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TikTok Ads tips, from TikTok

TikTok has released the findings of 2 studies yesterday trying to answer:

Let’s start with the second question.

You bet: According to TikTok’s studies with NCSolutions and Nielsen, TikTok ads drive offline sales for CPG advertisers.

When it came to driving audience response, in-feed video ads performed best.
Europe and Southeast Asia had the highest-paid media ROAS, followed by the United States.

It pays to be platform-specific: Here’s one way to kill your chances of success with TikTok ads: repurposing your Facebook videos.

Having TikTok-specific ads drove 19% higher ad recall than non-TikTok-specific ads, according to the research. When the ad was tailored to TikTok and made in collaboration with TikTok creators, the ad recall was even higher at 27%.

What we can take away from all this: If you’re a CPG advertiser, in-feed video ads can work at driving sales. If you have the video equivalent of writer’s block and have no clue what videos to create, try collaborating with relevant TikTok creators in your niche.

They most likely know the platform inside-out, have an understanding of what type of content works there, and can help you in making a “TikTok-native” killer video ad.


Learn to develop your growth mindset from lessons taught at Google, Dropbox, and more


We don’t know if you’ve heard of Tommy Caulfield yet… But we’ll tell you two things you need to know about him.

First, he’s an adventurer who rowed the Atlantic, through a storm-tossed ocean. Kinda crazy, we know.

But he also teaches teams at Google, Dropbox, and more about how to develop their mindset.

Here’s the deal. Most New Year resolutions are destined to fail. So, instead of falling trap to that, check out 3 mindset lessons to help you grow in 2022 and beyond.

He shared his lessons with Trends in this article right here.

Trends provides you with thousands of vetted business ideas you can launch in a weekend and a community that can help you make it happen.

And you can try it out for just $1.

Find the next big thing with Trends.


This is why your Google reviews are not being published


It’s more and more common for businesses listed on Google to complain about reviews not being published when customers post them. Joy Hawkins wrote an article that could explain why this happens.

One of two things is happening: Either Google has removed them manually because they don’t follow the guidelines (not likely), or Google’s automated filter catches and removes them. The latter is more likely because Google’s filter looks for patterns that point towards unnatural reviews.

Google’s review filter is getting stricter. This could well explain the trend. Google has the highest average percentage of inauthentic reviews across business categories at 10.7%, higher than Yelp (7.1%), Tripadvisor (5.2%), and Facebook (4.9%).

There are 3 common reasons Google filters a review, according to Joy.

  • Your business offers free WiFi to guests. That’s because the business IP and the guest IP will likely be the same. But it does happen even if you connect sometimes and leave the review from another IP. Google likely detects many reviews from the same area/IP and assumes it’s likely spam, even if it’s not.
  • Reviewers have not traveled to that location. Google knows where you’ve been. If you review a business you haven’t visited, they will likely filter out the review.
  • You are in the Education of School category. Yep, reviews and photos for schools are not allowed in countries like the US and the UK anymore by Google.

Trying to solve it: You can post on the Google Business Profile forum. Joy’s advice is to make sure you include details such as the exact number of reviews missing, when they were first posted, peoples’ names, and screenshots from the customer leaving these reviews.


Work less, earn more – let Drip take care of your email marketing


Take an example from Haute Hijab who generated $600k in 6 months just from Drip’s automated cart abandonment flows.

Easily integrate Drip into your store – no coding, no devs needed. Use behavior-based automation, dynamic content, and laser-focused personalization to send the right message at the right time.

Use Drip’s free trial to start driving more sales right away.


Pinterest makes profiles more discoverable

Pinterest is a search engine powerhouse, facilitating more than 5 billion searches per month. So when they announce a change to their search results, we take notice.

The change: The company has announced that Pinterest profiles will now appear in search results. For example, if you search for “home decor,” you’ll see a tab called “Profiles” with home decor-focused creators.

The Crew’s take: Pinterest may be the most underrated marketing channel of 2022. This update broadens their search engine, creating interesting opportunities for marketers.

You could create a topic-based profile around your niche. If you sell bridal flowers, for example, you could create a profile around that and potentially appear near the top once someone searches for “bridal flowers” on Pinterest.


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APPLE: $60 billion. That’s how much Apple developers made from Apple’s App Store in 2021, according to the company.

SEO: “Link to me or I’ll bombard your site with spammy blog links.” That’s a threat you should ignore, according to Google.

PPC: Google has released a disapproved ads auditor tool.

MARKETING: Have you heard about “mail-order?” Apparently, this is still a “thing” among marketers.

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I am white when I am dirty, and black when I am clean. What am I?

You can find the solution here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

An album made of bird sounds beat Taylor Swift on a top 50 chart


The phrase “tweets are going viral” has a whole new meaning now.

If you check out Australia’s top 50 charts, you’ll see the usual artists at the top: Adele, Ed Sheran…. But the third spot on the list has caught many people by surprise.

“Songs Of Disappearance” is an album featuring…birds. Yes, actual birds. To be more exact, endangered Australian birds singing their lovely birdy tunes.

Last month, this “album” took the No. 3 spot, well ahead of artists like Taylor Swift.

The album captures 53 endangered bird species like the golden bowerbird, and the imperial pigeon that many people say sounds like a “human making silly noises.”

But what will be done with the album’s proceeds is just as sweet as the bird tunes themselves. The money will be donated to a non-profit organization called Birdlife Australia, which is dedicated to continuously making these endangered birds a more common sight in Australia.

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