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L’Oréal UK launches a #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt store on Amazon


TikTok is driving e-commerce sales. So much so that L’Oréal UK has just launched a store with deals on TikTok-famous beauty products. The store will remain open until March 7th.

The opportunity: You can also use the #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt trend where you sell your product. Amazon is a huge marketplace, of course. But you can also do it on your own website, or local marketplaces.

Need some inspiration for TikTok videos for your product? Search for some of the best-sellers in the store above by L’Oréal.

For example, one of the best selling products listed is the Garnier Sheet Mask. If you search on TikTok for this product, you’ll discover interesting posts with millions of views promoting it, ready to be added to your short-video swipe file.

And don’t be shy to contact TikTok creators to work with them on the videos!


After June 30, 2022, you will no longer be able to create and edit expanded ads

Google Ads reminded us that on June 30, 2022, expanded text ads will be replaced by responsive search ads

What will happen after this date: You’ll have “read-only” access to your expanded text ads. You’ll be able to pause them, view reports on them and delete them. However, you will not be able to create or edit any new expanded search ads.

How to prepare: Google recommends having at least one responsive search ad in your ad group for your search campaigns by June 30, 2022.

Advertisers who switched to responsive search ads saw an average increase of 7% in conversions. If you use Smart Bidding and broad matching, you can increase conversions by another 13% to a total of 20% increase.


Learn SMS e-commerce marketing for free straight from the pros to increase ROI, LTV, brand loyalty


Here’s an interesting stat from a recent consumer survey conducted by Yotpo:

“55% of shoppers said they prefer text messaging because it’s immediate, convenient, and allows them to get quick updates.”

You probably already knew that SMS marketing would be a profitable add-on to your marketing armory… Even before reading that stat.

But going through the learning curve of a new channel is time-consuming and pricey.

Here’s a solution:

The Complete Guide to SMS Marketing contains everything e-commerce brands need to know to start SMS marketing and generate a positive ROI fast!

The guide is free and there’s no form to fill out. Here’s a sneak peek:

  • 4 SMS engagement strategies to increase CLTV.
  • Which tools to use and where to collect 45% more SMS subscribers.
  • How to use advanced segmentation and 1:1 conversations to deepen the relationships with your customers.
  • How to evaluate the costs so you can get the most value for your budget.

Cut the learning curve and start crushing with SMS marketing.


Is your Search ads CPA healthy?


Beyond looking at your ROAS, there is one way to find out if your campaigns CPC and CPA are good enough. And that’s comparing your numbers to the competition.

For this objective, you can look at these benchmarks shared by LOCALiQ revealing industry average CPC, CPA, CVR, and CTR for different industries, for both Google Ads and Microsoft Ads.

We reported the stats just for the main industries, however, if you don’t find yours, you can check the whole report here.

Let’s dive into the data:

Average CPC:

  • Real estate: $2.89
  • Apparel/Fashion & jewelry: $2.61
  • Beauty and personal care: $3.74
  • Health and fitness: $3.97
  • Business services: $4.90
  • Animal & pets: $2.89
  • Shopping, collectibles & gifts: $1.77

Average CPA:

  • Real estate: $36.23
  • Apparel/Fashion & jewelry: $46.06
  • Beauty and personal care: $51.42
  • Health and fitness: $41.68
  • Business services: $62.18
  • Animal & pets: $14.88
  • Shopping, collectibles & gifts: $20.91

What to do if you’re performing worse than your industry benchmarks? There are many factors that influence these metrics:

  • The quality of your creatives.
  • Your bidding.
  • The keyword targeting.
  • Your landing page copy.

Start by optimizing these variables and see if you can improve.


If you want to win the affiliate marketing game, be careful who you work with


Work with partners, like A4D.

Why do they consider themselves partners rather than just a network?

They help you with cash flow. They create white label offers for you. Dedicated campaign strategists (not just affiliate managers). Offers that work on TikTok. And if you have high-quality traffic, you can access their exclusive offers with high EPCs and conversion rates.

With over 15 years experience, A4D has helped over 20,000 affiliates scale their business.

Partner up with them and scale yours.


Three landing page copywriting tips for SaaS


In our deep dive for March for our Insights membership we looked through over 3,000 landing pages to try and answer the question “What do high-converting pages have in common?”

These are three of the 31 copywriting tips that you can apply to your SaaS landing page.

1. Focus on what you will eliminate. Many SaaS products out there help eliminate tasks that humans have generally done. Whether they do it better, faster, cheaper, or a combination of the both, you have many value propositions to use.

Take this example from Coda that says it can better combine words, data, and teamwork than spreadsheets.

2. Use common verbs paired with an adjective or adverb. The example we have here from Unbounce is quite clear. Notice the addition of “more often”.

3. The David vs Goliath positioning. One of the best examples here is how Hey positioned their email service.

Their biggest competitor is Gmail, no questions about it. And Gmail is free. They go deep into why “free” isn’t free and position themselves as David against the Gmail Goliath.

There are 100 more tips you can check out in our full deep dive, if you are a member of Insights. But even if you are not a member, you can find at least 10 more actionable copywriting examples in our free preview here.


ANALYTICS: This is a cookieless alternative to Google Analytics. Wide Angle Analytics lets you uncover all your audience insights, traffic patterns and campaigns performance without the risk of breaking compliance rules. And without losing a single piece of data along the way. Try Wide Angle’s free trial.*

GOOGLE: Get ready because you might soon be asked for additional verification for your Google Business Profile. Even if you verified it with one method, Google might ask you to verify with an additional method.

FACEBOOK: Protect your Facebook account or you’ll be locked out. This is the message that Facebook is sending to its users. The way Facebook communicated the news made some recipients think this was a fake email and an attempt to gain users Facebook login information.

SNAP: You’ll no longer be able to run Snap ads in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. Snap is the new name to come with restrictions other tech companies like Google, Meta, Twitter, and Apple have implemented in some or all those countries.

ADVERTISING: It’s over one billion dollars! It might not sound like much for the advertising industry but we’re talking only about ad spend for ads in streaming services like Hulu, HBO Max, Paramount, Peacock, and the likes.

TIKTOK: Ramadan is arriving soon. TikTok has just published a guide on how advertisers can prepare their campaigns for this holiday. The guide is primarily targeted at Indonesian and Malaysian marketers, but many tips can be applied anywhere.

*This is a sponsored post.


Mr. and Mrs. Mustard have six daughters and each daughter has one brother. How many people are in the Mustard family?

You can find the answer here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Walmart may soon become the largest primary care provider in the U.S.


Imagine going through med school, getting your MD and then working at Walmart.

This may not be far off in the future, according to Forbes. Walmart is becoming one of the largest healthcare players in the US thanks to their Walmart Health clinics.

Some people believe this is just a smart expansion from Walmart. For others, it’s a step closer to Idiocracy becoming a documentary one day.

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