides of the North Pacific.


500+ Influencers and hashtags for you to leverage

If you’re in the fashion business, we’ve got something for you that could save you tons of time.

Rahul Bhatia shared two giant lists which detail over 1,000 hashtags and 500 influencers in the fashion niche.

Unsurprisingly, he has stated that it’s taken him a lot of time and research to build these lists, but you can now leverage his work in a fraction of the time!

The lists include a good variety of hashtags from both the larger end of the spectrum down to the more niche, lesser used ones.

With that in mind, we suggest you make 3-4 different sets of hashtags that each include a mix of hashtags – Some with a large usage and audience, and others with on the smaller end of the spectrum. Then, use these different sets on rotation.

The same applies to the influencer list. You can scroll through and select the ones that are most suitable for your business and start reaching out to them.

Well, you have a lot of material to work with here, so check out the list of hashtags and influencers.



Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Americans can opt-out of airport facial recognition

Facebook doesn’t care about your privacy!

This is what many tech platforms might say.

We can’t say if they’re right or not, but what we can say is that The WTAFF Crew really does care about your privacy. Not just online, but in the real world too.

Don’t believe us? We’ll prove it.

As you might be aware, checking in for your flights using facial recognition tech is already being implemented at the majority of US airports. Soon, it’s likely to be coming to an airport near you.

We know that not everybody is comfortable with facial recognition, with mistrust coming from a variety of privacy concerns. To make matters worse, its performance can’t even be fully trusted yet!

Well, there is a way to opt out of this.

If you’re a U.S. citizen, all you gotta do is say “No, thanks.

You can now opt out simply by contacting an officer or airline employee with your US passport at the time of a facial recognition scan. They will allow you to go back to the good old days, manually checking your passport or boarding pass like they used to.

Also, be on the lookout for any signs that say you can opt-out, but also be mindful that there may be no such signs at all. Bear in mind that you may have to opt-out multiple times between arriving at the airport and sitting down in your airline seat.

Here’s to many more hassle-free trips to conferences.

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