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TWITTER Big advertisers flock back to the platform Well, that didn’t take long. After a bunch of companies stopped running Twitter ads due to “uncertainties surrounding the platform’s moderating policies,” it seems some of the big players have started...

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    TWITTER You’re welcome, Android users Twitter made some news yesterday with a couple of relevant updates: One about Spaces, and one (unofficial) update about some e-commerce tests. Let’s check them out: The beta version of Spaces is available on Android. Twitter beat Clubhouse to the Android market this time, announcing yesterday that Android users could...
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    INSTAGRAM Well, isn’t this a surprise Facebook’s developed a taste for… Borrowing features from other platforms to implement on their own. And with the announcement of Live Rooms yesterday, it seems their passion for imitation is here to stay. So, what are Live Rooms, and what are they similar to? Here are the details: You can now livestream with up to three...
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    FACEBOOK Facebook unveils some statistics about brand vs. direct response Everybody wants sales. And because of that, it’s easy to focus on direct response campaigns to rake in the cash from those lower-funnel customers. But does that mean you’re digging yourself a hole for future performance? Facebook looked at this question in a new study comparing brand...
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    TWITTER Twitter will no longer be a free platform Twitter has long been a pretty straightforward platform. No paid subscriptions, no groups or communities, just people tweeting (and mostly arguing) about everything imaginable. But, in earnings reports earlier this year, the mention of a premium product was dropped. And while there’s still no word on editable...
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