Messenger strategy to generate $45k with $500 in ad spend. Nobody can stop TikTok: 1.5B subscribers reached. Facebook promises “platform stability & quick support” during this BFCM.



This Black Friday will be different for FB advertisers – thanks to Foxwell


In the last month, Andrew Foxwell has been in touch with Facebook trying to convince them to extend their support over the busy BFCM period.

Luckily enough, he actually did it. Facebook has decided to increase its support during the BFCM days to this:

  • 24/7 support for major advertisers.
  • Increased chat support for smaller businesses.
  • Addressing issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Partnering with teams across the company to ensure a successful advertising experience for our marketers.

Moreover, Facebook caused a sigh of relief from all advertisers by communicating that they’re working to assure the stability of the platform during those intense days.

Hopefully, we can avoid what happened in 2018!

We hope they follow through on this with something concrete, rather than this just being a “Hey, here’s your ice cream, stop crying” move.


Combined audiences for Search campaigns

Well, Google hasn’t formally announced it yet, but some advertisers have started seeing combined audience targeting for Search campaigns in their Ad accounts.

Steven Johns was the first to notice this new targeting method in his Google Ads.

+ How do Combined Audiences work? This new audience allows you to layer combinations of in-market, affinity, demographics and remarketing audiences using “AND”, “OR” or “NOT” directives.

This means that you will be able to target multiple audiences to a campaign and/or exclude audiences from a campaign. But the main game-changer is that this tool offers the “AND” directive.

+ How? For the first time you will be able to show your ads only to users who are present in two or more of your specific audiences.

For Search campaigns, this audience targeting is layered with keyword terms, and only users who meet the combined audience criteria and search for the specified keywords will see your ads.

+ How is this helpful? For example, if you are running ads for your e-commerce store, you will be able to create ads with personalized communication for users who visited your site, but did not convert and are searching for BFCM deals.

+ How would you know if this audience targeting is available to you? Open any Search campaign, head to “Audiences”, click on the blue pencil icon to add a new audience. If available, combined audiences will be the fifth and final option on the list.


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Generating 3k Messenger subscribers and 2.7k email opt-ins with $500

It’s nice to see a different kind of case study every now and again. Today’s one is about collecting Messenger subscribers and emails. Let’s dive straight into this campaign, shared by Nick Jackson.

It’s for a clothing brand store.

The strategy involves running a giveaway where the lucky customer will be announced on Black Friday through Email. Those who didn’tget any prize will be sent to BF deals instead.

The ad leads users to a Messenger window, and users gotta enter their emails to participate in the giveaway.

Here’s the campaign structure:

Hint: In order to generate as many subscribers as possible, you need a compelling prize for the giveaway.

Cold Campaign: Messenger Objective, CBO.

Ad set 1: Proven Interest audience.
Ad set 2: Proven Interest audience.
Ad set 3: Proven Interest audience.
Ad set 4: Value-Based Add To Cart LLA.
Ad set 5: Value-Based Initiate Checkout LLA.
Ad set 6: Value-Based Purchase LLA.

Retargeting: Messenger Objective, CBO.

Ad set 1: Page Likes Custom Audience.
Ad set 2: Ad/Post Engagement 180 Days Custom Audience.
Ad set 3: One time Customers CA.
Ad set 4: Repeat Customers CA.
Ad set 5: AWV 180 Days CA.
Ad set 6: Email subscribers.

This strategy, according to Nick, is useful because it can help drive sales before BF, a period during which conversions usually drop as people wait for the big day. To further help with this, Nick attached more discounts at the end of the Messenger flow.

Moreover, it creates purchase intent. He says that 25-30% of the subscribers convert and the store’s AOV is $50. So, some interesting figures…

Sounds like an easy yet effective strategy uh?


  • SEO: A big refresh to Google’s video structured data doc now allows you add more screenshots, mark timestamps on YouTube videos, monitor your video performance with Search Console and so much more.
  • TIKTOK: TikTok reached 1.5B downloads, 500M of which came in India. They’re still growing too.
  • FACEBOOK: Here’s a Facebook Ads swipe files collection including analysis of the copy and creatives. Useful to take inspiration from.


Monday, six friends went camping. Tuesday, John, Jack, and James cooked some mushrooms. Wednesday came and they ate the mushrooms. Thursday found them dead. Exactly one friend survived, how come?

You’ll find the answer at the end of this email.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Ever thought about giving up your normal life to travel the world?

There are a lot of people that say: “One day I will give up my job, my city, my everything and start travelling the world.”

Chances are that many of you have had this thought flare up in your mind. Not necessarily because you’re unhappy with your life; sometimes you just need to break free and escape the routine of everyday life!

Well, among all the people that said “One day I will escape to Mexico and disappear forever”, there are a select few who actually follow through and give up everything to travel the world.

Not going digital nomad mode, just travelling and enjoying life. Andre Baldeo truly did it. He sold his $450k house and took his wife and 2 children on a journey around the world.


For the first part of their trip they set their sights on Malaysia and the Philippines, where they climbed the 4,100m Mount Kinabalu, did turtle conservation work and volunteered in animal sanctuaries. Then it was time for Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Ecuador and Colombia.

“I wanted to show our children there is more to life outside of suburbia.”

A lot of people want to do it, but only a few take that leap.

By the way, one of our members of The Crew, Nikhil is coming up with his own co-living / co-working space in Goa, India. So, if you love to travel and would like to stay connected to your work while travelling, expect us to break the news soon.


The six friends are called John, Jack, James, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. John, Jack, James, and Tuesday cooked mushrooms. Wednesday joined them and they ate the mushrooms. Thursday was the one to find them dead, so he is the survivor.

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