November 30, 2018


CA whistleblower: Tell FB what you wear and it will tell you who you vote for!

Cambridge Analytica decoded your political preferences based on your… fashion preferences! Yes, you read that right!

Maybe it doesn’t make much sense to you. But Christopher Wylie, the whistleblower behind Cambridge Analytica, revealed itAnd there is much more.

The data research firm used the fashion preferences of Facebook users to help develop the algorithms needed to target them with a political messaging: “Ones who displayed an interest in Abercrombie & Fitch tended to be more liberal, and individuals who liked Wrangler were usually more conservative.”

Individuals that engaged with Vogue Magazine and Macy’s, were on average more liberal and extroverted, which helped Cambridge Analytica focus its micro-targeting of political messaging.

“One of the things Cambridge Analytica noticed when pulling the Facebook data was that fashion brands were really useful in producing algorithms about how people think and feel.”

Several months later, Facebook started getting involved in this trouble, the scandal is far from over. However, if you are worried about Facebook’s fate, remember that there are still 2.27B active users. Every month.

So while newspapers still have stories to make outstanding headlines, marketers still have a whole bunch of users to reach out to with their messages!

Ads not getting delivered? Here’s a checklist to solve the issue!

You’ve got decent budgets, spot on targeting, great looking creatives and bang on ad communication. Awesome!

Yet, your campaigns are not delivering as they normally do? Or maybe aren’t delivering at all? Seeing very low to almost no ad impressions?

Here are the main areas you might want to look at, to diagnose and to resolve the ad delivery issues.

Let’s talk about under-delivering ads first!

Learning Phase: When an ad is approved, it initially goes through a “learning phase”. During this phase, delivery can be slow.

Marketplace Conditions: Sometimes, it’s just the highly competitive market. Which means you are losing ad impressions to advertisers with bigger budgets and/or higher Ad Relevance Score.

Bid Auction & Budget: Auction itself can become confusing when it comes to setting the right bids and budget for your campaigns. Just remember to remain competitive enough with other advertisers using these 2 factors.

Auction Overlap: This happens when you are targeting the same or very similar audience in multiple ad sets. You are basically competing against yourself. Hence, consolidate all similar targeting into 1 adset.

Other small yet important factors you could look at are your Audience Relevance to make sure they aren’t too broad or too specific.

Do not fidget around with your campaigns/adsets/ads often. Almost every time you edit them, ads go back into review and learning process.

Following the above steps should make sure your ads aren’t under-delivering anymore.

Now, there could be a few other scenarios where your ads aren’t delivering at all. Campaigns just aren’t setting off. And you have no clue what’s going on. Here are the main possible issues.

Spending Limit and Failed Payments: Increase or reset the account spending limit and have active payment methods added to your account.

User Tag in Boosted Post: If you are trying to use an existing post, and it has users tagged in it, users’ privacy setting may be the reason for the ad not delivering.

Policy Review: All ads initially go through a review process with a “Pending Review” status. It generally takes a few hours to a couple days. You can also contact the FB chat support for help.

Page/Post Status: Ensure that your page is published. If you are trying to boost a post, make sure it is not deleted.

Automated Rules: FB sometimes turns off ads by applying automated rules to prevent overspend. These rules can easily be edited or deleted.

Dynamic Product Ads: With DPA Ads, pixel setup can sometimes be the reason. Make sure you have ViewContent, ATC and Purchase events setup and firing properly.

Location Settings: If you have listed a specific country under your page’s location settings and ads are targeting some other country, where the page is not available, it will result in non-delivery.

These steps cover almost all the situations/reasons why your ads were not delivering or were under delivering. Now go and set those campaigns on fire over the weekend and let us know which of these situations were the evil roots for you!

Custom Audience sizes are back and some more improvements!

Remember when earlier this year Facebook wrecked its advertisers by removing almost 5k targeting options? Custom audience sizes were cut out too.

Well, Facebook has recognized how marketers felt about it. To eliminate some friction, they have…*drum rolls*…made some welcome announcements! Happy days are back again!

Yes, custom audience size estimations are back! Which means you will no longer be flying blind. FB says they now understand how critical these size estimations are for any marketer and for their campaign planning process.

Are you happy with this news? At least we are!

Custom Audience Terms Acceptance: If you manage multiple ad accounts, you remember how you spent entire weekends just clicking on several “Accept TOS” button. Your job is now cut out! A single click on any “Accept TOS” button will apply it to all other ad accounts you manage!

OBO another Business: The functionality for agencies and FMPs to specify which businesses they are advertising on behalf of (OBO) has been also been implemented. This will allow ad accounts owned by the agency or FMP to be assigned the same level of access to Custom Audience features available to the main advertiser.


