November 23, 2018



What you can do when you own the place!

Today is the day. The moment of truth. We hope you will do the best you can.

And we were going to pump you up with the best motivational speech (or text?) you can find on YouTube. But we decided against it… Because this 2018 Black Friday has a somewhat surprising competitor, using their power.

Yep, right on the hot day. And it’s a huge competitor by the way. Facebook is going native on Facebook. Sounds weird? Yes, it does!

However, the company launched some campaigns during the night and a lot of people are now seeing some Ads from Facebook. They are promoting Oculus Go, Oculus Rift and other deals for Black Friday.

We know the reason for these campaigns: Mark read our previous Black Friday Edition Newsletter and decided to make some extra bucks. We have photo proof!

Sorry ladies and gents, we won’t give him any bright ideas in the future!

They say if you can’t beat’em, join them! Sooo… Mark, are you looking for affiliates to promote your offers? We have that good traffic!

Shopify maps out all their live sales – data visualization heaven?

OK, the previous news was probably not so bad. And we have something pretty to show you too!

It’s a great tool from Shopify that allows you to watch, in real time, all the deals that the horde of marketers is closing around the world.

You can see how much and from where the orders are placed globally. The most crowded areas are California in USA and UK for Europe. Some orders go through 11,723 miles. Half the equator length! And some amount to over 800 items. All in one order!

It’s quite fascinating to see all the sales happening right now and where the most volume is in the world. You’re probably a part of it too!

At the moment of writing this, it records an amount of $210k sales per minute! We bet that watching those figures rolling will motivate you more than a Gary Vee speech.

Marketers also get special deals on this day

Even though it might be hard for you to trust that fake counter under some special discount, there are some interesting deals you could make use of.

That’s why today, we are bringing some BF offers. The kind of stuff that an internet marketer might need, curated by MarketingLand.

So after you’ve made the maximum amount off every product you’re pushing have a look at this list of deals for marketers. Even your buyer side has needs!


Big or small, brands are entering Amazon Advertising like never before

Amazon’s advertising business is growing fast, with $2 billion being added for the first time in the first quarter of 2018. Nowhere close to Google or even Facebook, but hey, even though far behind, still the 3rd biggest ad platform in the US, with a 139% growth year-over-year.

How do its current advertisers feel about it?

Well, 80% of advertisers plan to increase their budgets for Amazon Ads, with 20% planning to increase their spending by 50%, says a survey by Third Door Media.

Since the marketing budgets are pre-allocated at most companies, they do have to cut spending somewhere you know, so where will this new budget come from?

55% say that they will cut incremental sources, other 30% plan to move funds from Google Search & Display spend and rest 24% will shift from other advertising budget lines (like TV or print).

Now, who’s managing all of this for these businesses? Sounds like a business idea?

According to Digiday, nearly 28% of all work is being outsourced. Another 22% have an Amazon Marketer managing ad campaigns for them and 24% opted for an in-house expert.

If you’re thinking Amazon ads are still new, they already have tools or platforms to automate ad campaigns, with about 23% advertisers already using them, and 45% plan to use them within the next 12 months.

That is great news for existing as well as emerging ad automation tools or platforms that plan or already support Amazon. Dang, sounds like another business idea!

And what ad products are advertisers buying?

Amazons PPC Product Search Ads (previously AMS) are dominating with 87% predominantly using Sponsored Brands and/or Sponsored Display Ads.

58% of them are also running Video and/or Display ads across the AMG brand, and 50% are using both AMS and AMG. Just 30% use the programmatic offering at Amazon DSP.

Just like Google, Amazon rebranded all of its advertising brands this September, under one single brand – Amazon Advertising.

The Crew’s take:

What do all these numbers show? That even though Amazon has a 4% market share in advertising revenue, its users are scaling up. 

And businesses want to make a quick buck too, so they provide their tools and platforms for a smoother and quicker advertising experience. And because there is more support available, more users are joining in. A devil’s circle. Amazons winning strategy.

More ads for YouTube!

More ads are better for the user experience! At least that’s what YouTube says…

The company announced a new ad pod delivery experience that will show two skippable pre-roll or mid-roll ads right after each other.

YouTube says that fewer interruptions are correlated with better user metrics, including less abandonment of content and higher rates of ad viewing.

Users that see ad pods will experience 40 percent fewer interruptions by ads in the session. Early experiment results show an 8-11 percent increase in unique reach and a 5-10 percent increase in frequency for advertisers.

The ad pods are launching on desktop this year, with a later roll-out to mobile and TV screens.




Tips, tricks and case studies straight from Everad.

Since 2018 is coming to an end, it is pretty obvious that we wanted to start summarizing everything. But instead of resolutions, we’ve dropped several interviews recently, one on Affbank and other on the blog of our good mate Ian Fernando.

Just to define the state of nutra at the moment and where it’s heading. Check them not just for global info, but also for certain dos and don’ts in health & beauty products promotion!

In brief, we are pretty sure that Eastern European and SEA countries will remain repeatedly roaring and predominant in terms of COD.

Plus, such territories as Romania and Thailand are top performers. They have not only a huge amount of potential customers but also a vital community of local super-affiliates. Which means it will be more simple for them to interact with the mentioned audience.

Native speakers can surely make more converting angles. The rewarding part – you can always ask us for any translations and we’ll engage our local resources to retain your call-to-action on a decent level.

Native and push ads are also expanding into nutra and it makes these traffic sources stable and easy to handle. In comparison to FB! More often than not MGID and Revcontent allow affiliates to pass moderation for nutra content hassle-free.

So, it is not a problem to run something else besides only mainstream diet products but also some medical sub-niches, e.g. joint pain relief creams and so on. Here are some examples of ads that could be successfully used in your campaign and help to ace the performance.

Also, seeing as we are close to the winter holidays, we’d like to offer you a present… So, first we can grant readers instant and lifetime payout bump +$2 on any EU or Asian offer/country. Just use wtaffeverad promo code in your personal account and you’ll get what you need to reach interstellar ROI!

More announcements are coming, so stay tuned! Next Nutra Talks with Everad will be devoted to AWA!
PS: Being Black Friday, we’ve prepared some major discounts along with our trusted industry partners. Check or follow our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram to grab a deal.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

“Dang, that’s a lot of users you have on Slack…”

Some human experiences are universal; they exist wherever our species may be. – Unknown

Whether it’s that 17X ROAS retargeting campaign you experienced the other night, or religions being developed to give a sense to our existence – or the one that gives us at WTAFF, a pretence that we are working hard, while…not working at all.

So, up next on the poolside, put your hands up for another great way to avoid effort.

Chrome extension that makes Twitter look like Slack.

Basically, you can use Twitter while at work and appear to be working on Slack, discussing sales and marketing efforts with your team.

All the credit for this goes to this 23-year-old Japanese guy, Chanchii.

Believe it or not, the guy has put sincere efforts for a year and a half to build this extension. But he’s just happy to help. So much effort so one can pretend to work at work, sigh!

Though, this is not the first time something like this has been out there. Disguising a website in the skin of a work platform like Outlook has existed from years back.

The WTAFF Crew does not condone the use of such extensions. Don’t blame us for getting fired if you install it. Slacking on the job is no joke… Although we actually use Slack. Hmmm… We’ll get back to you on that!

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