November 20, 2018


Three more Parliaments are summoning the elusive CEO, Mark Z.

Do you remember when Mark was called to testify by the parliaments of Canada, UK, Australia, Argentina, and Ireland? And he refused their request?

Well, the feast is getting bigger. And, especially after the storm caused by that New York Times report, we expect this party to be very fun for Mark…

Other three parliaments joined The Force: Brazil, Latvia and Singapore.

They want to question him about the negative impact his social network is having on democratic processes globally. And, they even want to know who in the company knew in the earliest incidence about the Cambridge Analytica data misuse scandal.

In short, they want a head to cut for that data leak.

But this time, they recognized that Mark Zuckerberg is a super busy man, so they would be satisfied even with a video call.

Don’t worry Mark, we have a nice excuse to not attend the video call: you can say you run out of data on your phone.
Or you can build an AI lookalike of yourself as we suggested.


Black Friday is upon us. And given that most of our readers are setting their armies for that glorious day, we made a special edition for the 23rd of November.

We have a killer post by Depesh Mandalia on how to not sink during the BF storm.

A tactical and audience strategy by Nick Schackelford to implement. And 100 BF subject lines to take inspiration for your email campaign.

Now you just have to make yourself a coffee, start visualizing that ROI and keep reading.

Black Friday Crisis To Avoid!

The 23rd of November could be your best days of the year. And to avoid a big flop, you should keep in mind these warnings from Depesh.

Scaling so hard that Facebook blocks your account: don’t launch a brand new account and expect it to scale up heavily. Instead, use an account with a good history and increase your ad spend limit ahead of time.

Scaling so hard that your payment method gets blocked: prepare a backup payment method. Ensure you have funds. And contact your payment provider to make sure they don’t block your payment method for an excessive spent.

Don’t waste your money: Use automated rules to avoid issues where possible and assure that they’re working. Besides, if you’re scaling hard, check your stats frequently, in order to avoid useless expenses.

Creative Death: test ads in advance. And make sure to have a lot of back up creatives because when scaling it’s often the ads that fail not the audience.

Scaling issues: make sure you have proven scaling strategies. Don’t use lifetime budgets on BF because if Facebook doesn’t think it can spend and meet your spend target, it won’t. And don’t rely on target cost as Facebook will only spend if it feels it can reach that target. On BF, this will probably lead to underspend.

Expect the unplanned: be prepared for a spike in traffic and ensure you’re resourced up for additional customer support enquiries.

There are still other things you should watch out for, so check out Depesh’s post. It’s a looong thread, but so useful.

Nick Schakelford’s Data-Backed Tactical Launch Plan

Nick Schakelford shared a tactical and audience launch plan for the coming spree. It’s based on tons of data and research. And we’re bringing it to you.

He broke down on what are the main ad sets you should focus on and what part of your budget you should allocate to each of them.

First thing, your budget should be 2x what you want to spend on Black Friday. Why? To make sure you don’t run into any delivery issues as well keep funds allocated to potentially strongest audiences and give you the head start you will need.

So if you expect to spend $1k on the BF, your budget should be $2k. And allocated like this:

100% Remarketing ($1k)
50% DPA ($500)
25% Reengagement ($250)
25% Prospecting ($250)

For each one of those 4 objectives, there are different critical audiences you should focus on. And he even tells us what part of the budget you should allocate for every audience.

Then he talks about bidding. What manual bidding you should try. And what how to test audiences when you are on auto-bid.

The strategy goes very deep, breaking into different audiences and budget allocations.

Usually, one strategy doesn’t work for everybody, especially on Facebook. However, it’s a gold post for taking inspiration and cash the BF cow.

100 Email Subject Lines from the biggest brands

Lastly, when it comes to Black Friday tips, we thought we’d give you a list we found of some typical subject lines companies use.

This list of 100 subject lines for Black Friday and Cyber Monday has some good ones and some really bad ones (at least in our opinion).

Some of the best you ask?