The perfect message to reach influencers? Steal the template!

When it comes to influencer marketing, one of the hardest challenges for marketers is the time commitment it takes to deal with them. And one way to save time is to have the perfect message to reach them and convince them to work with you.

Content creators choose brand partnerships by determining which are most relevant to their audiences. Thus, it’s very important to reach out to them with the right approach.

What’s the best approach? Use this template from Adleaks to craft the perfect message for influencers and save time.

It mentions the first step is to align your vision with potential influencers. Once you know this, you’ll be able to filter influencers faster instead of reaching out to everyone who fits a half defined criteria.

To do this, you have to ask yourself some questions: Are long-term relationships a requirement? Are you willing to pay for placements or do you only want to exchange products?

Step 2 is about choosing your approach based on how you answered those previous questions. Once you’ve done that, it will be much easier to create a message. Plus, in this Adleaks article, there are many pre-crafted messages you can copy and paste for yourself.

Last step, but not least, is to write the perfect subject line. You can spend hours creating the perfect message, but if your email won’t be opened, you just wasted time. And again, Adleaks has some subject lines, you can copy and paste.

However, if you are sick of dealing with humans and prefer to deal with machines, we have good news for you too: you can still use influencer marketing without interacting with human beings. Is it a joke? Not really…

In fact, if you want to promote your brand on Instagram, you can send a message to bermudaisbae. Who is she?

A robot influencer! Read it again.

Yes. It’s a robot sharing her lifestyle on the Gram: bikini pics with her bot-boyfriend and avocado toast photos. She has her needs too…

Just another space to place our ads?

Snapchat invented it. Instagram did it. Facebook did it. WhatsApp did it aaand yes… even LinkedIn did it. Finally, YouTube follows as well. Of course, we’re talking about implementing Stories.

Yes, Stories are popular. Everyone uses them, you knew that already.

Now YouTube is also giving creators the ability to broadcast Stories on channels with 10,000 or more subscribers.

Stories will appear for subscribers on the Subscriptions tab and to non-subscribers on the home page, as well as in the “Up Next” list displayed below a video being watched.

Viewers will be able to comment on Stories, and also rate them with thumbs up or thumbs down.

There are no ads in YouTube Stories… yet. This won’t stay like that for too long we guess.


Nutra affiliates: The biggest issues with Straight Sales have been solved.

You’ve heard the “Straight Sale promise” before: long-term stability, without worrying about chargebacks or high-risk MIDs, and with an unlimited cap.

Sounds perfect, right? Well, yes it does… but there are some challenges you have to overcome.

Cashflow – ROI is often lower, even if it’s more stable, so you need more capital to run these offers.
EPCs – Unlimited cap doesn’t mean much without good EPCs.
Finding the good offers – always a challenge, but even more so when all offers look exactly the same in a flow you might be less familiar with!

That’s what Advidi is here to help you with!

They’ve put together a complete breakdown for Straight Sales – the good, the bad, and some more of the good. All this coming from top affiliates on their network and advertisers, so you know you get the full picture!

In short? The pros of Straight Sales are real.

And you can take on the challenges step by step. First off, test offers that are 100% exclusive, like most on the Advidi network – Ketozin, Forskolin and Beautcy to name a few. Quality traffic here means low competition and near-endless scaling potential!

Next, use proven prelanders. Advidi’s in-house design team has created a portal full of high-converting prelanders just a click away!

That solves the issue with finding good offers with high EPCs.

Here’s the bombshell for cashflow – you have guaranteed payment with Advidi, and can also get Net 0 payment on unlimited cap under certain conditions. Yep, Net 0 on an unlimited cap!

It’s not too good to be true – Net 0 is possible once you prove your traffic quality. Click here to see the path to Net 0, using the Ketozin offer averages.

If you don’t already have an Advidi account, sign up right here. If you do have an account, hit up your AM and ask them about Straight Sales. They’ll give you the latest and grant you access to the design portal.


Cool tech, (funny) business, lifestyle and all the other things affiliates like to chat about while sipping cocktails by the pool.

AWS launches base station for satellites as a services

Taking the IoT to a whole new level, AWS announced the launch of AWS Ground Station, flying around in space – a new service for satellite providers.

It’s like SaaS but on a completely different level!

Imagine Amazon building and launching satellites like space-based datacenters in future. AWS in orbit. You could provision Virtual machines on a satellite equipped with an array of general sensors, cameras etc.

AWS CEO Andy Jassy says that they had no plans to consider this service but customers literally asked for it: “Customers said that we have so much data in space with so many applications that want to use that data, Why don’t you make it easier”.

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