Netting $300k with 1.4B push messages: Ads, landers and offers revealed. 84k e-comm case study with 3x ROAS: All audiences & copies revealed. Paul Jey & Savannah Sanchez’s take on hiring a talented media buyer.



“What if I hire a media buyer and they run away with my campaigns and clients?”


If you are managing a team, you’ve probably wondered about this a few times. It was exactly the same for Sam Putnam, who shared his fears in the GEEKOUT EDU group: “Anyone ever hired a media buyer without a non-compete… How did it go?”

What’s a non-compete? When an employee signs a non-compete, he/she is prohibited from engaging in business that competes with his/her current employer’s business. It’s basically a tool that businesses can use to protect themselves from creating competitors.

In the post’s comments, we found some serious knaaawoledge about hiring processes that allow you to hire great media buyers and limit the risk of getting crushed by your own team members.

Paul Jey’s take:

  • It’s common to get non-competes signed by media buyers. Although, actually proving that a media buyer stole your campaigns and took advantage of your business relationship is the trickiest thing.

So, here’s what you can do to limit the risk:

  • You can create a compensation structure that keeps your media buyers happier and less inclined to quit their position and take advantage of your business.
  • Filter for candidates that have the employee-mindset. Basically, people that don’t want to deal with the hassles of running a business. Hiring a self-starter entrepreneur might be harmful. Use DISC personality tests to decide.
  • Create an environment where the media buyer can’t replicate your success. Here we are talking about business relationships, exclusive technologies and anything else that could make it hard to replicate your business model.
  • In Paul’s experience, the cases where a media buyer runs off and starts a competing business occur because they are under-compensated, under-appreciated and the company have no competitive advantages.

Savannah Sanchez’s take: By opting for a non-compete you’ll deter top talents, but as long as they’re not poaching clients, you should see it as an advantage. If they’re gaining experience from others’ accounts and can get extra moolah from doing other businesses, you don’t necessarily have to pay their market value. Fair enough.

Some useful lessons by some valuable marketers and biz owners. So, now you know. How do you protect yourself while still having a happy and skilled team?


More accurate reporting in Search Console

Google has just reworked their Index Coverage reports in Search Console and made them much more accurate than before.

What does this mean? Previously, you might have seen Google reporting some of your non-indexed pages as “Crawled – currently not indexed”. Some of those pages were actually indexed.

Indexed-page ratios are an important metric to determine the health of a website. The more accurate metrics in this update should show that your sites are in a better situation in Search Console than you originally thought.


👩‍🏫 Lessons from sending 1.4B push messages netting $300k

Push notification traffic took the industry by storm these last 2 years. And despite the competition heating up, there are still many affiliates doing 6 and 7 figures sending push clicks.

And this means only one thing to us: If there are some individuals out there raking up 6-figures campaigns, why can’t you do the same?

That’s where Wewe Media comes into the picture. They put together all their secrets from over 1.4 B push messages and netting over $300k.

And listen, they believe everybody can have the same results. And they want you to be the next 6 figures case study in this newsletter. Or maybe at the next conference…

That’s why they created a no-fluff ebook in which they dissected all the monetization tips and tricks they learnt after sending that humongous amount of push messages.

If you expect a motivational or philosophical guide here, you will be disappointed. This ebook has been carefully cut down to the bare practical essentials. There is not a word in it that does not immediately give you a benefit.

They collected the battle-tested strategies they learned and applied (and still apply) in trenches. No fluff, no BS. Everything has been crafted to help you get the best of this traffic source.

What’s in this guide?

  • Why you should build a push list, and how to do it.
  • Push notification creatives best practices.
  • Headlines, icon and images that worked.
  • Offers (not verticals) that are converting.

Get the free ebook here.

And they have more push traffic lessons to feed your hungry affiliate brain! In fact, they also put up a podcast called “Everything under the AM-brella” and episode 8 is about push traffic as well! Joshua Briggs, director of sales Pushnami, shared his knowledge on how to make push traffic your best channel. Don’t forget to download their 5 tips to push success checklist included with the podcast!

Click here and access all the no-BS push traffic strategies, including an interview with Joshua Briggs.


Continue running BFCM campaigns for over 3x ROAS: Case Study

Let’s delve into another case study focused on the post-BF time period. It’s very detailed and Bryan Fuentes revealed all the audiences that were targeted. We’ll try to write most of it out so you can get a clear idea of how things went.

Let’s start with some context info:

Ad Spend: $27k
Revenue: $84k
Niche: Women’s gym clothing.
AOV: around $89
CPA: around $28

After BFCM, they created 4 videos similar to the best-performing ones from the rushy weekend. They removed the BFCM assertions and changed the copy to this:


Here Bryan shared a long list of all the starting ad sets and camps they run. It’s soooo long and you can check the post. However the juice is:

4 CBO campaigns each containing 4-5 ad sets, all targeting different audiences: LLAs, Interests or both combined. Audience sizes ranged from 400k to 3M. Let them cook and pass to the next phase.

Then they took the ad sets with the best performing audiences and duplicated each ad set 5 times in a new campaign.

Plus, they set up some retargeting campaigns hitting ATCs and API audiences. We’re not 100% sure, but we have a hunch API has to do with ‘Purchase Initiated’ in this case.

The next steps, as Bryan Fuentes said, will be building LLAs from Website visitors, View Content, Initiate Checkouts, etc.  And keep scaling.

Head to the post to check all the audiences’ details.


  • AFFILIATE: Yesterday, WTAFF’s founder Manu Cinca had an interview with Tyler Day in the Affiliates Ask Anything group. Curious about Manu’s journey into affiliate marketing? Check it out.
  • LINKEDIN: In order to regain lost user focus on Groups, Linkedin announced new updates and tools to help drive more engagement and interaction. Do you own a LinkedIn group yet?
  • INSTAGRAM: Strike a pose. And another pose. And then another, as Instagram officially launches a new layout mode for Stories which allows you to share multiple photos in your story.
  • PRIVACY: Digital advertising alliance announces onboarding of companies looking to use its California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) opt-out tools, as it goes live from January 1st, 2020.
  • MARKETING: Braeden Parsons shares the exact template Russell Brunson uses for his big shot clients.
  • PINTEREST: Here’s Pinterest Creative Gallery, “Inspiration to help you picture what success looks like on Pinterest”. In other words, it’s a gallery to catch the best-performing Pins.


Look at my face, I am somebody; Look at my back, I am nobody.
What am I?

You can find the solution by clicking here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Didn’t make it in ecomm? Here’s something else you could do

If you’ve already tried different approaches to e-commerce and nothing is working out for you, we still got you if you can bring this one single skill to the table!

No, it’s not about the MaryJane testing work we talked about last week.Though we hope some of you got hooked on to that haha!

It’s photography!

This Australian e-commerce entrepreneur is looking to expand his staff and add a personal photographer.

Profile? Travel with him across Europe and the United States taking snaps and uploading them to his social media channels.

Skills required? A passport, photography equipment, an eye for the perfect picture and the flexibility to go off traveling at a moment’s notice.


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