Artifact Uprising: If you’re going to open one email this weekend…

We like it because it creates some curiosity without yelling buzzwords everywhere.

Target: Wow oh wow! It’s our Black Friday ad + today-only deals.

Risky but can work if you have engaged shoppers only on your list, that are waiting for your deals, then it’s great. If you don’t, it’s probably very bad.

Lush: Open up and you will find…

We like the open loop, just like in the first version.

Casper: Snooze through the sales…

They sell mattresses, great play on words, clearly mentioning sales too.

OK, so if you have an audience that expects your discounts, you can get away with generic subject lines.

You can check the other 96 subject lines used by big brands by going to this article here.

We’d be very careful with choosing one that says too many things about deals. Spam filters don’t like that. And your email will likely not end up in the Inbox because of that. Check your delivery with Glockapps or a similar tool and don’t just blindly send out your emails!


Instagram cracks down fake bot engagement

We’ve already talked about how to spot Instagram accounts with fake followers and low engagement rates in one of our past newsletters.

Apparently, the guys at Instagram are reading WHAT THE AFF as well,because they got annoyed by those accounts and they are removing their likes and comments.

There are apps out there that like, comment and follow targeted accounts for you to bring back awareness to your account after you provide your username and password to these services.

If you use Instagram, you must already be aware of this and have countless meaningless comments on your epic dinner picture.

From now on, accounts using those apps will get a warning to change their password to cut ties with these apps, saying people who continue using these apps “may see their Instagram experience impacted.” Instagram “may limit access to certain features” for those users.

In other words, your account will see limited reach or worse…

It’s not easy for Instagram to tackle this problem. You don’t want to users to get distracted because of fake follows or likes, but you also don’t want to see popular accounts taking a big hit.
We’re curious how this will get handled in practice. We’re not sure if telling people who use fake engagement apps things like “Hey, please change your password and stop doing that, ok?” will do the job…


What if you don’t wanna go on a trip half-way across the world?

It’s simple. You use technology!

No, unfortunately, realistic holograms or teleportation is not what we’re talking about.

We’re actually talking about recordings.

Ecommerce Mastery Live Asia, taking place on 7th December in Bangkok, will have recordings available – for those who can’t make it all the way there in person.

Recordings of what and who?

Recordings of all the speeches!

  • Earnest Epps talking about how to build high ticket e-commerce funnels with Google Ads
  • Van Oakes discussing how he runs $50k/day with 5xROAS on Facebook using a perfected giveaway model
  • Depesh Mandalia on how to break through the noise with Facebook Ads
  • Tim Burd’s new bidding and testing strategies for Facebook Ads

Plus more from Maxwell Finn, Sebastian Gomez, Alex Brown, Eric Toczko and Jordan Rolband!

Interested? You can get your hands on them for $249 until December 7th right here 

After the event, the price goes up to $497!

And if you wanna do a last minute trip to Bangkok, you can book your event ticket right here. Don’t worry, you also get the recordings to watch after, no need to buy them separately.

PS: The WTAFF Crew will also be checking out the event.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

Forget cars, it’s self-driving carts that we need!

That’s the newest invention from LG. No more pushing heavy carts in the store and needlessly searching for the item you are looking for. The CLOi ServeBot is going to do this for you.

Only in Korea though, and it’s biggest supermarket chain, E-Mart. You simply hook up your phone to one of these bots, tell it what you need and it will walk with you through the store, avoiding obstacles and guiding you.

Need ramen? The bot goes to the destination and waits for you to put ramen into it.

The main benefits come for the old people, who push the cart with maximum effort. Korea’s population is made up of ~6.7m males and ~7.9m females (29% of total population) aged 55+.

Any way to help this group of people live everyday life easier is welcome. But not only them… Lazy people will also find this invention great. “My hands hurt when I push it for too long” or “You go and push it, I did last time” will become phrases of the past.

What makes this not-that-cool is only one thing. There isn’t any date or estimated time of implementation. But seeing how quick LG is developing their robotics, including an exoskeleton and airport service bot, this one shouldn’t take too long.

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