Clubhouse is gaining more traction on Androilubhouse is gaining more traction on Android

At their weekly Town Hall, Clubhouse announced two new things:

  • The app now has over 2 million Android users. Last week, that number was at 1 million. That’s one million new users in a week.
  • Clubhouse plans to do a “general release” (i.e., make it available without an invite) somewhere this summer.

The Crew’s take: We’re curious if the second announcement has to do with Facebook also announcing their own live audio clone for somewhere this summer.

The (current) state of Clubhouse: So far, the majority of rooms on the app are B2C-related, as opposed to three months ago, when they were mostly B2B-related.


Google: You shall not have any more data, Facebook!


Facebook’s been the closest thing there is to a punching bag these days. Apple delivered the first blow with ATT, but Google’s now swooping in with their own rules as well.

At the end of Google’s I/O 2021, the company announced a privacy change for Android: An ATT-like popup for nearby device tracking.

How it works: Facebook can track your location even if you have your GPS disabled. How? They use Bluetooth to track other nearby devices, like smartphones, wearables, or beacons.

By doing this, apps like Facebook can learn more things about you. If another person has Facebook installed on their app and has GPS enabled, Facebook can then also figure your location. If the app sees you’re always near that person, they could assume they’re a close friend or a family member.

What changes: App developers will have to ask their users explicitly whether they want to be tracked using this method. The dialog box will ask them whether they “allow [App] to find, connect to, and determine relative position of nearby devices”. To which most users will probably say: “Heck no”.


They got 9.75x ROAS with a $59 video ad


You might know, video ads are about to convert every static ad into a dynamic one. Yet, most of the time, a great video requires a significant investment. But is it possible to convert and sell on a small budget?

Surprisingly, yes! One of the ways to do it – using user-generated content. Brands realize that getting UGC is quite tricky. Luckily, Billo is here to help: the platform connects you with over 3,200 US-based creators who are ready to create top-performing video ads.

Dude Robe, a brand famously praised on Shark Tank, invested $59 in user-generated videos on Billo. What’s the outcome?

  • 9.75 ROAS
  • 2.1% CTR
  • $9.6K in sales

Billo has it all: from getting content to adding professional edits to it. Any platform you are advertising and building social proof on – TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, or Amazon. The best thing is – price ranges from $47 to $59 per video.

Brands like Casetify, RadioShack, and Alya Skin use Billo every day to get content.

Skyrocket your sales and try out Billo: with code STACKED, you get 20% OFF your purchase. (discount code is valid until June 14, 2021)

Sign up for free and start creating your UGC stack!


What’s on the menu?


Are you showing your product categories in your main menu?

If not, Mathias von Appen Schrøder says that you’re killing your conversions. And he created a whole thread about this topic.

So, why include product categories in your menu header?

When a potential customer lands on your website, the first thing they do is assess whether your products are relevant. And according to Baymard’s testing, they do so by relying on the first level of product categories.

Users also rely on sub-categories within the main category to understand if your store has what they’re looking for.

Therefore, having all your categories in a dropdown requires most of your users to perform a double-hover interaction. And this introduces some problems:

  • Users may hover on the wrong item and open the wrong menu.
  • Users accidentally exit the menu.
  • Storing all your categories in a single dropdown increases friction. They have to go through multiple menu items to find the product.

So… what’s the solution? Here’s what Mathias suggests:

  • Show your product categories at the top level of your main menu. And if you have many categories, try to merge them, or place the less important one in an “Other” menu.
  • Keep everything else in a separate “Help” or “Info” menu.

And that’s it. Quite easy, right? It’s something good to test and see if this increases your conversions. (Hint: It probably will.)


GOOGLE: Businesses deserve privacy too. Local businesses can now hide their phone number on Google Local Businesses.

REDDIT: This is a very handy tool to help you find the most popular subreddits for your niche.

SEO: Are you aware of Google’s “honeymoon period”? John Mueller touches on this subject and how Google determines whether your page will rank in the long term.

PRODUCTIVITY: Google is being Google again, killing yet another free tier (Google Photos). There are a few cheap alternatives though, and this article goes into more detail.

TWITTER: The social network is testing emoji reactions similar to Facebook, as well as giving you more detailed fake news labels.


Feed me and I am alive. Give me a drink and I die. What am I?

You can find the solution here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

51% of Europeans want to replace their politicians with AI


You know you’re probably doing something wrong when most people want to replace you with AI.

The survey was done by the IE University’s Center for the Governance of Change. They asked 2,769 people from 11 countries whether they would prefer to reduce the number of national parliamentarians in their respective countries with an AI.

An average of 51% were in favor of such a thing. But, not every country was the same.

The Spanish were most supportive of the idea, with 66% of people wanting to see robots in parliament instead of politicians. The Italians were second with 59%.

Spain and Italy, go ahead and test that out for us: If you haven’t turned into a dystopia by day 3, we’ll consider it here in Austria.

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