November 19, 2018


Should you drop Wheelio and do this instead?

Send people to your store, give them a discount and they will buy, right? Well, maybe that was the case five years ago when upsell apps like Countdown Discount or Wheelio were relatively new.

Israa Alrawi Ibrahim talked about how she ditched Wheelio after 1.5 years because it only led to poor quality signups in this video.

When using Wheelio 15 percent of people put in their email to spin the wheel. Out of all those people, only 1 percent converted, which led to earnings of 20 cents per user.

After seeing these bad results Israa dropped all apps from her store, no discounts, no timer, no nothing. The only thing she implemented was an exit intent popup, but even there she set the timer to 3 minutes.

With this setup, you only reach people interested in your store. And you can approach them differently, with a more “customized” message.

Israa’s numbers with this approach look a lot better now. $9-10 earnings per user instead of 20 cent per user.

Of course, the number of total emails is a lot smaller. But there is another reason to go for quality instead of quantity. Email reputation.

To keep hitting the inbox and not spam you need to have quality users. To reach users every time you need people to open your emails and also to click!

This is also a reason why we clean up our email list regularly to keep open rates and engagement rates high.

So, if you are reading this…  Thank you very much, we will send you cookies for Christmas!


A new audience for your ads!

So Messengers Stories reached 300 mil daily users… Facebook is now letting us buy ads on this space too. And given the large growing audience, it’s time to leverage them.

These Stories Ads have the same specifications like Facebook Stories Ads and are designed to work with Facebook and Instagram Stories Ads.

Here is the guide straight from Facebook on how to use them.

Tip: Facebook said that it expects the shift to Stories Ads to be even bigger than the shift to Mobile a few years ago!

It looks that our advertising budget will be more and more absorbed by Stories Ads in general. 

It’s not our choice. Our ads are where people’s eyes are. And if they like to consume temporary content, we can’t do anything but adapt.

Ease your retail-life with these Instagram tools

Shopify is always providing great advice in terms of e-commerce and retail, and this time, it’s no exception. They made a list of Instagram tools, that will make you feel like the king of retail.

Do these tools provide you with a crown, orb and a sceptre? Well, no, but they do make it easier for you in terms of post management, growth and tracking.

1) Automated Posts

Planning forward is always great, but sometimes, things don’t go as planned. That’s why automated posts help greatly with time management. Set it and forget it.

Later and Hootlet as multiplatform tools are great for managing all social media, with Later having great features on IG and Hootlet having an extension that lets you post without the need to log-in.

Planoly, an IG-only-planner, is great for visual planning and with a friendlier interface, it’s perhaps better for the start.

2) Growing Following Organically

Another critical thing. Everyone can buy fake followers, but this backfires when there is no engagement.

Combin helps you with this in many ways. With the combination of location and hashtags, you find your users and engage with those, according to their popularity or hottest posts. With the bulk follow/unfollow feature, you can engage with those people easily.

SocialUpgrade is more of a bot, engaging for you with users that have the hashtags you target on their photos. By liking up to two of their photos, it creates exposure and brand awareness. Their 24/7 tracking tool will make sure that you can see your money is being well used.

SelfMade makes a 360° turn. Instead of automation by a computer, a real brand manager takes control. You work with him on everything to reach the right targets, and SelfMade provides you with tools and reports for ad performance.

3) Multiple links in bio

These things can do miracles. Pointing not only to the product page but also somewhere else on your site helps. It can be achieved by Linktree, Lnk.Bio or your own website.

All do the same, only Linktree makes your own unique URL when Lnk.Bio gives a random one. Setting up your own website does take time, but is worth it in the end, because you can track the actions of users directly.

Used some of these? Tell us what worked and what didn’t, we would like to know more!

But, wait, Instagram introduced new shopping features. You will like these ones too. Why? It makes it easier for people to buy!

Make shopping easier (again)…

Mark wants to clearly transform Instagram into the number one platform for shopping. And feature after feature, he is reaching that goal.

After the introduction of Stickers in Stories, Instagram added 3 new ways to shop on social, right in the holiday (aka big money) season.

Shopping in Feed videos:

This feature was already present for pictures. Now it’s available for videos too. By tapping the shopping icon on the video of a brand page, people will see the featured products and learn more about them.

Save products to a Shopping collection

Now people can save the products they see in a shopping collection on Instagram. As it happens for other posts you save. But it’s more like an Amazon wishlist.

People will go to check it again and again, allowing your products to stay in your prospects’ minds.

Shop on business profiles

Lastly, Instagram is testing a new Shop tab on business profiles. When people are on the page of a brand, by tapping on a shop button, they can quickly view all the products featured in the shopping posts of a brand page.

In this way, they can browse all the products offered by a brand.

Maybe, Instagram released these updates too late for the BFCM days. But, hey, you can still leverage them for the ending phase of the year.


Why you should join us in a $240 bil market

Do you remember when we talked about digital growth in emerging markets? And to keep an eye on South East Asia?

Well, Google just shared a report to confirm our sacred advice.

This emerging internet economy is exceeding all growth expectations, and it’s going to reach a huge value of $240 bil by 2025. Here are some promising findings:

  • In 2018, the internet economy value doubled since 2015
  • Since 2015, 3 mil new people are going online. Every month. Ad fatigue isn’t a thing down there.
  • 1.7 million full-time jobs will be created in the internet economy by 2025 for highly-skilled professionals.
  • By 2025, e-commerce value will reach the size of $102 bil. Want a piece of that?

On the Google report, there are still more figures that will persuade you to join us.

Some more news – yes, we are launching a Thai version of WHAT THE AFF.  

OK, not really! But we will be in Bangkok for Affiliate World Asia, and if you want to meet some of The WTAFF Crew, hit us up at [email protected]Or come to our booth – A65!

We’re looking to meet some of you lovely readers and to connect with companies that want to get featured like today’s newsletter sponsor…


“We’re gonna put our money where our mouth is!”

  • “The team at Grabads are friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and loyal. I trust my traffic with them and know I’ll always be paid on time, every time.”
  • “We have been working with Grabads for almost five years now and they have always been an exceptional player in our list of preferred partners”
  • “Great Account Managers, amazing service and a great overall team. Good to know that we have a strong team working with us and helping us grow and maintain our business.”

How often do companies make promises and not deliver? Do you hear that often about other affiliate networks?

Here’s the deal…

Our friends at Grabads believe that the key to success is to treat your clients like family. Their success depends on your success! Which is why their account managers are dedicated to providing unrivalled, 5-star support around the clock, bending over backwards to ensure that your campaigns are stable and successful.

So here’s the enticing part…

For the next 48 hours, they are offering new affiliate signups an additional 5% bonus on all revenue generated until the end of the year (minimum revenue of $1k to qualify)

Serious affiliates only, this is valid until Wednesday at 12am EST!

Sign up here or, better yet – hit up a rep on Skype ASAP!

Liz Pontillo –  – Brian Torok – live:brian.ga_1  – Ben Brashear – live:bengrabads


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Just another benefit of self-driving cars…

It’s clear that driverless cars will revolutionize the way we get from Point A to Point B.

We were pretty sure that you were going to use that extra time for checking stats and launching campaigns.

However, The Next Web says that we will spend that extra time with your lover. We can’t say what will exactly happen in that car, but…

Is there something better than a solid ROI? You can answer that.

Autonomous vehicles will impact everything from sleeping to dining in the near future. And our sex life too, apparently.

But wait, before you run to the car dealer to buy a driverless car, we have one important recommendation: choose tinted windows!

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