While often forgotten, Microsoft Ads brings some news too

Yes, this is a rare occurrence, but there are two updates worth mentioning from Microsoft.

First on the list: There are some interesting numbers when it comes to compliance and ad policies. The ad platform removed 1.6B ads in 2020, 270k sites and suspended 300k advertisers.

That’s quite a high number of ads removed, considering Google “only” removed 3.1B in the same time period.

Next on the list is news that Microsoft will auto-apply ad suggestions. This is Microsoft’s response to a similar feature from Google.

It’s just one more step for putting ad copy in the hands of the machines. You can also opt-out of this feature, of course. Probably worth testing out though, isn’t it?


People yearn for travelling, according to Pinterest


Get your travel products and campaigns ready, because it’s about to be a new-new-normal out there.

According to Pinterest, travel-related searches increased 60% compared to the same period last year. To help out with your potential campaigns, Pinterest also identified 8 travel personas who you might want to use when crafting your ads.

  • Rural tourist. Small town, big charm. Hitting the roads less traveled.
  • Digital nomad. Workcation inspirations.
  • Memory maker. Planning for memories to last a lifetime.
  • Bucket lister. Dream big and travel far.
  • Outdoor junkie. Finding new trails and roads less traveled. Maybe they can partner with the rural tourist, eh?
  • Foodie traveler. How to eat like a local.
  • Culture chaser. Dream, explore and discover cultural tourism.
  • Weekend traveler. Road tripping and finding the scenic route.

What’s great about this is that this trend applies to users from all other platforms, so you can use the information regardless of your traffic source of choice.


Are you into affiliate marketing? Then please, do NOT turn your head…


Because this affiliate network is everywhere… and it might be right behind you.

It’s almost impossible you never heard about them. They sponsor almost any event happening in the industry and they got some juicy offers as well.

We are talking about Supreme Media, and they have some announcements for the affiliate marketers out there:

+ Are you looking for a sponsor? Get in touch with them because they’re not shy when it comes to collaborating. They just sponsored a Hookah event in Kyiv on March 5th. And they’re also going to sponsor the “Extreme Event” in Kyiv on April 20.

+ They’re launching a brand new podcast along with Attila O’dree of iAmAffiliate. Follow them on Facebook, because the content is going to be full of tips, advice, news, and all things affiliate marketing.

+ Are you just starting out? Then take advantage of their “Supreme Affiliate Bundle”. This promo includes everything you need to start launching campaigns:

  • Traffic: 10% extra credits on Zeropark traffic.
  • Spy tool: 50% off sign up on Visto.
  • Accounts: Discounted accounts from Farmer Jack.
  • Tracker: 25% during the first three months of your RedTrack subscription.

Get it here.

And, to end, do you like cars? Because they’re giving away a Tesla! All you have to do is sign up and send 100 FTDs in the month of April.

Sign up here.


Making 6 figures from 10-minute SEO audits


If you’re a freelancer, you have an agency, or you make a living selling your expertise, this post is going to show you how to multiply your business – in a brilliant but ridiculously easy way. And if you’re in SEO, it may as well be a blueprint.

In 2017, Glen Allsop from shared a simple offer on Facebook:

“Donate $5 to a good cause and I’ll spend five minutes auditing your website on screen, with a focus on search engine optimization.”

The offer got so popular he had to stop it after 72 hours.

Eighteen months later, he repeated the offer, but this time raised the price: $30 for a 10-minute audit. He had again an immense amount of orders. Later, he upped the price to $40.

This time, however, something interesting happened: People started to ask for more in-depth audits; in other words, upsells. The average price they sold these audits for was $5500!

They had indirectly built up a funnel to sell high-ticket audits. And it all started with a $5 audit. That model has generated 6 figures in profits.

In this post, Glen Allsop broke down the whole process.

And for our SEO readers, here’s how Glen conducted the audits.

How to conduct a 10 minutes SEO audit

  • Clicking around a site (5 minutes): In the first half of the audit, Glen would click around the sites troubleshooting for SEOs issues as well as design and usability improvements.
  • Site-Searching Google (2-3 minutes): He makes different “site: searches” on Google to find the pages that generally shouldn’t exist or be indexable. Here’s some junk he tries to identify: Articles with 2021 headlines but 2019 dates, tags that don’t match the article, demo data you may import when you install your WordPress theme.
  • Finishing up in ScreamingFrog (around two minutes): Here he looks for pages missing canonical tags, pages with canonicals pointing elsewhere, pages with very short or very long title tags, and others.


GOOGLE: FLoC and GDPR don’t go together for now, so Google is not testing it in the EU until later.

INSTAGRAM: Drafts for Stories are coming soon to Instagram.

FACEBOOK: Filters and sorting features are here to help Group admins easier manage pending posts.

AMAZON: There are 3.7k new sellers joining Amazon per day in 2021 so far, according to Finbold.

INSTAGRAM: Quick replies with stickers are on the way to Instagram too, according to this leak.

TWITTER: Oh, how the turntables. Twitter is planning to “borrow” Facebook’s emoji reactions idea. It’s usually Facebook that does the “borrowing”…


How many months of the year have 28 days?

You can find the solution here.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things marketers like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

The Suez Canal is not the best place to park your ship…


The captain of the Ever Given unintentionally pulled off the most impressive parallel parking maneuver we’ve seen.

Here are the details. The Ever Given is a 400m (1.3k feet) long ship that weighs about 200k tons. It blocked the Suez Canal yesterday, which is part of one of the world’s busiest trade routes.

How did that even happen? It seems strong winds knocked the ship off course and became lodged sideways across the waterway.

As you can see in the picture above, the result is what looks like the most impressive parallel parking maneuver.

Unfortunately, it also means plenty of delays and losses. The process to re-float the ship and have traffic flow normally could take several days!

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