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SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter is testing new targeting options, Meta needs partners Today’s social media news is all about high returns, either by leveraging high search intent, platform teamwork… or both. So let’s jump in… Hello, new targeting: Twitter is beta...

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TWITTER Now trending: free ad credits, new verifications, and in-app profits The bird was chirping a lot over the weekend. Let’s start with the “free money for advertisers” part… Tweet cred: Twitter plans to offer free advertising credits, matching whatever you spend on your ads up to $250,000. In other words, if you spend $50 on ads, you get $50 worth of free ad credits....
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GOOGLE More ways to track e-commerce data in Analytics If you can’t track the little things, can you really evaluate your store’s performance? … Because Google just announced 12 new item-scoped and event-scoped dimensions and metrics to help you do just that. What’s going on: The new options help you analyze how individual items perform, but also track information about...
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Local SEO
SEO Good news and bad news for Local SEO Between Apple and Google, can you guess who’s bringing good news, and who’s causing trouble? More control over business appearance: Apple released Business Connect, a tool that allows you to customize how your brand information appears across Apple’s apps. You can do this by managing all information directly in the interactive Apple...
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Not winning
META Head’s up: more restrictions on targeting teenage users Yesterday, we reported that Meta was launching a new Facebook Ads delivery tech to make targeting more equitable. Now the tech giant is dropping more restrictions on the personal data of minors. Bye, gender targeting: Starting in February, Meta will remove gender as a targeting option for advertisers targeting...
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